We treat the nail fungus on legs with folk remedies

You can try to cope with the fungus on the nails of the feet folk remedies. However, such treatment will be effective only when the first symptoms appear (see pictures ), i.e. At the initial stages of lesion of the nail plate, and then, not always.

We strongly recommend that you consult a doctor or use a pharmacy .


Iodine helps against fungus Alcohol solution of iodine is the most popular treatment for nail fungus in the home. Let's explain why. This strong antiseptic has proven fungicidal properties.

In addition, iodine can make proteins clot, destroy them.

This property and helps iodine to fight with fungal diseases, because It is known that the fungus has a protein structure.

Available to the masses because of the cheapness of iodine is used not only for the restoration of nails, but also for damaged areas of feet, interdigital zones. But before you start treating the nail fungus with such a medicine as iodine, remember that:

  • Iodine kills most species of fungi, but not all.
  • Iodine can provoke the occurrence of allergies, so a day before the start of the proposed course of treatment, drop a drop of iodine on the elbow bend. Contraindication to treatment will be the occurrence of itching or redness. In this case, try another folk method of treating the fungus.
  • Iodine treatments help to stain the nail in yellow.
  • Possible burns, dermatitis , and even problems with the thyroid gland.
  • The drug is suitable only for nails, infected with a fungal infection in the initial stage, when the fungus affects less than 1/3 of the nail.

Now you know how to treat the nail fungus with iodine, and it's time to choose a suitable recipe.

Option number 1. 5% alcohol solution should be applied twice a day, one drop on the fungal affected nail. Do it conveniently with a cotton swab. On healthy nails iodine is also applied, but in a smaller dosage: one drop in two days.

Option number 2. In the basin with hot water, add iodine and steam it in the legs for 10 minutes. Then the infected pieces of nails are cut off, and 3% hydrogen peroxide is applied to the skin. The dressing with antibacterial ointment completes the procedure.

Option number 3. Course - 6 weeks. The first two weeks of the nails are treated twice a day with fucorcin , the next two - iodine solution, and the last two - 9% vinegar.

Option number 4. In a separate container (a medical vial is suitable), pour 1 tsp. Iodine, nitrofungin , acetic essence, garlic juice. The resulting mixture must be lubricated with a damaged nail, previously steaming it and cutting off the loose part. The medicine is applied overnight, before shake is necessarily shaken.

Option number 5. Course - 1 month. Every evening you need to make a 30-minute salt bath (1 liter of hot water 2 tablespoons sea salt and 1 tablespoon soda). Half an hour later, without removing the legs from the water, the affected areas of skin and nails are ground with a nail file or cut with scissors. Then the feet should be washed with soap, put on the hands of gloves and iodine treated the entire surface of the foot, nail rollers, areas between the fingers . On the nails that are affected by the fungus, iodine is applied three times, waiting for the drying of each layer.

Treatment with iodine usually lasts about 2 months.

Whichever recipe you take for service, remember: it is impossible to handle healthy nail-infected nails with the same tools! Otherwise, the fungus will migrate to a healthy nail plate.

As always, we remind that folk remedies can only be an addition to traditional medicine. Be sure to consult a doctor!

Tea mushroom

Abomination From the tea fungus, immersed for 7-8 days in a sugar solution, it turns out a curative sour-sweet drink. It has many healing properties, among them the ability to kill pathogenic bacteria and delay their growth.

That's why folk healers use a tea fungus to treat a fungal nail infection.

You can use a tea mushroom in two ways: rubbing and applying a compress.

Rubbing. A small piece of a tea mushroom is released from the films and ground to a state of gruel. It should be rubbed into the nail plates affected by the fungus 2-3 times a day.

Compresses. From the tea fungus, separate one layer, soak it in water. On this, the preparations for compressing are finished. In the evening, a piece of the mushroom should be applied in the nail plate, put cellophane on top of it and put on 2-3 socks, so as not to spoil the bed linen. The pain that occurs in the first few procedures, for the sake of recovery, is worth enduring.

In the morning the compress is removed, the feet are washed in warm water, and then they start to remove the dead pieces of the nail. The damaged surface is smeared with a strong solution of potassium permanganate or zelenok. Treatment of nail fungus with tea fungus lasts 3-7 days, and another 1-2 days for preventive purposes.

