Momat Rino Advance


Momat Rino Advance

Allergy nose spray .


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Instructions for use

Momat Rino Advance is used intranasally. Inhalation of the drug is carried out using a dosing nozzle. One spray dose contains 50 µg of mometasone, 140 µg of azelastine hydrochloride. Dosage means for allergic rhinitis - 1 dose in each nasal passage twice / day (morning, evening). Course duration - 14 days.


Momat Rino Advance nasal spray The drug is contraindicated in such conditions:

  • Recently performed surgery, trauma of the nose, while there is damage to the mucous membrane (until it heals). Contraindications due to the inhibitory effect of corticosteroids on wound healing.
  • Hypersensitivity to the components.
  • In childhood and adolescence to 18 years.

Carefully carry out the treatment of the nasal cavity in case of tuberculosis of the upper respiratory tract in the latent or active phase. Momat Rino Advance is also used with caution in case of fungal infections of the nose, in case of untreated bacterial infection, systemic viral infection caused by the Herpes simplex virus with damage to the organs of vision. All of these diseases can be treated with the drug only by a doctor's prescription and under its control.

Pregnancy and lactation

Contraindicated. Detailed studies on the use of the drug in pregnant women have not been conducted, but since azelastine hydrochloride may have a toxic effect on the embryos of laboratory animals, the use of the drug during pregnancy and lactation is prohibited.


Momat Rino Advance Spray Cases of overdose so far have not been identified (with intranasal use). When taking azelastine inside possible development of disorders of the central nervous system - lethargy, confusion, drowsiness, reduce pressure, tachycardia. Symptomatic treatment. Long-term use of GCS in large doses and in combination with systemic treatment by them can lead to inhibition of the pituitary, hypothalamus, adrenal glands.

Side effects

  • On the part of the gastrointestinal tract - irritation of the pharyngeal mucosa, nausea.
  • From the nervous system - headache, dizziness.
  • From the skin - rash, itching.
  • On the part of the respiratory system - nasal bleeding, burning, itching in the nose, sneezing, sinusitis, pharyngitis, ulceration of the nasal cavity.
  • From the immune system - hypersensitivity, urticaria, anaphylaxis.
  • Other reactions - drowsiness, weakness, increased fatigue.

The drug can give an unpleasant taste in the mouth if used improperly - excessive deviation back of the head with the introduction of the drug. Long-term local administration of GCS is able to increase intraocular pressure and provoke the development of cataracts and glaucoma.


packing momat rino The main active ingredients are mometasone furoate, azelastine hydrochloride. Additional substances are microcrystalline cellulose, carmellose sodium, polysorbate 80, dextrose, benzalkonium chloride, neotame, disodium edetate, sodium citrate, citric acid monohydrate, purified water.

Pharmacology and Pharmacokinetics

Azelastine is a long-acting antiallergic component. It has antiallergic, antihistamine, membrane stabilizing effect, reduces capillary permeability and exudate production.

Mometasone is a synthetic corticosteroids for topical use, it has anti-inflammatory, antiallergic action, inhibits the release of allergy mediators.

Momat Rino Advance on hand The bioavailability of azelastine after intranasal administration is 40%, the maximum concentration in plasma is observed after 2-3 hours. Communication with blood proteins - 80-90%. The drug is metabolized in the liver, excreted by the kidneys in the form of inactive metabolites. The half-life of azelastine is 20 hours. The bioavailability of mometasone with intranasal administration is less than 1%, therefore there are no systemic effects from its use.


The shelf life of the drug - 2 years. It should be stored at a temperature of 15-25 degrees in a place inaccessible to children, protected from light. It is released on prescription.


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My husband has a severe allergy, which is now joined by bronchial asthma. The doctor suggested trying to add a new spray - Momat Rino Advance to the main course of therapy. Bought the drug, the husband began to use. The positive effect appeared almost immediately, the next manifestations of allergy spray took off for a couple of days. The course of treatment lasted only 14 days, during which time he was delighted with the medicine, he liked the spray more than Nasonex, and moreover, it was cheaper. It acts more efficiently because the corticosteroid is supplemented with an antihistamine component. Even the redness and inflammation of the eyes goes away, although it is necessary to splash the drug into the nose. The only negative is not very pleasant taste in the mouth after use, but it passes in 10 minutes Maria, Moscow

I advise the drug Momat to all allergies, who, like me, suffer from rhinitis all spring and summer. One time I was engaged in self-treatment, but then the unpleasant symptoms of allergies forced me to visit a doctor. I was prescribed a solution for washing the nose (saline) and spray Momat Rino Advance. From the first use of the drug did not help, snot continued to flow strongly, they were accompanied by a terrible itching in the nose. The doctor prescribed me to spray the medicine 2 times a day, after the second “zilch” there was no effect either. But from the second day I already felt some relief, and by the 4th day my nasal congestion was gone! I honestly finished the course, and a lot of medicine remained (only 150 doses), the effect is just great! But it’s not worthwhile to prescribe a drug yourself, after all, it’s hormonal Svetlana, Novosibirsk

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