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Instructions for use

general description

nitrofungin According to information from the instructions, Nitrofungin is included in the group of antifungal drugs for outdoor use. The form is a 1% solution having an ethanol odor and a yellow (yellow-green) color.

In 1 ml of the composition is the main active ingredient - 2-chloro-4-nitrophenol (10 mg). Capacity of one bottle of brown glass - 25 ml. The kit includes a dropper and a cap for with the control of the initial opening.

As auxiliary components are:

  • 96% ethanol,
  • triethylene glycol,
  • purified water.

The place where the drug is stored must have a temperature in the range of 10-25 ° C. Also, it should not have access to the light and children. It has a five-year shelf life, after which it is prohibited to use it.

Operating principle

31248509 The nature of the effect of Nitrofungin is based on its ability to suppress the cell walls of the fungus and stop the synthesis of ergosterol (the main part of the cell membrane of fungi necessary for their growth).

An exceptional property of the drug is an antibacterial effect on microorganisms, which are often combined with fungal infection. This makes Nitrofungin highly effective in cases of combined fungal-bacterial infections. An additional advantage of the drug is the local anti-inflammatory effect and the rapid elimination of the symptoms of itching and inflammation.

The drug penetrates the horny part of the skin. It is derived slowly, concentrating on the surface of the skin. This reduces the need for frequent use.

Who is prescribed medication

The appointment of Nitrofungin should be carried out by the attending doctor in case of established disease of ringworm. This term refers to various skin diseases caused by fungal infections. The main treatment is concentrated in the upper layers of the epidermis of the tissues.

The instructions indicate the indications for use of the product:

  • athlete's groin and feet,
  • skin candidiasis
  • mycoses of feet,
  • mycotic and fungal eczema,
  • ringworm and scaly,
  • microsporia,
  • rubrofitia,
  • fungal lesions of the external auditory canal.

For the prevention of nitrofungin prescribed to prevent staphylococcal and streptococcal superinfection. It is effective in combating them if the infection has already happened.

About contraindications

a16908 This drug is not suitable for people with hypersensitivity, allergies or absolute intolerance to the body of its components.

Children under three years of age are also not prescribed.

Use during pregnancy can be resolved if the expected benefit of the drug for the mother exceeds the likely danger to the unborn baby. When lactation should clarify the issue of stopping feeding.

What side effects are possible

During the period of treatment with Nitrofungin may develop:

  • local irritation on the skin (tightness, redness, itching),
  • photodermatitis (increased sensitivity to light emission),
  • manifestations of allergic reactions.

Application technique

nitrofungin (1) Nitrofungin solution is applied to the nail plate and other pathological areas of the skin with a cotton swab. This manipulation is done two or three times a day. Treatment lasts until the clinical manifestations of the disease disappear.

To prevent the re-development of the fungus, therapy continues from 4 to 6 weeks, 2-3 times per week.

For prophylactic purposes, the solution is used up to two times a week for a month.

As a rule, the solution is used for treatment in undiluted form. But in cases of inflammatory processes and hypersensitivity to the drug, the drug is half diluted with water.


Nitrofungin settled in my medicine cabinet a long time ago. Its cost is low, but it is effective when the skin is affected by a fungus. I tried to do everything according to the instructions. But she managed to lubricate her toenails only twice a day. The drug is a concentrated solution with the smell of alcohol, which destroys the fungus in 2-3 weeks. But so that he did not return, I was treated for five weeks. The disadvantage is that the skin is alcohol-like tanned. But this is not so important, since from the fourth day itch is gone, and the skin is gradually restored. I also like that the sore spot is simply wiped with a moistened cotton swab (more complicated with an ointment and cream). The instructions say that then you can not be in the sun. Perhaps it refers to the skin of the face and body. After all, toenails are open only on the beach.

I recommend as an effective and inexpensive remedy for fungal infections of the foot.

Zinaida, 34, Ufa

I learned about this drug 10 years ago. My ears hurt a lot. First, the doctor identified the plugs and cleaned them. A few hours was comfortable. But then it began to itch again inside. Pretty unpleasant sensations. I went to another doctor and he diagnosed a fungus. Prescribed Nitrofungin. Dropped into the ear twice a day, 2 drops. After covered with a cotton swab. Three days later I forgot about the disease. But she was treated for five days. True, the ears turned yellow. But it is a trifle. Great tool. Zlata, 27 years old, Bryansk

I had contact dermatitis. In the summer she put on her hand thin silver bracelets. I wore such jewelry for a long time. But suddenly a red mark appeared on his wrist and small itchy blisters. I could not resist and combed, causing wounds. Inflammation slightly swollen. A dermatologist recommended lubricating with Nitrofungin. The medicine is very simple and inexpensive. Sold in any pharmacy. Three days later, dermatitis was gone. But the treatment site turned yellow. The treatment is satisfied and I advise this drug without hesitation. Irina, 29 years old, Vladimir

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