What to do if you have an interdigital fungus on your legs

This form of the disease can manifest itself in two ways:

  1. Epidermophytia of feet or fungus between toes;
  2. Onychomycosis or fungus on the toenails of the toes.

Although the two above forms are somewhat different in the nature of manifestation, but in one they are similar - viability, ease of infection and discomfort. There is good news - the disease can be cured, however, it will require some effort and patience on the part of the patient. But first things first…

Causes of appearance

Toe-fungus The appearance of the fungus of the skin of the toes is caused by the vital activity of the anthropophilous fungus. For its "settlement" the pathogenic microorganism chooses the folds under the fingers or between them. Side parts of the foot may also suffer, and in the most complicated cases - the whole foot.

In the list of the most common causes of foot and nail fungus are:

  1. Low immunity. However, the possibility of a secondary infection is not excluded.
  2. Vascular diseases of the legs, which reduce the blood supply to the feet.
  3. The occurrence of abrasions and cracks between the toes.
  4. Diabetes.
  5. Prolonged stay of the foot in a moist environment. This includes excessive sweating of the feet, or vice versa, excessive dryness.
  6. Low-quality, tight shoes can also cause fungus on the big toe. As is known, the greatest harm from uncomfortable shoes or boots is caused precisely to the thumb.

Increases the vulnerability to the disease non-compliance with the rules of hygiene, intertrigo and even flat feet. In the risk zone are people who are overweight (they have a higher probability of blood circulation pathologies), by occupation, associated with a long stay on their feet (athletes, workers, military, etc.) and residents of megacities.

To pick up such "joy" as the thumb nail fungus can be in public places (swimming pool, sauna, cloakroom), in contact with a sick person or while using other people's towels, accessories for manicure.

Symptoms and manifestations

Feet-w As already mentioned above, the manifestations of infection affecting the foot and nails are somewhat different, although in 30% of cases they accompany each other. It is important that in the clinical picture of the fungus between the toes, the symptoms depend on the stage of the disease.

So, the forms of the ailment:

  1. Rubbed or slightly developed stage. There are small cracks between the fingers and insignificant flaking on the feet. Most often affected areas between the third and fourth finger and the fourth finger and little finger.
  2. Squamous-hyperkeratotic stage. The foot skin acquires a red shade, the upper layer of the skin begins to peel off. Along with this {fungus on the big toes} causes the appearance of yellowish "calluses". The patient also begins to feel the burning and itching of the affected areas.
  3. Intertriginoznaya - is accompanied by edema in interdigital areas and deeper cracks, changing in erosion.
  4. Dyshidrotic - the formation of vesicles and the appearance of more intense itching.

A photo:

Attention! Content can be unpleasant for viewing

Incidentally, between the fingers of the hands the fungus manifests itself in approximately the same way, photo:

Attention! Content can be unpleasant for viewing

More about symptoms and fungus on hand

Particular attention in the symptoms of fungal infections deserves epidermophytic nails. It has long been noted that the fungus of the toes, the photo of which displays the distinctive symptoms of the disease, has the ability to transfer to onychomycosis. In this case, unpleasant sensations will be accompanied by deformation of the nail plate. So, it can become denser or vice versa, thinning. The appearance of the nail will also change. He will first become cloudy, and then at all can get yellow, or brown, or green and even black. The nail plate begins to crumble, will be covered with outgrowths.

If you run the treatment of the fungus between the toes, you can completely lose the nail, since it simply disappears.

As is known, the nail consists of keratin. And that in turn is the ideal source of food for the harmful organism and promotes rapid reproduction of the fungus. It also generates allergic manifestations - protective reactions from the immune system.

Methods of treatment

How and what to cure the fungus of the toes? It is rather important to start treatment as early as possible. This will not only simplify the procedure itself, but will also prevent the occurrence of relapse. Pay attention: the infection does not pass by itself, and improvised drugs are often completely ineffective. In the end, with fungus on the toes, the treatment is prescribed only by a dermatologist.

So, medical measures to combat the disease usually include antimycotic drugs of local effects - special lotions, creams and ointments, for example:

If the nail is affected, it is better to treat it with specialized solutions or varnishes:

Sometimes pills are additionally prescribed, but this is at the doctor's discretion.

More about medicines

Before treating the fungus of the toes with medical preparations, it is necessary to conduct preparatory procedures, for example, to peel off the scales. An important point is also the proper care for the infected foot or nail. And no one canceled hygiene measures !


  • Irina :

    I can not cure for half a year already ..