And yes, according to official medicine, the effectiveness of this tool is questionable.

Copper sulfate

Vitriol was used from the fungus always Copper sulphate fans of folk remedies are used both for the treatment of infectious diseases, and for the treatment of nail fungus on the legs . Often, the treatment of nail fungus with copper sulfate is combined with taking medications.

There are two options for using copper sulfate:

1. Solution of copper sulfate. Prepare it this way: in 1 liter. Boiled water is dissolved 1 tsp. Vitriol. This is a concentrated solution, so it must be diluted before use - 1 tablespoon solution in 1.5 liters of water.

  • The water for the bath is heated (it should be warm)
  • Add the necessary amount of solution.
  • Put your feet in the bath for 10-15 minutes.
  • Treat the nail plates with the drug prescribed by the doctor.

2. Ointment. Copper vitriol (1 tsp) is calcined in a pan until it changes color - it should turn white or gray. Then we mix up also 1 tsp. A powder of yellow sulfur, tar (or goose fat). All components are mixed and heated. The resulting ointment is applied to the sick nails.

Birch tar and tar soap

Tar oil in a jar Birch tar is a product obtained by dry distillation of birch bark. It is successfully used as an antiseptic and anti-inflammatory agent. Treatment of nail fungus with birch tar is also effective, because it perfectly softens the keratinized skin. Folk healers offer to lubricate the skin with pure birch tar, and also apply tar-mixes and ointments prepared on the basis of tar.

Natural birch tar is applied to pre-treated feet: they are steamed in a soap bath (15 minutes), after which the nails are cut off with a fungus and the dead skin is removed from the foot. Interdigital zones are wiped dry, and the birch tar is applied to the affected areas with a cotton swab slightly rubbed into the skin.

For 1.5 hours you should not move and get something to wear. The ointment should be absorbed into the skin with air access. Then socks of natural materials are put on their feet. After 2-3 days, wash your feet in cold water with soap and repeat the procedure. During treatment, it is possible to treat with birch tar and insoles.

Treatment of nail fungus with tar is possible and with ointment. For its preparation, take any fat base (baby cream, for example, or interior fat), and add tar to it. At the beginning of treatment, its concentration should not exceed 5%. Subsequently, up to 15-20% tar can be used.

Some prefer to use sulfur-tar ointment. It consists of 3 parts of tar, 2 parts of sulfur powder and 10 parts of fat basis. These components are heated and mixed until uniform. This ointment is applied to the nail, and a plaster is placed on top.

It is most convenient to use the chattle. It consists of glycerin and tar, taken 50 ml, and 70 ml. Alcohol. The ingredients are mixed in a dark container and the affected nails are lubricated several times a day.

About 10% of birch tar is contained in tar soap. Yes, it smells unpleasant, but the skin is well disinfected and quickly restored. Here are just a few options for using tar tar soap.

Option 1. Trays for feet. Grind soap grated, measure 2 tbsp. This amount is brought to complete dissolution in 2 liters of hot water, and then lowered into the solution of the foot for 15-20 minutes.

Option 2. 1 tbsp. Grated soap is slightly diluted with water, add 2 tsp. Baking soda and actively mix. The resulting mixture is rubbed into the affected nail. Do this once a day with a hard brush for teeth.

Option 3. Nails carefully soap with tar soap, and over the foam sprinkle nails with salt. Fingers and feet are wound with a bandage for aesthetic reasons. In the morning, the bandage is removed, and the feet are washed with warm water. It is believed that a week later the fungus should retreat.

Sea and table salt

Sea salt as a remedy for mycosis The table salt disinfects the pathogenic microflora, while the sea salt helps to soften the nail and acts like an antiseptic.

This is not about treatment, but only about supportive therapy.

