Miramistin or chlorhexidine - which is better?

Question-mark-red-3D-glossy Two very popular disinfectants differ by about 20 times in cost.

In the "Internet" sometimes they write that they are full analogues. Is it so? It's time to clarify.

The same thing or not?

Not. Both of these drugs - antiseptics, they do well with most of the currently known pathogens, including fungi. But they have different chemical formulas, different side effects and different effects on the body.

Note: 0.05% chlorhexidine aqueous solution is sold in pharmacies, and it will be discussed about it. More concentrated solutions can be dangerous to humans.

Let's look at the differences:

Miramistin Chlorhexidine
Price 350-400r (150 ml) 15-20p (100 ml)
Antibacterial and antifungal external agent Effective Effective
Action on viruses Active against complex viruses (herpes, hiv, etc.) 0.05% solution does not act on viruses (yes, do not be surprised).

From greater concentration will burn.

Action on the skin Very soft, usually not felt. Rare, but possible allergies Possible dermatitis , burning, itching, allergic reactions
Effect on mucous membranes (nose, throat, urethra, genitals) Rarely there is a slight burning sensation, passes quickly. There is a strong burning sensation, itching, which pass for a long time.
Taste Hardly noticeable. Children are well tolerated. Very bitter
Application in ophthalmology Yes, you can bury in eyes In no case. In case of accidental contact, quickly spend a large amount of water.
Mouthwash during rinsing not staining of tooth enamel, deposition of tartar, violation of taste
If swallowed accidentally No danger It is necessary to induce vomiting and flush the stomach, then take activated charcoal or another enterosorbent .
Use during pregnancy and lactation During pregnancy there are no restrictions. When lactating with caution that the tool does not fall into the baby's mouth - there is no data on the effect on infants. Similarly. But it is not necessary to forget that the drug is dangerous in case of accidental ingestion into the stomach.
For kids According to the instructions can be applied from 3 years Different manufacturers indicate either "with caution in childhood" or "It can not be up to 12 years." In fact, the mucous erodes even an adult, the child is even more tortured
Duration of treatment There are no restrictions, the required duration is described in the instructions. No longer than 7 days
Open wounds and burns Good for processing You can apply, but the burning is very strong
Disinfection of surfaces and shoes Expensive 1% solution just right. The effectiveness is the same, if not higher.

Note on age: Sometimes he and the other drug is prescribed to young children. It is important to understand that irrigation of the throat with any substance is a danger to the infant.

A baby has a strong pharyngeal spasm and very serious consequences. Therefore, you should always consult with your doctor about how to properly use drugs.

Drugs prescribed for the same diseases?

miramistin-150 Yes. Both drugs are intended for disinfection and sanation of the skin, mucous membranes, rinses, douches and the like.

Chlorhexidine is also used to disinfect surgical instruments and other items. Miramistin can also be used for disinfection, although it is expensive.

More details:

Chlorhexidine digluconate In general, the conclusion is: If you need a drug to treat the oral cavity or the intimate zone, if you need a safe medicine for children, then it is better to spend money on Miramistin.

If you need to sanitize public goods, or after the fungus you want to sanitize shoes - choose chlorhexidine.

By the way, there are other drugs: Inexpensive analogues of Miramistin .

And yet, if you plan to use it only for surfaces (not for skin) - you can buy a 1% solution of chlorhexidine in a large bottle (1 l) in the store of medical equipment and consumables. Such shops are in any large city.

Do not try to apply solution of 1% for skin and especially mucous!


  • T-REX :

    What kind of ads miramistina ??? Chlorhexidine is visible and not tried !!! He does not burn anything !!! Apply no shake after shaving, everything is fine !! It seems that the article is an order for advertisers to promote Miramistin !! What about the price?? Who needs it for 400 against 20 rubles !! Think first and then buy !!

    • Oleg :

      Can you still brush your teeth with chlorhexidine? Read the article first, and then write all the crap.

      • Denis :

        I confirm about shaving - chlorhexidine perfectly disinfects the skin after it, doesn’t pinch, no itching. Miramistin did not, alas, give such a disinfecting effect.
        And about brushing your teeth - why prank the previous commentator? It seems he didn’t write anything personally about you) If you are, of course, not a marmist of miramistina, hehe.

      • Olga :

        For sure!

      • Alexey :

        There is such a dental gel - Mitrogil-dent, and so it includes, suddenly, chlorhexidine. So advertising is such an advertisement ...

  • lina :

    Yes, and competent people told me that the drugs are similar, but all the same different unite them with one word ANTISEPTIC, do not criticize the author, and do not shake after shaving, your skin does not react, and others will be covered in spots, and they are different, read dear more closely

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