  • Alena Pak :

    Irina, trimazol helped me a lot. I recommend to you also

  • Dasha :

    Picked up this infection after a solarium ... advise precautions to avoid similar repetitions

  • Vladimir :

    Comment has been deleted

  • Misha :

    And I do not understand what. But, definitely not a fungus, although close to the epidermophyte. But not it, since there is no transition to the foot and nails. And most importantly, there is no peeling. Redness on all fingers, itching, fever in this place. It is interesting that he was cured with troxevasin. Occurred periodically. Recently (one year, two), no. Just wondering what it was like? On the Internet nothing like this is found.
    But here's another crap on the leg is (between the knee and foot), and years 15. Periodically activated, itching and flaking. Then he falls silent. The only thing I found close to is numeral eczema. Only again, not quite the same (although, on a pair of photos it looked like mine): an oval, but there is no clearly delineated boundary, wetting, point abscesses (or as they are called there). No reproduction on other parts of the body has ever been, which is also unlike the mentality of the fungus. That's decided to finally get into this garbage. Just advise? The triderm is sort of universal, but expensive. I'm not sorry to spend half a piece on getting rid of it, but will it help? Thank you in advance.

    • Administrator :


      Judging by the symptoms, there may be one of the varieties of dermatitis or eczema or many other things. Without examination it is impossible to determine, and sometimes without histology.

      What do the doctor's say?

  • Love :

    Tell me between your fingers which pimples and they become more, but there is no burning sensation. How many I do not look where I can not find what it is, I do not know what to do.

  • Albina :

    At me between fingers there were what that pimples Tipo of cold as herpes, an itch, a burning sensation, and it is scratched what to do or make? And them all more ...

    • Doc :

      Hello. It is possible that it is herpes, try acyclovir. If there is no effect for several hours - see a doctor.

  • Andrew :

    And my finger on my leg is peeling and there is itching, despite the fact that the nail can fall out, what are the guys better to treat?

    • Doc :

      In any drugstore there are a lot of drugs, for example: ketoconazole, clotrimazole, lamilicil, mycosoril. Maybe formatevt something else will advise.

      And for what reason the nail can fall out?

  • Artemy :

    For 8 months I can not get rid of it helps to reduce symptoms only, changing socks 3 times a day, and the will that does not let me comb my legs, tell me what to do, I'm a student and all my legs (12 hours) + I live in a metropolis In the hostel) in short a complete set for the formation of fungus.

    • Doc :

      Need shoes that "breathe".

      In winter, if you spend a lot of time indoors, you need a change of shoes.

      What preparations tried or tasted? Just so the fungus does not pass.

  • Irina :

    Hello, my son is currently serving in the army and recently he had cracks between his fingers between his fingers, I'm afraid that the fungus would not develop further. What ointment should he buy? I'm lost in a lot of names ...

    • Doc :


      The article lists popular drugs that cover the entire spectrum of fungi. One will be better in one case, another in another, which one can be determined only by doing the analysis.

      Choose terbinafine - a wide range of action, a course of treatment 2 weeks.

      If suddenly it does not help, which is very unlikely, then ketoconazole, 3-4 weeks.

  • Irina :

    Thank you very much, I will follow your advice ...

  • Vyacheslav :

    Hello tell me in Figure 3 (fungus between the toes) I have the same situation, what better way to remove it?

    • Doc :


      At the end of the article there is a list of the most popular drugs, choose any.

      The list can be printed out by pressing the button.

  • Arthur :

    Hello, but the yellow calluses after the fungus are removed with the help of drugs, or do you need to clean them up like that? Thank you

  • Lesha :

    I have been fighting for 3 weeks with a fungus between toes. Clotrimazole - 1,5 - 2 weeks-effect of zero, it became worse. Then Lamizil (520 re) - I smear a week, 2 times a day, after washing and drying my feet and, in the end, also, the effect is zero. Maybe people's money is? Help me people !!

  • EFIC :

    Hello. I have a long time between my fingers fungus I can not get rid of it itches. When sweating feet it intensifies to become white color in the summer cracking feet. When drying your feet you can remove the upper skin.

    • Doc :


      The recommendations are standard, the article has a large list of drugs, they are widely available in pharmacies, prices start from 50 p.

      In your situation, you should additionally drink tablets, but they are released by prescription, so go to the nearest dermatologist.

  • Inna :

    Good afternoon!!!! At the child the big toe of a leg or foot all in a red pimple, to be shelled and cheshietsja. Were with the doctor. The analysis showed a yeast fungus. Candide (powder) and Zalain (cream) were prescribed. Morning powder, evening cream. So it's already 3 weeks. There is no full recovery. Somewhat better, then worse again. The shell is only a thumb. What else can I do to relieve my knob of this ailment?!?

    • Doc :


      Treatment can last for a month and a half. It is very important not to miss the procedures, to apply funds every day.

      Show the child to the doctor again.