  • Salt and soda should be dissolved in cold water. Ingredients are taken on a spoon. Session - 10 minutes, after which the feet are washed with warm water.
  • Baths of salt and vinegar do every day. The solution is made from 100 gr. Salt (sea or cookery), 4 liters of water and 4. st.l. Vinegar.
  • An effective way is to apply to the affected nail plates salt mixed with chopped mint .
  • Cotton swab dipped in a solution of concentrated sea salt (a glass of water a spoonful of salt) is applied for a couple of minutes to the nail. At the end of the procedure, your feet are washed with soda water. The course of treatment is 10 days, while burning and itching are considered normal.
  • Baths with sea salt and essential oils are also made for 10 days. For them, you will need to fill the basin with hot water at a rate of 1 liter. Water 1.5 tbsp. Salt, stir until the crystals of salt have dissolved completely and add, based on 1 liter. Water or 1 tsp. Essential oil, or 1 tsp. Lemon, or 0.25 ml. Iodine. Course - once a day for 10 consecutive days, then break 2-3 days.
  • The nail fungus is treated with garlic water. To make it in a glass of water, dissolve a spoonful of salt and crushed clove of garlic. After complete cooling, the solution is filtered, and another 4 tablespoons are added. Salt. With garlic water, the lesions are treated twice a day.
  • A package of salt is poured into a bowl, immersed in water and rubbed with salt. Then dry salt is collected wet, the remainder is brushed off.

Vinegar: apple, wine and acetic essence

Use vinegar in a concentration of 9%, not more than

Apple vinegar in a vessel Fungus dies in an acidic environment. That's why vinegar is very popular with those who want to get rid of a fungal nail infection. Treatment of nail fungus with acetic acid can help even in particularly neglected cases . But you need to prepare for a long course of treatment and possible burns.

The simplest version of using vinegar is to moisten their nails, put on dense socks made of natural material and go to bed. You can mix iodine and 9% vinegar in equal proportions, and lubricate the resulting solution with nail plates and feet.

Like any strong acid, vinegar kills the fungus. And just like any acid, it can cause burns. Before proceeding to such treatment, ask yourself, why can not you buy a medicine instead of vinegar?

Foot bath

Components: a basin of water, 250 ml. Vinegar (table or apple). Principle of treatment and duration: water is heated, vinegar is poured, legs are lowered and soared at bedtime for 10-15 minutes. The feet are wiped without rinsing, and the antifungal agents prescribed by the doctor are applied. Make such baths every 2 days.

Gadgets with vinegar

Ingredients: vinegar 9%. The principle of treatment and duration: a cotton swab moisten in vinegar, squeeze it and attach it to the nail, affected by the fungus. The tampon should not protrude beyond the nail. Fix a cotton swab with adhesive plaster, put on a sock. The course of treatment is 7 days, a session once a day, then a break for 2-3 days.

Components: 2 tbsp. Essences, 3 chicken proteins (alternative - 1 tablespoon glycerin), 2 tablespoons Of vodka. Principle of treatment and duration: the solution is wetted with gauze or cotton swab, which is then applied to the affected nail plate for 15 minutes. The course of treatment is 6-12 months, the procedure is every day.

Ingredients: vegetable oil, apple cider vinegar in equal proportions. Principle of treatment and duration: a gauze swab is moistened with a solution, which is fixed with plaster for convenience. Apply until the new nail grows.


Components: 2 tbsp. Spoon 70% vinegar, 1 tbsp. Dimethyl phthalate, 1 tbsp. Glycerin, 1 tbsp. olive oil. Principle of treatment and duration: after careful mixing of the components, the ointment is ready for use. It should be applied once a day on the nail plate with massage movements (you can use a cotton swab). Further on the feet is put on a cellophane bag, socks. In the morning, feet are washed with soap and warm water.


Figure celandine Purity - the plant is poisonous , but if you use it in reasonable quantities, you can quickly cope with the fungus of the nails on your feet, even in neglected cases. Phytotherapists for combating the fungus are advised to use both celandine juice, and therapeutic baths, and ointments, and tinctures. Here are a few options for their preparation.

Juice of celandine

Freshly cleaned celandine is passed through a meat grinder, and juice is extracted from the resulting pulp (do this through 3-4 layers of gauze). Should leave approximately 200 ml. Juice. It is combined with 200 ml. 70% alcohol and insist 24 hours. Prepared juice is used to lubricate the affected nails, but the treatment is carried out only after 10 minutes of steaming the legs and completely drying them. Do 3-4 treatments a day. Treatment, as always, is carried out before the healthy nail grows.

