Thrush and monthly

According to the medical version, every second girl is familiar with the “thrush” disease. The disease is accompanied by unpleasant symptoms, but the situation is complicated if the thrush coincides with the menstruation period. What to do if symptoms appear before, after or during menstruation and how to treat thrush in each of the three cases - read our article.

Are candidiasis and menstruation related?

Doctor and patient Thrush , or otherwise candidiasis, is a fungal infection of the mucous membranes of the genital organs.

A long course of treatment with antibiotics, hormonal failure, and weakening of immunity can serve as a cause of the disease.

This ailment is rapidly acquiring a chronic form, has periods of calm and sharp exacerbation. According to the doctors, candidiasis is most often exacerbated a few days before menstruation or at the very beginning of menstruation.

Thrush before menstruation is normal?

Is there a direct relationship between the day of the cycle and the development of the fungus? No, the cause of thrush can not be monthly. But menstruation can accelerate the reproduction of the fungus , because:

  • It is in the first days of menstruation that the optimal environment for the development of pathogenic bacteria forms on the mucous membranes.
  • During critical days, the body's hormonal balance changes dramatically.
  • Additional symptoms may occur due to frequent hygiene procedures and the use of special cosmetics that change the acidic environment of the mucous membranes of the genital organs.

Regardless of the form and severity of the disease, thrush does not affect the duration of menstruation, because of candidiasis, the cycle cannot get off.

Symptoms and delay

! Question on topic

Could it be because of thrush delayed menstruation?

No, but because of the treatment - completely.

It is also worth paying special attention to the situation when, against the background of thrush, menstrual period does not come in due time. Many women mistakenly believe that this disease can cause a delay, but in fact thrush has almost no effect on the menstrual cycle. In this case, the delay may have the following reasons:

  • If a woman is over 45 years old, then the absence of menstruation and the concomitant development of thrush can mean an initial period of menopause. At this time, serious hormonal changes take place in the lady's body, which provokes the growth of the fungus.
  • Sometimes, the onset of critical days can be delayed by medications that are often prescribed to combat candidiasis. In this case, it is recommended to complete a course of therapy, after discontinuation of drugs the cycle will recover.
  • The most "positive" reason for the delay in thrush is pregnancy. If you are concerned about the symptoms of candidiasis, as well as unprotected sexual intercourse, then an pregnancy test is urgently needed. It is not recommended to start treatment for thrush until you do a test, as some drugs can harm the fetus.

Treatment according to the cycle

At the reception We all know that medicines for thrush are systemic (tablets) and local (suppositories):

Tablets (for oral administration). Their reception does not depend on the cycle, it is of course a big plus. Usually they act quickly, some must be taken once, this is also a plus. Like any pills have some toxic effects on the body, contraindications, systemic side effects.

Modern pills are minimized, so if you have no health problems, this is a very good option.

Candles are much safer, in most cases have a good effect, but it is not recommended to use them during menstruation.

Before menstruation

rkjuaC3LM1qcmrp8 Most often, this fungal disease attacks the female body just before menstruation, especially a week before menstruation. In the past few days, the body begins to prepare for menstruation, hormones gradually change, which reduces the protective functions of the immune system. At this time, the fungus is easiest to begin to multiply rapidly.

And if a woman has candidiasis turned into a chronic stage, then at this time it will worsen most often.

If you know on what day of the cycle your organism is, and that your period should start soon, then it is better to use pills.

If there are contraindications to pills, then you should wait until the end of your period and start treatment with candles.

Of course, candidiasis is not a disease that can cause serious harm in a few days, but still do not neglect the advice of a doctor in a similar situation.

During critical days

65a6770fff61405246dff95e0fd757ef The priority in this case is given to pills.

But , if “these days” began prematurely, and you spend the treatment with candles, then you should not interrupt it , you just need to follow some recommendations:

After the introduction of the candle is not recommended to get up another half hour, so that the medicine does not flow out. And the best way to put a candle at night. For hygiene use gaskets.

During the period of critical days, douching is prohibited.

Many women think that thrush and menstruation period cannot coincide, but this opinion is wrong. This fungal disease can also occur at the end of the cycle. Symptoms of candidiasis are unpleasant, but they cause particular discomfort to women during their periods. The fungus during this period may behave differently:

  • Burning is almost always present, as well as itching in the genital area.
  • Unusual mucus secretions that have an unpleasant odor may appear.
  • Menstrual flow may disappear for a while and return again if the fungus develops very quickly.

All ladies know that during menstruation it is necessary to pay increased attention to the hygiene of the genitals. And if a fungus also develops at the same time, then it is worthwhile to be doubly clean. In this case, it is recommended to visit the shower at least twice a day, as well as to abandon the use of cosmetic gels with a strong odor. Please note that you should not choose flavored pads and tampons.

After menstruation

Everything is simple here. This period is considered optimal for the complex treatment of candidiasis, and oral and local preparations are allowed.

Sometimes thrush can often cause the use of soap, as it dries mucous membranes and disrupts the natural bacterial environment.

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