Metrogyl, gel

for external use Available in conventional gel for external use and gynecological vaginal gel, which differs only by a special applicator in the kit. The instruction describes both.



  • Rozamet
  • Rosex
  • Trichopol
  • Flagil

Vaginal Gynecological analogues:

  • Klion D-100
  • Metronidazole, candles
  • Trichopolus, candles
  • Flagil, candles


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Instructions for use

Metrogyl is a broad-spectrum antibacterial drug. Well helps from acne, is used to treat wounds and ulcers.

metrogil Also produced vaginal gel used in gynecology. It has the same composition, but it comes with a special applicator that greatly facilitates intervaginal administration.

! Drugs with the same indications:

Metrodinazole (active ingredient) inhibits the activity of the simplest anaerobic microorganisms (Trichomonas vaginalis, Entamoeba histolytica, Gardnerella vaginalis, Giardia). Aerobic bacteria are not sensitive to the drug.

Appearance: a transparent substance with a uniform consistency of yellowish color.

The nature of the impact on pathogenic environment - blocking the process of DNA synthesis in foreign cells.


metrogil2 Normal gel:

  • Rosacea (including posteroid),
  • acne vulgaris
  • skin infections,
  • bedsores,
  • trophic ulcers,
  • burn,
  • eczema,
  • seborrheic eczema,
  • seborrhea,
  • seborrheic dermatitis,
  • trophic ulcers of the lower extremities (against the background of varicose veins, diabetes mellitus),
  • slow-healing wounds, hemorrhoids, anal fissures.

If you have a regular wound, there is no inflammation and pus, then it can be cured with Methyluracil .

Vaginal gel is used to treat bacterial vaginosis of a different nature (after obtaining supporting data from clinical studies). The greatest effectiveness was observed in the treatment of trichomoniasis and infections caused by Gardnerella.

Mode of application

applicator Metrogil is prescribed 2 times a day (morning and evening). The effect is observed after about 2-3 weeks of use.

The duration of treatment with conventional gel is very much dependent on the specific case and is determined by the doctor, on average it is 3-4 months.

If necessary, use an occlusive dressing.

Vaginal gel is administered 2 times a day, 5 grams of the drug (one full applicator) intravaginally. The treatment course is designed for 5 days. During therapy, you must stop sex.


  • Sensitivity to nitroimidazole, and its derivatives.
  • Diseases of the blood and liver;
  • Liver failure.
  • Some nervous diseases;
  • Tendency to cramps.

Pregnancy and lactation

The drug is not suitable for all gestational periods, and during breastfeeding. Appointments (2 and 3 trimester) are made only for health reasons - when assessing the consequences for the health of the mother and child.

Medical warning

can not be combined with alcohol During the course of treatment, alcohol should not be consumed - Metrogil loses its effectiveness as a medicine, and also increases the risk of an allergic reaction.

It is not recommended to take hot baths, go to the sauna and swimming pool, sunbathe, eat spicy dishes, smoked meats.

While taking the drug, preference should be given to natural cotton underwear (when wearing synthetics, there is a risk of repeated vaginitis).


Cases of overdose are not described in medical practice.

Side effects

In general, Metrogil is well tolerated by patients. In rare cases, the following side effects are observed:

  • slight burning sensation in the area of ​​administration;
  • slight swelling of the mucous membrane;
  • frequent urination to urinate;
  • skin rash;
  • dry mouth;

Some patients feel itching in the area of ​​drug administration in the first days of treatment. Discomfort, as a rule, pass quickly.


The maximum concentration of the drug in serum is observed after 6-12 hours after intravaginal administration (237 ng / ml). It is proved that Metrogyl gel is absorbed 2 times more efficiently than vaginal tablets.

This is due to the high biological activity of the substance in the vaginal environment. The therapeutic result is fixed at minimum concentrations of the active substance, which, in turn, reduces the likelihood of side effects.


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Signing up for an appointment with a gynecologist, I thought that I had thrush. Everything turned out to be much worse - trichomoniasis. The diagnosis is unpleasant, which must be disposed of as quickly as possible. For a long time I had to wait for clinical studies - something happened in the laboratory. I barely waited for the results. I asked to prescribe pills, but the gynecologist recommended Metrogil gel - says it will be faster and more reliable. Very effective remedy, and, the main thing - any unpleasant feelings during treatment. The applicator precisely doses the drug, and the gel-like composition prevents backflow. You can properly put work, and do household chores. The doctor warned that after the end of the course will have to restore the vaginal flora to prevent an imbalance in the bacterial environment. Maria N

After three years of marriage, pregnancy did not occur. I felt like a perfectly healthy woman, but there were some reasons for concern — an unpleasant discharge. The doctor made a diagnosis (after analysis) - gardnerellez. Naturally, I did not know anything about this vaginal infection. It is very untidy to learn about the presence of such a disease, especially since in 95% the husband has the same problem, and it is necessary to treat together.

The gynecologist prescribed Metrogil in the form of a gel. Very convenient drug - do not swallow pills, which are always bad for my stomach. I did not have a single unpleasant feeling, although I read in the instructions, allergies may develop (and I am prone to allergies). In general, the treatment was successful, but I still have to pass tests several times. Next is a survey to detect other causes of infertility. Irina K

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