Foot baths

An infusion of celandine is added to the foot bath. Prepare it this way: in a liter of boiling water brew for 15-20 minutes 100 gr. Dried celandine . After filtering, the infusion is ready for use. In the bath, infusion and water are poured in a 1: 1 ratio. To steam feet it is necessary 15-25 minutes.


In the composition of the ointment, except for 5 drops of celandine juice are 4 tablespoons. Boiled cold water, 2 drops of oregano and 2 drops of marigold tincture . The ingredients are mixed and the resultant ointment treats the nails affected by the fungus, 3 treatments per day.

Tincture of celandine

Purity from the fungus of nails in the form of alcohol tincture is used very carefully. To make the tincture, you will need vodka and celandine grass in a ratio of 2: 1. The drug is infused for 12 days and then used for treatment. Start with 5 drops, gradually increasing their number to 20.

Butter from celandine

It can be purchased at a pharmacy, or prepared independently. If you follow a more complex path, then follow the scheme. Dry the celandine, put it in a glass jar, fill it with any oil (for example, sunflower, almond, peach). It should rise 2-3 cm above the grass (remember the amount). The mixture should last for an hour in the warmth, and then a whole week in a cold and dark place. After 7 days, add as much oil. Now it is ready to use.

Legs to steam, treat with peroxide, then treat the nails (remove the affected plates, cut off the edges) and apply local celandine oil. Course - until complete recovery.


soda Here are some recipes based on soda:

Soap and soda baths

They can not completely replace medical therapy . Their main advantage is the softening of the horny layers, which do not allow the ointment and creams to penetrate the nail. Components for 7-10 liters of water:

  • 3 tbsp. Soda
  • 3 tablespoons Soap, grated on a grater (economic or tar)

The components are thoroughly mixed (until the soap and soda dissolve), and then the feet float for 15-20 minutes. The procedure ends by cutting nails, cleaning the affected areas, applying to dried nails and feet of antifungal agents. The course is a procedure in 3-4 days.

It should be said that soda is used for syringing with an intimate fungus , because Well cope with fungi of the genus Candida mucosa. Its use for the treatment of nails remains a big question.

Soda paste

The necessary amount of soda is diluted with water to the state of thick slurry. Stir thoroughly until a uniform mass is formed. Soda paste is applied a layer of the same thickness on the nail. Over the soda drip a few drops of lemon juice. The result will be a slight tingling and the formation of characteristic bubbles. After five minutes, the paste is removed, washing the feet with warm water and soap.

Treatment of nail fungus must be combined with treatment with antifungal ointments.

Hydrogen peroxide

hydrogen peroxide Just note that the treatment of nail fungus with hydrogen peroxide is very doubtful. This means only disinfects the affected nail and softens it, which allows the medicines to penetrate into the nail plate without hindrance. If you do not use peroxide to process the foot or cut the nail, then you can bring more infections.

Let's list the most popular ways of using hydrogen peroxide.

Cotton pads

Help to soften the nail before treatment with antifungal drugs. After steaming, cotton wool soaked in hydrogen peroxide is applied to the nail affected by the fungus. The procedure is repeated twice a day for 3-4 weeks.

Baths with peroxide

Make an aqueous solution with 3% hydrogen peroxide and lower the legs into it for 2 minutes. At the end of the procedure, the nail plates are lubricated with gruel from water and peroxide.

We expose the "healers"

On youtube there is a video where the author declares that he cured the fungus with peroxide. But:

1. The author refers to the words of a certain "professor" Neumyvakin, who says (quotation): "atomic oxygen kills onko-cells, and normal cells blossom and live" - ​​yes it smells of Nobel Prize, ladies and gentlemen! Doctors all over the world are fighting cancer for decades, but it turns out that everything is so simple!

2. The author conducted the procedure for several months, honestly stating that it is painful and unpleasant, and peroxide, even 3%, corrodes the skin. On the duration of treatment, there are no questions, if you run your nails , you need to smear them until the new ones grow back. But there is another question: Why do this if you can buy instead of peroxide in the same pharmacy ointment for 50 rubles and carry out a much less painful procedure?

In general, take pity on your health.

Onions, garlic, lemon

Photos - onion, garlic and lemon Onions, garlic and lemon are plants that have the broadest antimicrobial effect.

