Miramistin 50 and 150 bottles Full analogue - Okomistin, available in bottles of 10 ml, eye drops. It is more expensive, given the capacity.

Similar drugs:

  • Chlorhexidine ( comparison table )
  • Septomirin (not available)
  • Dekasan (rarely sold)

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150мл с распылителем: 384 р 50 мл с урологическим аппликатором: 227 р. Average price online * 150ml with a spray: 384 p 50 ml with a urological applicator: 227 p. (specify the presence of the applicator upon purchase) 500 ml without nozzles: 807 r.

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Instructions for use

Composition and pharmakinetics

Miramistin Antiseptic Composition:

  • benzyldimethyl myristoylamino propylammonium chloride monohydrate, 0.01%
  • purified water 99.99%

Miramistin is an effective antiseptic with proven antimicrobial, antiviral, antifungal effects. A distinctive feature of the drug is safety for humans and a very sparing effect on the skin and mucous membranes, due to which the drug has practically no contraindications, unlike its counterparts.


Mycoses (for prevention and as adjuvant therapy):

Intimate diseases:

  • Inflammatory diseases of the uterus, vagina, vulva;
  • Candidiasis of the vagina , vulvovaginitis ;
  • Birth injury;
  • Inflammation of the prostate gland, unspecified;
  • Candidiasis in men ;
  • Nonspecific urethritis;
  • STIs (for prophylaxis and as an adjunctive therapy):
  • Anogenital herpes;
  • Gonococcal infection;
  • Syphilis, unspecified;
  • Trichomoniasis;
  • Chlamydial sexually transmitted diseases;

Okomistin ENT:

  • Acute laryngitis;
  • Acute sinusitis;
  • Unspecified acute tonsillitis (sore throat);
  • Acute pharyngitis, unspecified;
  • Otitis;
  • Chronic maxillary sinusitis;
  • Chronic laryngitis;
  • Chronic tonsillitis;
  • Chronic pharyngitis;


  • Disinfection of burns and open wounds.

Dosage and administration

against the background of the carpet First use of the nebulizer: remove the cap from the bottle, take the nozzle from the package, attach the nozzle to the bottle, make a few taps to activate the nozzle.

Fungus: Miramistin should not be considered a panacea, it is best to use special antifungal agents for the treatment of fungi. However, miramistin may be useful:

  • For the prevention of fungus (for example, you can treat the hands and feet with the preparation after visiting the public pool)
  • For disinfection of footwear , common goods.
  • Candida stomatitis is treated by rinsing with Miramistin 3-4 times a day (sometimes in conjunction with other drugs, consult your doctor).
  • For the rehabilitation of the genitals, no later than 2 hours after intercourse - to prevent infection with thrush or other STDs:

The inner surface of the thighs, the genitals and the skin around them, and the groin area should be treated. Women enter 5-10 ml into the vagina and 1-2 ml into the urethra. Men enter 2-3 ml into the urethra for a few minutes.

After the procedure, it is recommended not to urinate for 2 hours.

Use barrier contraceptives, treatment with Miramistin after unprotected sex does not guarantee protection against STIs.

With the combined treatment of urethritis and urethroprostatitis: enter 2-3 ml of the drug into the urethra 1-2 times a day for 10 days.

Before the delivery of Miramistin, irrigation or vaginal douching is used for 5-7 days.

Colds, sore throats, ENT, including fungal infections of the throat, fungal tonsillitis:

Irrigate the throat with a spray bottle,

  • adults and children over 14 years old: 3–4 presses at once;
  • children 7 - 14 years old: two presses for 1 procedure;
  • children 3 - 6 years: one click for 1 procedure;

For all ages, the procedure is carried out 3-4 times a day.

For one click 3-4 ml of the drug is released.

Dentistry: rinse the oral cavity 3-4 times a day, using 10-15 ml of Miramistina.

For disinfection: soak the affected areas with a swab dipped in the preparation 1-2 times a day.


  • Individual intolerance to the drug.

otlichnoe-mnogofunktsionalnoe-sredstvo Can be used during pregnancy and feeding.

You can assign children from 3 years to irrigate the throat and mouth.

To disinfect wounds and prevent skin infections, you can use at any age.

Can children under 3 be used for the throat?

The official instructions states that the drug is indicated for children over 3 years old.

As for the real experience, opinions differ. In some cases, the drug is prescribed by a doctor to children from 6 months.

In others, it is recommended to use only drops or apply to the nipple, and in no case do not use a spray bottle, as a child may have a strong laryngospasm with the saddest consequences .

Simply put, in no case do not prescribe a drug to a child under 3 years old. Consult a doctor. It is advisable to carry out the procedure in the presence of a doctor for the first time.

Side effects

Allergic reactions have been reported.

At the site of application, a slight burning sensation may occur. Not dangerous, passes quickly and without consequences.


Sold without a prescription. Shelf life is 3 years. Storage temperature - up to 25 ° C.


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I believe that this drug should always be in the first-aid kit, like iodine and peroxide. For example, gum torn during intercourse - and what to do? In this case, an indispensable thing. Plus, you can use your throat for colds, scratches, etc. In general, I advise everyone. Evgenia, Petropavlovsk

When a child is sick, “pshikayem” his throat. Other drugs can not stand, immediately the hysteria begins. And Miramistin like water tastes, more or less can be persuaded. And we use it ourselves. A good thing. Masha, St. Petersburg

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