Until recently, naftifine hydrochloride in Russia was sold only under the trademark Exoderil Drops and Exoderil Cream .

Now the Russian manufacturer Pharmstandard-Tomskhimpharm has released a new tool - Microderil .

In foreign online stores you can find drugs on demand 'Naftifine Generic', but they cost more than pharmacy exoderil.

Other antifungal agents can be used as analogues:

Instructions for use

  • Affected nails before the first application should be steamed, and treated with a nail file and scissors, trying to cut off the destroyed part of the nail as much as possible.
  • Immediately before treatment, wash the skin / nails with soap and dry.
  • The drug is applied 1 time per day, preferably at night.
  • The duration of treatment is determined by the doctor. As a rule, for skin fungus this is 2-4 weeks, for nail fungus - until a healthy nail grows. ( Which doctor treats the fungus? )
  • To prevent recurrence, after the complete disappearance of symptoms, it is recommended to carry out treatment for another 2 weeks.

In order not to repeat, here is a link to the full instruction to Exoderil and to Micoderil . There you can see the price and where to buy.


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A few years ago, she ruined her nails on her thumbs with too close shoes. The nails were darkened (it looked like a bruise) and partially peeled off. After a couple of months, the dark substance was cleared out, but after some time they turned yellow and the shape became uneven, unnatural. Six months ago I went to the doctor, he prescribed me pills and exoderil. Treated for 3 months strictly according to instructions, every day. As a result, the nail was updated, just in time for the summer, she began to wear sandals :) It took 3 bottles. Catherine, Belgorod

My husband and I went on vacation to the sea, and after a couple of months I noticed that on the big toe of my left foot the edge of the nail peeled off a little and changed color. I was very worried that I would have to hide my legs, walk in closed shoes constantly. Probably poorly watched cleanliness, did not wear slippers in public showers, locker rooms. I decided to try Exoderil. Now 2 months have passed, improvements are noticeable, a spoiled nail is slowly cut off, a clean one grows. I hope soon get rid of this infection at all. Mila, Saransk

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