Thrush and pregnancy faq


Question: Is thrush dangerous if it is not treated?

Men are most often just carriers of this disease, and the symptoms are only in women. Yes, and in women, the fungus candida does not always cause the disease. Since thrush is one of the most frequent diseases in the female part, it is required to regularly visit a gynecologist and take tests for microflora. Of the main symptoms may be itching, burning, heterogeneous white curdled discharge with an acidic odor.

If thrush is not treated, it can give many complications. Cervicitis (cervical candidiasis), cystitis (inflammation of the bladder), urethritis (inflammation of the urethra). When candidiasis passes in conjunction with other sexually transmitted diseases, it can even lead to infertility. But with rapid diagnosis of thrush and immediate treatment, no complications usually arise.

Question: How is this disease transmitted? Can I have sex with thrush?

The disease is transmitted sexually. If one of the partners is a carrier of candidiasis, both should be treated. For the period of taking drugs it is better to give up intimacy or to use condoms, even with oral sex. Thrush can also appear in the oral cavity, which is fraught with even less pleasant symptoms.

Q: Does the yeast infection get pregnant? How to plan a child with chronic thrush?

- Isolated Thrush itself is not a serious problem when trying to get pregnant, but because of the acidic environment in the vagina, most spermatozoa still die on the way to the egg. For this reason, for a successful attempt to get pregnant a man should be completely healthy, and spermatozoa are maximally mobile, which is not so common.

Pregnancy can even provoke thrush in those who have never been sick with it. Before childbirth, you need to sanitize the birth canal to reduce the risk of infection of the baby - consult your gynecologist on this.

During pregnancy, it's not the disease itself that is dangerous, but the treatment that can harm the future child. When planning pregnancy and chronic thrush, regular monitoring with a doctor is required. With chronic course of the disease and unsuccessful attempts to become pregnant, it is often recommended that artificial insemination in clinical settings is a proven and effective method, but it requires additional financial costs.

Question: What do you recommend for the prevention of the disease?

Girls should be careful about their intimate hygiene. Change pads and tampons at least once every 4 hours. If antibiotics are taken during illness, it is better to drink a course of probiotics to maintain a healthy intestinal microflora. It is also recommended to wear comfortable underwear and give up panties-string. And, of course, do not forget to regularly take a gynecologist's appointment. Men, not to become a carrier

Every second woman passes through the thrush, and doctors do not consider this disease to be serious. With proper care of yourself and proper treatment, candidiasis can not prevent getting pregnant. But since even in healthy girls against hormonal changes in the body during pregnancy, thrush may appear, it is not worth worrying about - properly selected treatment and doctor's consultations will help to avoid harmful consequences, including the future child.

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