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kQLs7DBdxfE : спрей — 218 р., лосьон — 237 р. Average price online * : spray - 218 p., Lotion - 237 p.

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spray mikostop Ingredients: water, propylene glycol, lactic acid, vitamin PP (nicotinic acid), rosemary essential oil, lavender essential oil.

The active ingredient is lactic acid, which, strictly speaking, is not antimycotics. However, lactic acid is an antiseptic, a simple disinfectant, and, in principle, it is possible to cure a fungus, but this is a long time and there are more effective means .

For treatment, the lotion should be applied to the nail twice a day, for at least 4 weeks. Treatment to carry out pokak will not grow a healthy nail. In case of lack of results or deterioration, consult a doctor.

Lotion is well suited for prevention , as it has a very sparing effect on the skin and nails, practically has no side effects. They are good to handle the legs and arms after a public pool or sauna for example.

Spray is convenient to use for disinfection of shoes , and it is significantly cheaper than other antiseptic sprays, such as Miramistina. But, if you decide to process shoes with mikostop - do not feel sorry for him.


Mikostop lotion Individual intolerance to the components of the drug


According to the manufacturer, lactic acid penetrates into the nail plate and creates an acidic environment, detrimental to pathogenic fungi. In the case of treatment, it is well combined with any antimycotics, enhancing their effect.

Nicotinic acid accelerates the growth of a healthy nail, through local improvement of blood circulation in the nail area.


Store in a cool, dark and out of reach of children. Shelf life 2 years. Dispensed from pharmacies without a prescription.


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Plus lotion - a relatively low price, minus - a long treatment. My husband went to the pool, not wearing slippers and not worrying at all about hygiene. And in the end, he earned a fungus - his nails became stiff, thick and brittle, the color changed. He didn’t pay attention to it for a long time, until it completely darkened. Cured mikostop lotion for about six months. (Approx. Ed. - Six months is not such a long time, usually the toenails grow more slowly.) It is good that after treatment the nail became more pleasant looking than it was before, before infection. Julia, Ukraine

Used lotion to treat the nail on the leg. A couple of months applied the lotion twice a day - in the morning and in the evening, then began to apply only in the evening. The nails ceased to exfoliate after a week of use, and after 6 months they were completely updated. I recommend to use to anyone who wants to improve their nails, because the drug not only kills the fungus, but also strengthens, smoothes the nail and improves its color. And in the process of treatment, gradually cut off the infected areas of the nails so that there is no re-infection. Irina, Moscow

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  • Vyacheslav :

    I begin to treat toenails. I really hope that healthy nails will grow.
    Vyacheslav Y-Ola

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