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Instructions for use

The drug Nogtivit is a tool that promotes painless removal of the nail plate, which is affected by a fungal infection. The safe formula of the drug does not harm the health.


Onychomycosis, especially in neglected form

Dosage and administration

nogtivit-83 On average, the emulsion is enough to completely remove four diseased nail plates, but each case should be considered individually.

The neglected stage of onychomycosis requires several procedures to completely get rid of the infected nail, with a milder form of fungus, it is enough to use the Nogtivitis once and remove the flaky layer with a nail file or nail scissors.

The application of Nogtivita includes five mandatory steps:

  1. Make sure the nails are clean and well steamed in a soap-soda bath (1 dessert spoon with a slide of soda, one liter of hot water, a little liquid soap). The liquid should have a temperature not lower than 35 degrees. Bath do for 20 minutes. When the nails are well steamed, wrap them with a towel, let them dry.
  2. Cover healthy skin around the affected nail with scotch tape, plaster or masking tape. A healthy epithelium should not get a tool, otherwise it will aggressively affect the components of the ointment.
  3. Using a cotton swab, apply an ointment with an impressive layer on the aching nail. Rub it is not necessary. Apply adhesive tape to the top of the product without pressure, put on loose socks. Leave for three or four days. It is impossible at this time not to wear cramped shoes, wet the treated nail.
  4. Remove the patch. Make a soap-soda bath and repeat the steaming procedure. Using a rigid nail file, remove the soft, damaged layer from the nail plate. After the procedure, the used nail file cannot be used for healthy nails.

Repeat as necessary. It can take up to four procedures to restore a healthy appearance of the nails, as well as to completely get rid of the fungal infection.

Remember that it is important to care for your nails between treatments:

  • wash your hands and feet regularly;
  • lubricate the nail bed with essential oil of tea tree;
  • Do not neglect the appointments of your doctor (if he prescribed pills or ointments);
  • keep changing sheets, socks and tights;
  • disinfect shoes (including home shoes).


nogtivit-d According to the instructions, Nogtivit should not be used only for people suffering from individual intolerance or hypersensitivity to certain components of the drug. For other people, the drug is safe and approved for use.


Cases of overdose have not been established.

Side effects

A side effect may be an allergic reaction of the body to the components of Nogtivit. No other specific responses of the body to the use of the ointment were found.

Composition and pharmacokinetics

Among the components Nogtivita following components:

  • carbamide (urea);
  • tea tree oil;
  • mineral oil;
  • beeswax;
  • stearic acid;
  • propylene glycol,
  • triethanolamine,
  • water.

Due to the carefully thought-out composition, the drug works as efficiently as possible and removes the sore nail “like a foam from milk”. Urea well softens the nail plate, helps get rid of dead cells. Essential oil is an excellent antiseptic, has disinfecting properties, promotes the regeneration of skin cells. Wax fights infections, destroys pathogens, fungi and bacteria, has an antimicrobial effect.


Sold without a prescription. Shelf life - three years from the date of manufacture.


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Nogtivit was my salvation from nail fungus. Risked to purchase without consulting a dermatologist and did not lose. Literally after two procedures, the nail plate is gone. I am very afraid of relapse, so before going to bed every day I treat my nails with tea tree oil. Alena, Moscow, 32 years

I am terribly afraid of pain, so the main criterion for any procedure for me is complete painlessness. That is why she paid special attention to Nogtivit, because the reviews about him are almost all positive. I did three procedures and got rid of a sick nail plate. And with the nail and fungal infection went away. Inna, St. Petersburg, 35 years

About Nogtivite heard long ago, but did not dare to buy. When, however, acquired and used the tool, then a little disappointed. I expected that the damaged part of the nail magically disappear, but it had to be cleaned with a rigid nail file. But the pain really was not, and this is an undoubted plus of the drug. Oksana, Volgograd, 25 years

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  • pavel :

    Good day. Tell me please, who used this tool, you only need to remove the affected part of the nail or the entire plate? Sawing sawing and scraper. The affected part departs very quickly and without pain, while the healthy part is removed slowly and slightly. How to be? Thank.

    • Doc :


      Healthy do not need to shoot. When all damaged tissue is removed, start applying antifungal droplets or varnish.

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