Cheap analogues Miramistina

Miramistin in all respects looks like the perfect tool. For all but the price. In this article, we have compiled the most comprehensive list of analogs, cheap and not so much, of those that are produced and sold today.


Chlorhexidine digluconate Most often, it is this analogue that results in as the most inexpensive and similar in action.

Preparations with chlorhexidine: Amiderent, Katedzhel, Tsiteal.

The most inexpensive of the considered funds, the price is only 15-20 rubles per bottle of 100 grams. Compared to miramistin, it has a bitter taste and burns mucous strongly. Applying for gargling and for treating the genitals is possible but extremely unpleasant.

Also, unlike Miramistina, it cannot be swallowed, it cannot be buried in the eyes and is not recommended for children.

Read more: Comparison of miramistin with chlorhexidine (table) .

Candles are available with chlorhexidine: Depantol and Hexicon .

Dekasan (Ukraine)

Similarly, Miramistinu is used in urology, gynecology, ophthalmology, for the oral cavity and against fungus. Side effects are minimal, there are practically no contraindications. It is inexpensive.

Sold in Ukraine. In other countries, to find the drug failed. If someone has other data - write in the comments.


Okomistin Full analog from the same manufacturer. In fact, this is the same substance, packaged in special ophthalmic vials and intended for instillation into the eyes.

It is prescribed for such diseases: acute and chronic conjunctivitis, keratitis, iridocyclitis, eye injuries. Consultation with a doctor is required.

Of course, the drug can serve as a substitute, but perhaps for 1 use for the rehabilitation of the mucous membrane. Capacity of a bottle is 10 ml.

Unfortunately, cheap analogues end there. Expensive:

Octenisept (octenidine)

Octenisept Active against bacteria, some viruses, dermatophyte fungi, and yeast-like fungi. The cost of 250 ml about 800-900r.

It should not be allowed to enter the eyes, cannot be swallowed, is not recommended for pregnant women and children.

Judging by the instructions and the price, it has no obvious advantage over Miramistin. You can try in case of intolerance to other drugs.


Siarol Currently available in the form of spray and nasal drops under the brand name Sialor. The cost of 200-250r per 10 ml of solution (apparently affects the cost of raw materials).

Protargol - silver proteinate , has a pronounced antimicrobial and antifungal activity. It is used mainly for the treatment of inflammation of the nasopharynx, throat, otitis.

Side effects are very rare. Before use, it is recommended to test yourself for individual intolerance by inflicting a few drops on the elbow bend. If there is no allergic reaction - the drug suits you.

What else can you take for replacement?

Antiseptics for throat and mouth:

  • Hexasprey
  • Hexoral
  • Septolete

For eyes:

  • Krnjunktin (Dekametoksin) - prescription drug, antiseptic eye drops, analogue Okomistina.
  • It has a wide spectrum of action against bacteria, protozoa and viruses. It is less active against fungi. It costs about the same as Okomistin. Appointed by a doctor.

Furacilin For the rehabilitation of the vagina, you can use the candles:

Antiseptic ointments and solutions for the skin:

The remaining antiseptics are either much more aggressive , or less active against various microorganisms, or are not sold.

We will be glad if you add to this list in the comments.


  • Elena :

    Very useful information. Thanks.

  • Victor :

    Thank you! Very lucidly; the topic is understandable and not superficially disclosed.

  • Vleria :

    Today, the ENT doctor said that Miramistin can be replaced (since it is the same thing) with sodium sulfacyl drops.

    • Doc :


      These are different substances according to the formula. Ocomistin (eye drops) in many cases can be replaced, but not always. Although cost significantly cheaper of course.

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