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Despite the development of medicine, the statistics of diseases of various forms of mycoses is not encouraging. The reason for this, as it seems to us, is the weak public awareness of skin diseases in general and of mycoses in particular.

Therefore, the main purpose of the existence of the site “primalinstinctpheromone.com” is to convey to the maximum number of readers information about what mycosis is, how to diagnose it and properly treat it, which doctors to contact, help in choosing a clinic.

The site is designed for the widest possible audience. Our method of work is the explanation of medical terms to the ordinary reader in simple language.

If our readers, instead of self-treatment and using the means of the so-called “traditional medicine”, will begin to seek qualified help, we will assume that the mission has been completed successfully.

Sincerely, editors of the site "Your dermatologist"

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Our attendance:

  • 3 square meters 2015: more than ten thousand people per day;
  • 4 square meters 2015: more than twelve thousand people per day;
  • Q1 2016: 20 thousand per day;

and constantly growing.

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Possible areas of cooperation:

  • placing banners on all pages of the site;
  • placement of an interview with a representative of your company;
  • Adding to the website design of the advertiser's phone, a feedback form, for example, to make an appointment;
  • site branding;

We are always interested in mutually beneficial cooperation and offer discounts and individual conditions to advertisers.


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