Fungus treatment

Nail fungus: symptoms and treatment Treatment of nail fungus on the legs takes a lot of time: one or two application of medicinal compositions will not solve the problem. Even if the mycosis has just begun to develop and did not have time to cover the entire surface of the nail, you will have to exercise considerable patience.

If not to carry out therapy, the disease will spread and from a small problem will grow into a "catastrophe". And not only the aesthetic side of life will suffer, but also the moral one. With the spread of mycosis on the surface of the toenails and complications appear:

  • Pain when walking. Strong pain can be at rest.
  • Psychological discomfort from the inability to bare legs (even on the beach you have to wear closed shoes).
  • There is a constant increase in tension associated with the possibility of infecting loved ones (these can be both children and the second half, as well as occasional guests, walking barefoot on the floor or using your home slippers). Spores of the fungus remain in the room without loss of viability for a long time.
  • There are other diseases, as well as allergies. This is due to the depletion of immunity, all the forces of which are unsuccessfully aimed at combating an uninvited guest - a fungus on the toenails. Such confusion of immunity is enjoyed by viruses and bacteria, which meet practically no opposition in their path.

Do I need to see a doctor?

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Before you treat nail fungus, for the correct prescription of drugs, it is necessary to sow the material scraped off from the damaged area of ​​the nail.

After establishing a specific strain, laboratory studies of its sensitivity to the components of various antimycotic agents are carried out. The choice of treatment depends on it.

One type of fungus may exhibit different susceptibility to the active ingredients of modern preparations. Therefore, with the question of how to cure the fungus of toenails, it is best to consult a doctor .



Read more about what exactly to treat the fungus: drugs

The pharmaceutical industry offers a variety of drugs that can not only treat the toenail fungus, but also contribute to its softening and removal of the damaged nail plate. All medicines are divided into:

  • Creams, emulsions, suspensions, gels and other forms of external preparations containing components against the fungus. Apply to the surface of the nail several times a day and act locally.
  • Tablets and capsules of antifungal preparations for oral administration. They are taken internally and their influence extends to all body systems.
  • Nail polishes . In their composition there are antifungal components that act locally.
  • Creams and emulsions for softening the nail plate. They do not contain antifungal components and help mechanically remove damaged areas.

In some situations, immunomodulatory drugs can be used to further activate the body’s own immune forces.

Folk remedies

You can find a lot of recipes of folk sages, herbalists and healers, calling to treat nail fungus with various improvised means .

Remember that the use of such recipes only delay the treatment to the doctor and exacerbates the problem, takes the disease into a neglected form .

If a person still wants to be treated with "natural" drugs, then they should be used as prescriptions to complement the main treatment with medical preparations.

Laser treatment

Drugs can not always penetrate the depths of damaged nail tissue, so modern medicine proposes to solve this problem with the help of laser radiation . The beam acts on the mycelium and body of the fungus. Like any proteinaceous compound, the tissues of the parasitic organism under the influence of temperature coagulate and cease their vital functions (die). After several laser treatments, the toenail fungus retreats.

Non-standard options

Otomycosis is a rather rare form, but it is treated. There are several strains of fungi that can develop on the human body, some of them can affect the skin, while others prefer nails on the hands and feet. On the skin may appear areas with no hair, redness, areas of peeling, bleeding, bloom (it can be a different color).

Such phenomena may appear in the groin , armpits, scalp , on the palms or feet , and indeed in any place, even inside the ear .

If the treatment of foot fungus does not start at an early stage, then it may spread to the entire surface of the nail, as well as the transition of the disease to the nail plate of the hands. The running form requires complex treatment, and in some cases, the only way to get rid of mycosis can be the complete removal of the affected plate by surgery.


Clean - the guarantee of health You should not forget about hygienic procedures , if you want to get rid of the disease forever. Treatment of toenail fungus can last for years without significant progress, if you do not follow the rules of hygiene:

  • Wash your feet at least 2 times a day and before applying topical medicines.
  • Change socks (tights, stockings, stockings) after each washing the feet. Dirty socks should not be stored with other clothes and must be boiled before the next use.
  • Disinfect shoes (including sneakers, sneakers, sneakers, sandals and others) with special antifungal drugs or get rid of it altogether.

Timely treatment to the doctor, the exact adherence to the scheme of use of medicines , hygiene and disinfection rules will allow you to get rid of mycosis on the toenails forever. The process is quite long and can take six months or a year, so you should be patient and persistent. Deviation from the intended treatment plan may delay recovery time. Do not forget to consult a doctor.

And now more:

What does a fungus look like on skin?

The fungus can appear in various places. The favorite habitat areas are wet areas of the body: the armpits, the area under the knees, and mycoses are often found under the breasts in women. There are types of fungi that prefer to develop on the scalp, or for example in the groin area. On the body Fungus of the skin manifests itself in the form of areas devoid of pigmentation or round or oval zones […]

Treatment of onychomycosis with a laser
laser nail treatment

The needs of a person are largely determined by the possibilities: why turn the dial of a dial-up phone if you can use a smartphone? The situation is similar in the field of modern aesthetic medicine: a person seeks to find a good doctor with modern views who can find a comfortable, fast and effective treatment. In the case of fungal nail infections - this is laser therapy.

Diagnosis and treatment of mycoses depending on the location of the lesion

Surely everyone in his life, if he did not come across himself, then at least he heard about a disease like foot mycosis. From relatives, friends, acquaintances, colleagues, doctors, from the media ... The scale of the problem is so significant that it is almost impossible to bypass it. The disease is very common in the human population and it is possible to pick up a contagious fungus in a variety of situations.

What is athlete's disease

It is believed that the fungal infection of the skin of the feet is a very common and easily treatable disease. Know that if a fungus has appeared on the legs, the treatment will be long and even if all the recommendations of the doctors are observed, relapses may occur.

Identify nail fungus by photo
doctor looks into a magnifying glass

The doctor makes the diagnosis of onychomycosis after a visual medical examination, based on the data obtained during the microscopic examination. These data give an idea of ​​the severity of the lesion, and of the pathogens that caused the fungal infection.