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Instructions for use

Jar with cream in hand Nail cream Nogtimizin is used in the complex treatment of fungal nail infections. Used to soften and remove the nail plate.


Nail fungus, especially advanced stage

Dosage and administration

The tool is applied exclusively on the diseased nail plate. The application procedure should be carried out in five stages:

  1. Hold your nails in a soap-soda solution. Proportions for a foot bath: 1 tablespoon per liter of warm water. The proportions of the bath for the hands: one teaspoon per liter of warm water. It is necessary to do the bath for 20 minutes to soften the plate well.
  2. Attach the masking tape or adhesive tape around the nail plate. This way you protect healthy skin.
  3. Apply a thick layer of Nogtimizin on the nail, close with a plaster on top. Do not take three days.
  4. Remove the plaster, steam the nails in the bath (see point 1), remove the top layer.
  5. Repeat the procedure until the diseased nail is completely removed.


Official instruction You cannot start using Nogtimizina if you have open wounds and deep scratches. The main contraindication is allergy to any component of the ointment.

In childhood, the use of the drug is possible only under the supervision of a specialist.

Pregnancy and lactation

At the time of childbearing and breastfeeding the use of the drug should be canceled.

Explained by the lack of necessary research and safety tests.

There is no guarantee that the cream does not adversely affect the fetus or the expectant mother.


Cases of overdose cream not recorded.

Side effects

The drug has a small amount of side effects. One of the possible side effects is the body’s allergic response to the drug.

In this case, you must stop using Nogtimitsin and seek advice from a specialist who will offer an alternative.

Composition and pharmacokinetics

It looks like cream and packaging from the back side Urea, stearic acid, salicylic acid, urea, purified water, corn oil, wax, castor oil, peppermint oil, lavender oil, kayeput oil, beeswax.

Active substances (urea, stearic acid, salicylic acid) contribute to the softening and discharge of diseased orogs tissues. The natural components (oils) that make up Nogtimizina soften the nail structure.


Avoid contact with healthy skin. If the cream gets on the skin areas that are free from the fungus, they should be rinsed well under running cold water.

Storage temperature from 5 to 25 ˚C. Sold without a prescription. Available in 30 ml containers packed in a cardboard box.


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I got into trouble - a nail fungus appeared. The doctor prescribed a mountain of expensive drugs. I thought that it would be easier for me to grow a healthy nail, gradually cutting off the infected one. From the Internet I learned about the ointment Nogtimizin. The consistency of the cream is greasy, it smells like pine needles. Used 5 days without following the instructions. I didn’t do any baths, just put the product on the nail plate and went to bed. On the fifth day, the plate went almost by itself, I slightly faked it. There was no pain. Dmitriy

Long struggled with nail fungus. A lot of money spent on expensive medicines prescribed by a doctor. Nothing helped me. From friends found out about nogtimitsin. At first I was scared that the cream contributes to the detachment of a sick nail, but then pulled herself together. It seemed inconvenient to me to apply the cream. Nail wetting can not be applied to healthy skin is also prohibited. The whole process of the discharge of an infected nail took 14 days. Now I'm waiting for the new nail to grow. When the old one was removed, there was soft pink skin under it. Lily

For a long time the fungus did not notice. The doctors, having examined, concluded that the usual treatment is inappropriate. It was easier to remove the plate surgically. I decided to think. Then a dermatologist told about the drug Nogtimizin. It painlessly and quickly helps to remove a sick nail. The nail just starts to soften to such an extent that it practically departs itself. A week after applying the medication, my infected nail of tears almost independently. Now I am engaged in growing healthy. Irina

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  • Alesya :

    I was advised to use nail cream-911 at the pharmacy, I didn’t buy it the first time, but the damaged nail looked very ugly. and it was necessary to remove it as not cool. I read the reviews and decided that the pharmacist was right after all. I bought it, smeared it, sealed it for 4 days. He really softened the nail with the fungus, after which the nail fell off. Leaving space for a new healthy nail.

  • Larisa :

    Alesya, I cleaned my sore nails myself with the help of Nogtimitsin 911, but since you didn’t have it quickly, I smeared it 3 times, went under the plaster, and then helped me with nailing and filing it, but then, to my happiness, healthy marigolds grew.

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