Nizoral, cream

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Cream Nizoral - tube and packaging

  • Mycozoral
  • Ketoconazole
  • Dermazole
  • Mykoket (out of production)
  • Sebosol (in the form of ointment is extremely rare)

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Instructions for use

Nizoral Ketoconazole, which is part of the cream, is a broad-spectrum antifungal agent. Effective against most fungal infections of the skin, nails and mucous membranes, in particular:

  • Pityrosporum orbiculare
  • Cryptococcus spp.
  • Trichophyton spp.
  • Epidermophyton floccosum
  • Microsporum spp.
  • Candida spp.

Available in tubes of 15 g.


nizorlk What sores are usually prescribed Nizoral cream (the length of treatment is indicated in parentheses):

  • dermatomycosis and mycoses of the skin (3-4 weeks);
  • pityriasis versicolor (2-3 weeks);
  • groin athlete (2-4 weeks);
  • athlete's foot and hand (4-6 weeks);
  • seborrhea (2-4 weeks).

Apply the cream should be 1 time per day on clean and dry skin (2 times per day in case of severe seborrheic dermatitis ). When applied externally and applied, it acts well on the skin and destroys pathogenic fungi, it is practically not absorbed into the blood.

It is highly recommended to follow the rules of personal hygiene and disinfect shoes after successful treatment.


Standard: hypersensitivity to ketoconazole or other components of the drug.


Ketoconazole 2%

Excipients: propylene glycol, water, cetyl alcohol, stearyl alcohol, sodium sulfite, sorbitan stearate, polysorbate 60, polysorbate 80, isopropyl myristate.

Side effects

Possible contact dermatitis , less than 0.1% of cases;

Very rarely - urticaria, skin hypersensitivity, erythema, rash, itching - less than 0.01% of cases.

special instructions

32084 Avoid contact with eyes.

In case of accidental ingestion into the stomach is not dangerous, special measures are not required.

With active use, you may experience a burning sensation, swelling, severe redness. These symptoms disappear after drug withdrawal.

There is no data on the effect of the cream on pregnant and lactating women.

Keep out of reach of children at a temperature not exceeding 30 degrees. Shelf life 5 years. Sold without a prescription.


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Cream Nizoral really works, the main thing to use according to the instructions, do not forget to apply every day. My husband regularly goes to the sauna, eventually picked up the fungus. They advised this cream, they cured everything very quickly, there were no more symptoms. Now we keep the cream in the first-aid kit, always use for prevention. Irina, Belgorod region

At the local beach picked up the fungus, perhaps in the cloakroom, I do not know for sure. There was a stain on the foot, itching began. The doctor prescribed a cream with clotrimazole, as one of the safest for the skin. For a week, all the symptoms disappeared, but I smeared for another 2 weeks, the doctor warned that the symptoms pass quickly, but they must be used further so that the fungus does not reappear. I advise everyone. Zhanna, Nalchik

I suffer with fungus for many years. I do not know what the problem is, I don’t go to public baths, everything is in order with hygiene and everything is sterile at home, I do regular cleaning. Perhaps hereditary. Tried a lot of different tools, eventually settled on Nizoral. Because the price is acceptable and there is no relapse for the longest time. The main thing to use for at least 3 weeks, regardless of whether itching disappears or not, do not forget. Evgenia, Syktyvkar

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