Miramistin 50 and 150 bottles A complete analogue - Okomistin, is available in 10 ml vials, eye drops. Costs more if you take into account the capacity.

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150мл с распылителем: 384 р 50 мл с урологическим аппликатором: 227 р. The average price online * 150ml with a nebulizer: 384 r 50 ml with a urological applicator: 227 p. (Specify the presence of the applicator when buying) 500 ml without baits: 807 r.

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Instructions for use

Composition and pharmacokinetics

Miramistin antiseptic Composition:

  • Benzyldimethyl-myristoylamino-propylammonium chloride monohydrate, 0.01%
  • Purified water 99.99%

Miramistin is an effective antiseptic, with proven antimicrobial, antiviral, antifungal action. A distinctive feature of the drug - safety for humans and a very gentle effect on the skin and mucous, thanks to which the drug has virtually no contraindications, unlike analogues.


Mycosis (for prophylaxis and as an auxiliary therapy):

Intimate diseases:

  • Inflammatory diseases of the uterus, vagina, vulva;
  • Candidiasis of the vagina , vulvovaginitis ;
  • Birth injury;
  • Inflammation of the prostate, unspecified;
  • Candidiasis in men ;
  • Nonspecific urethritis;
  • STI (for prevention and as an auxiliary therapy):
  • Anogenital herpes;
  • Gonococcal infection;
  • Syphilis, unspecified;
  • Trichomoniasis;
  • Chlamydial diseases, sexually transmitted diseases;

Okocomistin ENT:

  • Acute laryngitis;
  • Acute sinusitis;
  • Acute tonsillitis, unspecified (angina);
  • Acute pharyngitis, unspecified;
  • Otitis;
  • Chronic maxillary sinusitis;
  • Chronic laryngitis;
  • Chronic tonsillitis;
  • Chronic pharyngitis;


  • Disinfection of burns and open wounds.

Dosing and Administration

On the background of carpet First use of the nebulizer: remove the cap from the bottle, remove the nozzle from the package, attach the spray nozzle to the bottle, make a few taps to activate the nozzle.

Fungus: One should not consider miramistine a panacea, for the treatment of fungus it is best to use special antifungal agents. However miramistin can be useful:

  • For the prevention of fungus (for example, you can treat the drug with hands and feet after visiting the public pool)
  • For the disinfection of shoes , objects of common use.
  • Candidiasis is treated with rinsing miramistin 3-4 times a day (sometimes together with other drugs, consult a doctor).
  • For sanitation of genital organs, not later than 2 hours after sexual intercourse - to prevent infection with thrush or other STDs:

It is necessary to treat the inner surface of the thighs, the sexual organs and the skin around them, the groin area. Women enter 5-10 ml into the vagina and 1-2 ml into the urethra. Men inject 2-3 ml into the urethra for a few minutes.

After the procedure, it is recommended not to urinate for 2 hours.

Use barrier contraceptives, treatment with miramistin after unprotected sex does not guarantee protection against STIs

In the complex treatment of urethritis and urethroprostatitis: inject 2-3 ml of the drug into the urethra 1-2 times a day for 10 days.

Before delivery, miramistin uses irrigation or syringing of the vagina for 5-7 days.

Colds, swelling of the throat, ENT, including fungal lesions of the throat, fungal sore throat:

Irrigate the throat with a sprayer,

  • Adults and children over 14 years: 3-4 presses for 1 time;
  • Children 7 - 14 years: two clicks per procedure;
  • Children 3 - 6 years: one press for 1 procedure;

For all ages, the procedure is carried out 3-4 times a day.

In one push, 3-4 ml of the drug is allocated.

Dentistry: rinse the oral cavity 3-4 times a day, using 10-15 ml of myramistin.

For disinfection: soak the affected areas with a swab dipped in the preparation 1-2 times a day.


  • Individual intolerance of the drug.

Otlichnoe-mnogofunktsionalnoe-sredstvo Can be used during pregnancy and feeding.

It can be prescribed to children from 3 years old for irrigation of the throat and oral cavity.

To disinfect wounds and prevent skin infections, you can use it at any age.

Can I use children under 3 years of age for the throat?

The official instruction states that the drug is indicated to children over 3 years old.

As for real experience, opinions diverge. In some cases, the drug is prescribed by a doctor to children from 6 months of age.

In others it is recommended to use only drops or apply to the nipple, and in no case do not use a nebulizer; The child has a strong laryngospasm with the most unfortunate consequences .

Simply put, do not prescribe the drug yourself to a child under 3 years old. Consult with your doctor. It is advisable to hold the procedure in the presence of a doctor for the first time.

Side effects

Cases of an allergic reaction are recorded.

A slight burning sensation may occur at the site of application. It's not dangerous, it passes quickly and without consequences.


Sold without a prescription. Shelf life 3 years. Storage temperature - up to 25 ° C.


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I believe that this drug should always be in the medicine cabinet, like iodine and peroxide. For example, the elastic band was broken during intercourse - and what to do? In this case, an irreplaceable thing. Plus it is possible for the throat to be used for colds, scratches to handle, etc. Vobschem I advise everyone. Evgenia, Petropavlovsk

When the child is ill, "pshikaem" his throat. Other drugs can not stand, immediately hysterics begins. A miramistin as water tastes, more or less persuaded. And we use ourselves. A good thing. Masha, St. Petersburg

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