Mikozone (miconazole), ointment


Mikozon tuba

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Instructions for use

3457 Ointment 2% white is contained in the tube 15 g. It contains the active substance miconazole nitrate, as well as auxiliary components: macrogol 400, cetostearyl alcohol, propylene glycol, emixone, a mixture of polyoxyethylene glycol fatty alcohol ethers (preparation OC-20).

Pharmacological effects

The cream actively acts on dermatomies (a group of fungal pathogens that cause skin diseases in humans), pathogenic and yeast fungi (a group of fungal pathogens that cause disease in humans), has a bactericidal effect on a small group of gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria. The mechanism of action is associated with inhibition of ergosterol biosynthesis and changes in membrane composition, as a result of destruction of the synthesis.

Dosage and route of administration

Mycosis should be rubbed on the affected skin 2 times a day (in the morning and evening time of day). Use this ointment is recommended until the time interval until all the symptoms of the appearance of fungal damage are gone. And also for the prevention of ointment should be applied for a couple of days after the disappearance of signs of defeat.

When treating onychomycosis , after preliminary removal of the affected part of the nail plate, the ointment should be applied a thin layer on the nail 1-2 times a day. After applying the ointment is recommended to impose a special occlusive dressing. Treatment should be continued until a healthy nail plate grows (the average course of treatment is 3 months).


  • Candidiasis of the digestive tract (for example, the esophagus or intestines );
  • Fungal lesions of nails and skin (epidermophytia and trichophytosis of the trunk, palms and any kind of lichen);
  • Prevention of diseases;
  • Candidiasis .



  • Intolerance of individual components of the drug;
  • Pregnancy period (2 and 3 trimesters);
  • Can not be used by children whose age is under 12;
  • It is also not recommended to apply ointment during breastfeeding.

Adverse events

This drug, as a rule, is well tolerated, but in some cases there may be an allergy:

  • Tingling at the injection site;
  • Burning;
  • A little redness.

Use with other medicinal ointments:

It is highly not recommended to use this cream with other ointments or creams.

Pregnancy and the period of feeding

Tube of mycosis in the hand Due to the fact that the cream is almost not absorbed, it can be used in the period of breastfeeding and pregnancy. However, the cream is not recommended to be applied to the mammary glands before direct feeding. Children up to 3 years old ointment is recommended to use only under close supervision of a doctor.

Special Recommendations

  • Before applying the ointment, cut the nails as short as possible;
  • It is necessary to wear shoes in which the legs can "breathe";
  • Socks must be changed at least once a day;
  • If there is a fungal lesion of the feet, special attention should be paid to the treatment between the toes;
  • Avoid contact with eyes. If this happens, they must be thoroughly rinsed;
  • If within 4 weeks there is no sign of improvement, then the use of miconazole should be discontinued and apply to honey. A center for re-examination;
  • If there is an allergic reaction to the drug, the treatment must be completed and contact the medical center for further consultation.

Storage and expiration date

  • Shelf life of the drug is 2 years. After the expiration of this period, the use of cream is not recommended;
  • Keep miconazole in a place protected from light and children;
  • In the pharmacy this drug can be purchased without a doctor's prescription.


I have a foot fungus (with terrible itching, from which you wake up every night, peeling of the skin of the feet and small pimples of red color on the legs). I tried to cure him with one of the advertised creams. Did not help. I read that in severe cases it is necessary to drink tablets, but I did not drink them myself, because I did not drink them. Itself to prescribe tablets it is terrible (with creams and ointments somehow the matter is easier), and to the qualified doctor of time there is no descent. Mikonazol I bought quite by accident. I was looking for something that can relieve itching, and bought the cheapest cream in the pharmacy. The price is ridiculous - 200 rubles. If you consider that it helps perfectly, then it's just a gift! I'm so happy that I'm afraid to jinx, because not all problems are solved. Татьяна 42 years, Saratov

I bought this cream quite by accident. I was looking for a cream (very expensive), but the pharmacist dissuaded me from buying it, advising Miconazole. I had peeling between the toes, the skin was itchy, it was necessary to do something, because all these symptoms indicated that a fungus appeared. I went to the pharmacy and bought Miconazole (then it was much cheaper). She began to smear the affected areas of the skin with cream. For the morning the terrible itch has passed, the reddening has become less noticeable. Two weeks later, there was no trace of the symptoms of the fungus. Recently learned that my favorite ointment has risen in price, and now she treats not cheap means. Ангелина 25 years, Arkhangelsk

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  • Artem :

    A ridiculous price is not for mikanazol, but for clotrimazole, only 12 rubles. And the spectrum of action is the same.

  • Nat :

    Yesterday I bought clotrimazole and is not 12 rubles, and 86. In addition, clotrimazole is absorbed worse in the deep layers of the skin, respectively, it acts weaker much

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