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Miconazole, vaginal suppositories Funginazole, Ginezol 7 , Bifunal (cream), Dermazole (cream), Zalain (candles), Candibene (cream), Candide Cream , Candisan ointment, Canespor (cream), Kanesten (cream), Ketodin cream, Clotrex (ointment), Clotrimazole (candles), Klion D-100 , Lomeksin , Livarol , Mikogal (cream), Mikospor (cream) , Mifungar (cream), Nizoral (cream), Travogen (cream), Fungisan (cream), Ekalin (cream), Ekodaks ( cream), econazole (gel).


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Instructions for use

The main active ingredient - miconazole has not only antifungal, but also antibacterial properties. The principle of operation of the drug on the basis of miconazole in violation of the proper operation of the cells of a microorganism or fungus, as a result of which the pathogenic unit dies, and the symptoms that it has excited disappear. Depending on the source of infection, the doctor prescribes the appropriate form of the drug - cream, shampoo or vaginal suppositories (suppositories containing the active ingredient).


Miconazole candles and cream Miconazole is prescribed for the treatment of any fungal diseases of the skin, mucous membranes, hair. Candles miconazole is used to eliminate gynecological diseases associated with the fungus-pathogen. Thrush or vaginal candidiasis is a prime example of a fungus in the vagina.

The dosage of the drug is determined by the doctor depending on the severity of the disease, the lesion and the location of the lesion. Do not use Miconazole on your own without medical prescriptions.


Miconazole is contraindicated in case of allergy to the active substance, as well as during the period of carrying a child and feeding with breast milk. Candles, unlike tablets and gel, can be used for diseases of the renal system and liver.

Dosage and Administration

Candles are used to treat thrush in women. Vaginal suppositories have a single dosage of 0.1 g and are usually prescribed for administration once a day.

Side effects

During the study of the drug, subjects experienced symptoms such as diarrhea, indigestion, allergies, irritation of the skin when the substance was applied, and when administered with a liquid form of the drug, intravenous chills and dizziness. Often at the injection site sometimes developed inflammation of the vein wall with clogging. In some cases, changes in blood clotting, decreased sexual desire in men and delayed menstruation in women were observed.

The active ingredient of the drug enhances the effect of certain anticoagulants and hypoglycemic agents that affect the blood and glucose content, therefore, if you are undergoing a course of treatment with other medications in parallel, consult your doctor about compatibility.


Miconazole is recommended to keep in a dark, cool place, limiting children's access to the place of storage.


Features when taking miconazole in high doses and overdose was not observed.


Once I noticed a discharge and itching in the vagina and went to the doctor, I was diagnosed with thrush. Miconazole was prescribed in the form of candles, which I administered every day before bedtime. I also drank a course of pills. After 2 days, my symptoms subsided, and after 5 days I felt healthy. But the course held to the end. My husband was recommended cream and pills for prophylaxis. The doctor said that men can also be carriers of candidiasis. Tatyana, Komsomolsk

Good afternoon, I noticed strange discharge a long time ago, but did not pay attention, because there were no other symptoms. During a scheduled visit to the gynecologist, I was told that it was vaginosis and, after making a series of smears, they prescribed Miconazole in the form of a suppository. The course included 5 days for 1 candle. Sex life for this period was advised to stop. I completed the recommendations and already healthy. Marina, Orenburg

Tried Pimafutsin against thrush, the effect was, but after a month the problem returned. She turned to a gynecologist and received recommendations to take Miconazole in pills, treat her husband and undergo a five-day course of vaginal candles. Now a year I do not know what a thrush is. Oksana, Kaliningrad

I did not know that men suffer from thrush just like us. All the time I was faced with the problem of whitish discharge, itching and unpleasant smell, did not understand how to deal with it. A visit to the doctor helped to get rid of thrush or candidiasis once and for all, scientifically, with the help of Miconazole, which I was prescribed in candles. A week-long course of candles and ointment for her husband in combination with a course of pills helped not to recall the uncomfortable problem. Natalia Prokhorova, Rostov

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