Natamycin, candles


Candles Natamycin

  • Pimafucin: tablets , suppositories , cream (can be found at any pharmacy)
  • Primafungin: candles (rarely sold)
  • Ecofucin (not available)

At the moment, natamycin is manufactured by Astellas under the brand name Pimafucin , in different dosage forms.

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Instructions for use

img_2858 Natamycin is a broad-spectrum antifungal drug. Antifungal from the group of macrolides. Effective against all known fungi today.

Candles can be used during pregnancy and in the period of lactation. When using candles, natamycin is practically not drawn into the blood. There are no data on adverse effects on the fetus.


The candle is introduced in a prone position, once a day, before going to bed. The duration of treatment is individual and is usually from 3 to 6 days. It is recommended to continue using candles for another 2-3 days after the symptoms disappear. Otherwise, the probability of the return of the disease.

Full version of the instructions here.


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Everything went smoothly, no side effects, no discomfort, nothing. After 4 days there were no traces of thrush left, put down a couple of days until the pack ended. Take 6 candles to be sure. Yulia Mikhailovna, Kerch

A thrush gets sick from time to time, the doctor says a hereditary predisposition. Primafungin used candles for the last time, the doctor said to put 6 days, the symptoms passed on the 3rd day, but went through the full course, now more than a year no problems. Irina, Tver region

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