  1. Onion oil. 2 tablespoons Onion husks and 3 tbsp. Combine vegetable oil, insist for 3 weeks (shaking occasionally). The lesions are smeared with oil 3-4 times a day.
  2. Onion tincture. 4 tablespoons Onion husks (crushed) are insisted in 200 ml. Vodka for 10-14 days in complete darkness and coolness. Nails are treated with tincture 3-4 times a day.
  3. Garlic solution. Water, garlic juice and alcohol are taken in a ratio of 10: 1: 1. The solution is shaken and applied to the nails 2-3 times a day. Store the solution in the refrigerator.
  4. Compress of lemon. The treatment of nail fungus with lemon is the application of a compressed compress of crushed lemon (enough 1/4) and 1 tsp to a napkin in a bath. Vegetable oil. The mixture is covered with parchment paper, and a woolen sock is put on top. Repeat every day for 2 weeks. Caution: can be used only in the absence of festering discharge.

Finally, for the sake of completeness, listen to well-known doctors , about whether it is worth using folk remedies:


  • Julia :

    I tried peroxide and iodine - zero full. The fungus grew and continued to grow. I decided to stop taking self-medication and went to the doctor. I went through treatment with mycosis and now I'm just putting it on my nails so that I can not catch it again when I go out somewhere where I can get it.

  • Dmitry :

    A good way, I'll try if I fuck the fungus))) Then unsubscribe! All health, good luck and do not hurt!

  • Alice :

    Now I'm treating my prescription fungus, I hope it helps, then I'll comment on how I'm doing ...

  • Sam1 :

    My mother tried to treat the fungus with acetic essence. I do not know exactly what and how she did, but the burn was not weak. I mean, you need to follow the recipe exactly in the exact direction and follow all the recommendations.

    • Julia :

      My mother is the same as yours and also decided to be cured in one day) and how she took off the burn then?

  • Elena :

    Part of the recipes are simply silly (for example, it is completely unclear why to pour copper sulphate or drip lemon juice on soda - both measures from the point of preserving the active substance are meaningless), and all those that are based on the use of iodine solution are VERY DANGEROUS. Competent endocrinologists have long explained that this leads to the development of autoimmune thyroiditis. But AIT, in contrast to fungi - is 100% for life.
    "Itching and a slight burning sensation. It speaks of a healing action. "- do not laugh! This indicates a chemical burn!
    People, do not joke with iodine! It is very serious!
    In 1 ml iodine tincture of iodine is approximately 500 times more than the daily norm of an adult!

  • Victor :

    Thanks for the comments to the video, disliked :) This professor seems like a rare charlotte. Here's his site:

    - Colon hydrotherapy (expensive and rather strange procedure, which official medicine does not recognize)

    - Correction of the human bio-field structure (this is what is written by a person who calls himself a member of the RAS !!!)

    - ultraviolet irradiation of blood, magnetotherapy, laxatives and applicators - a complete set for charlatanism.

    • Irina :

      Ivan Pavlovich Neumyvakin - Doctor of Medicine, professor, full member of European and Russian academies of natural sciences, International Academy of Informatization and Energy Information Sciences, Medical and Technical Sciences, Honored Inventor of Russia, State Prize Laureate, has numerous awards. That's such a "charlatan"!

      • Administrator :

        Do not confuse, please. And, for example, R.A.N. Or other state academies.

        "The Russian Academy of Natural Sciences is a solid linden tree, it's a voluntary organization, where those who have not been selected in the RAS or other real academies go" - the words of VL Ginzburg, Nobel laureate and academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

        • Svetlana :

          In my opinion, there are not selected in the RAS. Because the RAS in its present state is the same business tool as in the west, there is no interest in curing, but there is an interest in endless treatment

  • Yulya :

    Cured chronic fungus in 2 weeks essential oil of cloves. She felled the nail with a saw blade under a zero and dripped two times a day.

  • Faith :

    I treated the nail fungus with hydrogen peroxide, but I need to be patient, I did this: I cut the disc into 4 parts and each quarter was wetted with hydrogen peroxide, applied to a sick nail and wrapped with an electrical tape twice so that the peroxide did not dry out longer. After 2 such procedures, the fingernail softened It's very easy to cut. I started somewhere in July, but now the nail has grown new and absolutely healthy. But I still take Fluconazole 1 capsule per week ..

