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At the moment, natamycin is manufactured by Astellas under the brand name Pimafucin, in various forms, and Pharmaprim in the form of candles. The cost varies slightly, sold in pharmacies without a prescription.

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Instructions for use

Natamycin is a broad-spectrum antimycotic. Well helps against all known fungi. Most effective against Candida fungi.

Nitamycin, even when taken orally in the form of tablets, is very poorly absorbed into the blood and acts practically only within the intestines. Therefore, tablets with nitamycin are prescribed for intestinal candidiasis or for the rehabilitation of the gastrointestinal tract (prevention of intestinal fungus) in severe forms of candidiasis.

Data overdose available.

How to take (100 mg tablets):

Intestinal candidiasis Remediation of the intestine with thrush
Adults 4 times a day, 1 tablet, course duration - 1 week 4 times a day, 1 tablet, course duration - 10-20 days
Children 2 times a day, 1 tablet, course duration - 1 week -

Consult a doctor. Take at regular intervals.

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The gynecologist prescribed candles and pills right away, and smeared the cream on her husband during the treatment. My thrush quickly passed away and since then I no longer get sick. I wish you all good health! Anonymous user

She foolishly took up self-healing, wanted to cure thrush with these pills, did not help. The pharmacy explained that only candles are good for thrush, and pills are needed for another. So consult a doctor or even a pharmacist at the pharmacy before buying something. Olga, Cheboksary, 43 years old

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