  • Maria :

    From the cracks between the toes are well helped by two simple means: salicylic acid and ichthyol. Legs to wash, wipe dry, especially places where there are cracks, treat with salicylic acid solution, allow to dry, then apply a thin layer of ichthyol ointment. If itching is severe, repeat the procedure several times a day, then it can be limited to morning and evening. Passes quickly. There is one more - the most difficult, but also the surest way, ensuring that this muck will never return to you - stop eating foods and dishes containing sugar and meat!

  • Inna :

    At the husband on legs or foots fingernails or nails simply awful many years. Thick with growths, deformed, senile. For a year already he has been treating Exoderil, without result. To him of 40 years, to the doctor you will not drive out. Advise please more effective treatment.

    • Doc :


      In such a neglected situation, you must first remove some of the nail, for this there are special preparations - Nogtivit, Nogtimitsin. Use according to the instructions. After this, the droplets will begin to penetrate the nail plate better.

      In addition, you can add pills. Or itraconazole 3 courses for 1 week - 200 mg per day. Breaks between courses for 3 weeks.

      Either fluconazole, it is taken 150 mg, once a week, several months, until there are significant improvements.

      • Victor :

        The doctor, respond please, why modern dermatologists do not speak about that it is necessary to disinfect footwear, differently, as though did not treat a fungus he inevitably will return from footwear. 30 years ago I picked up a fungus, on the recommendation of doctors of those times for a week cured ointment and processed shoes with a solution of chloramine. Technology next to half a liter of water two tablespoons of chlorine, take a piece of newspaper crumpled, wet, lightly squeeze and place inside the shoes. Then put the shoes in a plastic bag, tie up and leave for the night that's all the treatment. 5 years ago again I picked up a fungus, I still smear with ointments, and he damn again comes back. Went around all the pharmacies, but there is no chloramine. Where did he go?

  • Svetlana :

    Good afternoon! At my grandmother between the toes slazy skin, a feeling as if between them the skin becomes wet and then flakes off. Were at the dermatologist, to us have told or said it not a fungus, appointed or nominated ointment what that to us nothing has helped or assisted. Looking at the pictures it seems that the fungus. Generally, the drop plate is dripped with exoderyl. Can you advise something? Can what nibud preparations drink? Thank you in advance

    • Doc :


      Go again to the doctor, the doctor may have made a mistake with the diagnosis, or maybe the drug just does not suit you.

  • Arthur :

    I do not understand between my little finger and the next finger, it does not disturb only the smell is not very, some white buildup can be wiped off with a rag deadening of the skin but not dryly. Not for five years already, clotrimazole has smeared, disappeared after a couple of weeks, doctors appeared again We do not have such and do not know what to do, maybe you know.

    • Doc :


      Yes, according to the description it looks like a fungus. Clotrimazole needs to be smeared for 2 weeks, 2 times a day, without missing. Plus, disinfect shoes, every day to change socks, monitor hygiene.

  • Katya :

    Hello, I have a big problem on my thumb. Even 2 goda.Tak I have such a big finger between the nails inside that it grows like a piece of meat. As I can get rid of this

    • Doc :


      According to the description, no one can say exactly what it is, go to the doctor.

  • Victor :

    Hello. Between the little finger and the unnamed toes are white formations. They are. Something to tell?

  • Nastya :

    Hello. Tell me, please, I had localized redness on the little finger of the right hand, between the fingers on my left hand and a similar picture on my legs. There are no desquamations, only itching and hyperemia. A doctor's note for 2 weeks ahead. What is it about maybe?

    • Doc :


      It can be pungent or ringworm, can be dermatitis or some kind of autoimmune reaction, many options. Unfortunately in dermatology there is little to say without examination.

      If it progresses, use Triderm or another combination drug, but you will still write to the doctor.

  • Olga :

    Zdrastvujte. My husband has very cracked skin between his fingers. Rough. On an itch or else that something no complaints. But very unpleasant smell. Half an hour in shoes and the smell is just horror. He works at the plant and spends all his shift in working boots. Advise what can be done, than to treat? To the doctor to tire out it it does not turn out.

  • Natalia :

    At me between 4 and 5 fingers there was a crack and an ecdysis which were accompanied by an itch, a burning sensation and even painful sensations. And his heels also itched. I was treated first with Lamifene gel, then Mikofin spray for more than a month. A crack between the fingers, an itch on the heels - everything gradually began to pass. Just finished using the drugs, again there was an itch. I'm afraid that there will be a crack between the fingers again. Socks stroked with a hot iron, and the shoes were processed with a formulator. I know that using the same antifungal drugs is ineffective. Advise, please, with what effective preparations it is possible to cure mycosis? And what are the most effective disinfectants for shoe processing?

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