  • Former Soldier :

    Served in the Soviet Army "YuGV" skin fungus (between the toes) was
    Every second soldier. I lasted a year, but then I also picked it up.
    Because The disease showed signs of an epidemic, we read out an order for a group of troops.
    "Everybody to run on the morning dew" I did not have to run, but said that it helps. I just burned my fungus. He poured several times (5 - 6) feet with aviation kerosene. I remembered it in about two months, nothing happened - a clean stop!

  • Victor :

    Itching helps well the "dead" water-just wipe with a swab moistened with water at least once a day and the itching disappears almost immediately. From the fungus of nails, too, helps-treat once or twice a week. Water is easy to get at home (see "living and dead" water).
    The second recipe: to process a fingernail by the neutralizer of a rust (it is on sale in autospare parts), it contains weak orthophosphoric acid which kills a fungus. I thus have got rid of a fungus of the big fingers started up (went under a skin). The treatment is carried out by moistening with a swab (I used a cotton swab) one-two times a month removing the old nail.

  • Valera :

    Do not you feel sorry for yourself, people?

    Vinegar to be treated, it is possible with the same success sulfuric acid to splash on fingernails or nails, they certainly get down together with a skin, but a fungus will kill 100%! :))))

  • Anatoly :

    Swallowed tablets, periodically checked the liver (the pills affect the liver), but it did not help me ...

    • Doc :

      Do you have a fungus on your nails? Because tablets without external means with a fungus of nails are not prescribed.

      You need more droplets or varnish, they are used regularly, according to the instructions, until the healthy nail grows.

      If the lesion is large - the affected part of the nail can be removed with fingernail or similar products.

      And it is very important to disinfect shoes and keep hygiene.

  • Elena :

    Fukorcinom from the Tula FarmFabrika cured. The price of the question is about 60 rubles.

  • A PL :

    I read your recommendations ... I was treated for a long time with all kinds of drugs and folk remedies, until this infection caught all the nails on my legs. Where I read the usual 6-9% vinegar. Each evening I did baths for 20 minutes, for 2-3 liters of warm water, 1.5-2 glasses of vinegar, and after them I cut off rot as best I could. In the morning, he lubricated all the nails with pure vinegar, a cotton swab, and periodically treated his shoes. Yes, the legs and shoes smelled of vinegar, but it's not deadly even for the people around. Gradually began to grow new, healthy nails. Month after 1.5-2 everything was restored. Now only once in 3-4 days in the mornings I smear vinegar nails, well and time in 2-3 weeks I do or make baths for prophylaxis. By the way, the fungus on the skin from the plantar side of the foot is significantly diminished the same. There are not any traumas and warts (or as they are called there). Do not spend crazy money on a pharmacy, or anything that does not help. There everything is razboyazheno or there is no active principle. Good luck

  • Galina Frolova :

    I was diagnosed with diabetes mellitus. This summer I noticed that I have a rash under my armpits. Has addressed to the doctor. The doctor diagnosed that this is a skin candidiasis. Probably because of a metabolic disorder. Has written out binafin. After taking the pills for two weeks, the skin became normal again.

  • Alla :

    I often go to the pool to keep fit. At some point, I noticed that the fingers on my left leg were white. At first I thought that it was from chlorinated water. Then the edge of the nail began to crumble. At the reception the doctor said that I had onychomycosis, probably, picked up the fungus in the shower. I prescribed exoredyl first, but there was no improvement. I offered lamizil first, but warned that it was expensive. She asked for a medicine cheaper. The doctor prescribed the tablets binafine. By the way, cheaper by 2.5 times. She took binafine for almost 5 months. Long treatment, of course, but now the nails are in order, and I again go to the pool.

    • Doc :

      Comment on, if you will.

      Tablets are rarely prescribed by such long courses. In instructions to binafine - a maximum of 12 weeks with a fungus of nails. Then you need a break.

  • Olga :

    Father and mother from April to September at the dacha. All summer passed in rubber boots, then rain, then watering the garden, then in the morning on mushrooms. Returned from the dacha, my father began to complain that the nails crumble. Made me go to the doctor. Has written out binafin. Took a long time, forgot to take, there was a relapse, but now everything is normal.

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