The drug is available in the form of a set and in the form of a cream, they have a different composition and different purpose, see below.

Mikospor set There are no complete analogues for dialing. There are remedies for gently removing the affected part of the nail: Nogtivit and Nogtimizin , but in addition to them you need an antifungal agent.

Analogs of the cream, according to the active substance:

Set with files and brush:


: набор — 1024 р., крем — 458 р. Average price online * : set - 1024 p., Cream - 458 p.

Where can one buy:

Instructions for use

Kit Contents:

  • Miconazole ointment 1% - 10 g.
  • Waterproof plaster - 15 pcs.
  • File (scraper) - 1 pc.
  • Dispenser for a tube - 1 pc.

The principle of use is as follows:

  1. The ointment kills the fungus and softens the nail;
  2. As it softens, the nail is removed with a scraper.
  3. After removal of the affected part, treatment is carried out with another antifungal agent, for example, with the cream Mikospor (not from the set).

The composition of the set Mikospor The ointment in the set and the usual cream Mikospor vary greatly in composition , the main difference is the diamide of carbonic acid, which eats away the nail.


  • The ointment should be applied only to the affected nails, while at the same time trying not to touch healthy ones, the skin around the nails too. Although, according to research, a healthy nail is not destroyed by ointment.
  • You need to be prepared for the fact that as the softening and removal of the nail can open the nail bed and it will cause discomfort.
  • No need to use the kit for more than a few days. Maximum 2 weeks if the nail is heavy . After the necessary part of the nail is cut, the treatment is carried out with a regular cream, not from the set.
  • There are more humane ways , although they are longer.

Now, actually, the instruction for dialing:

  • For the most efficient use of cream, use the dispenser as shown in the figure;
  • Nail need to steam;
  • Use a scraper to remove the affected part as much as possible. Of course, it is not necessary to severely injure the nail and finger, cut off gently;
  • Apply ointment with a thin even layer only on the affected part of the nail;
  • Cover all this with a plaster supplied and leave it for a day;
  • Repeat every day, preferably at bedtime, so that the effect does not diminish due to wearing shoes;
  • Do not forget to wash your hands before and after the procedure.

How to use the dispenser mycosporus

The duration of use of a set is usually 1-2 weeks, depending on the size of the affected area.

After recovery, do not forget to disinfect shoes .

Instructions for cream Mikospor (not from the set):

The cream is applied to the affected area of ​​the skin once a day, it is also desirable at bedtime. Duration of treatment:

Mycosis of the feet, including after using the kit 3 weeks
Mycoses of different parts of the body (hands, torso, inguinal folds) 2-3 weeks
Pityriasis versicolor 2 weeks
Erythrasma 2 weeks
Skin candidiasis 2–4 weeks

Indications for use

A set of Mikospor is used to treat nail fungus and for non-surgical removal of the affected nail plate.

Mikospor cream :


  • hypersensitivity to the components: bifonazol, urea (if it is a kit), cetylstearol, lanolin and others;
  • cannot be used in the first trimester of pregnancy;

Scraper Mikospor Carefully:

  • In the second and third trimester of pregnancy;
  • In childhood;
  • When lactating, consult your doctor before use. There are no clinical studies on whether the drug penetrates into breast milk.

Side effects

They may appear directly on the areas where the ointment gets and next to them, pass after the drug is canceled.

  • contact dermatitis
  • skin corrosion (maceration)
  • peeling, exfoliation of the skin (desquamation)
  • redness and irritation of the nail bed
  • splitting nail plate
  • violation of nail pigmentation
  • skin irritation, rash, itching

2392 The composition of the ointment (set):

Active substances: bifonazol, carbonic diamide (urea).

Auxiliary substances: petrolatum, beeswax, lanolin.

The composition of the cream (sold separately):

Active substances: bifonazol

Excipients: water, polysorbate 60, benzyl alcohol, cetyl alcohol, stearyl alcohol, octyldodecanol, cetyl palmitate, sorbitan stearate


Antifungal broad-spectrum drug. Violates the biosynthesis of ergosterol - a building material for the cell membrane of pathogenic fungi. It has a double effect, causing structural and functional damage to the cytoplasmic membrane, which compares favorably with other antimycotics.

Effective against dermatophytes, yeast and mold fungi.


Sold without a prescription. Shelf life is 3 years.


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I bought this kit at the pharmacy on the advice of a doctor. After reading the instructions, it became uncomfortable - how is this “nail removal?” But it turned out that nothing special happens, the part that is already loose and thick - is scraped off gradually, and nothing happens to the healthy one. I had a corner of the nail on the big toe - yellow, thick, ugly in general. Came down in two weeks, a healthy nail remained. Now I’m just afraid, as it were, of a new corner not starting to grow in, I peel it off occasionally neatly. Galina, 48 years old, Kemerovo

My husband had neglected nails on his right leg - a thumb and another one, next to me, I don’t know what to call it, let it be an index finger :) My pharmacy advised mycospores, gave me a set and cream for a load. They just told me to gently smear, steam out every day, cut off the nail, etc., all as per instructions in general. For 2 weeks they almost scraped it off, at first it was even painful to walk, it was necessary to glue cotton wool with a plaster to the place where the nail was, just with cream. But then everything went and the nail grew healthy. Svetlana Vladimirovna, Moscow Region, Russia

Two nails, dark spots and thickening were affected by the fungus. Ointment from a tube lasted for two weeks. The nail softens very slowly, only a few days later it was possible to cut something off with this scraper. The scraper, by the way uncomfortable, had to be finished with its pedicure set.

Only the dark part of the nail has dissolved, the healthy part has remained in place, but now you can wear open shoes and it's just nice to know that you got rid of the disease. The author wishes to remain anonymous

* - The average value among several sellers at the time of monitoring is not a public offer.


  • Elena :

    The instructions say that relapses are possible, so we don’t hope much, and the money tore off the mad

  • Elena :

    After treatment with a set of Micosporus, the whole year was a good nail, and then a fungus appeared again.
    Conclusion - after removal of the affected part of the nail with this tool, you need to continue treatment with something else, for example, with pills or antifungal varnish (Loceryl, Batrafen).

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