Review of inexpensive suppositories

141917 What inexpensive candles from thrush are popular? In addition to the price, each woman will individually pick up the drug, relying on many factors, her mode of operation for example, or personal preferences.

Someone has patience and will deal with himself, inserting 14 candles for the course of treatment, and someone needs only 1-3 pieces, and the price of the money will be in the background when buying.

Among the inexpensive and effective candles from thrush are known:

Clotrimazole (30-60 rub.), Candide B6 (70 rub.)

Klotrimazol-svechi150 Contraindications: sensitivity to components, pregnancy, breast-feeding. Side: cystitis, abdominal pain, pain during intercourse, burning, itching, frequent urination, headache. Method of application: within 6 days of 1 candle before bedtime.

Advantages and disadvantages: inexpensive, but cause side effects.

Nystatin (60-80 rub.)

Nistatin150 ..and preparations containing nystatin - Polizhinaks and Terzhinan (links can be found prices). Contraindications: pregnancy, individual sensitivity. Side effects: diarrhea, abdominal pain, chills, vomiting, nausea. Dosing: morning and evening (2 times a day) 10-14 days.

Advantages and disadvantages: cheap, candida does not have resistance, it is prescribed for chronic candidiasis. Disadvantages - dysbacteriosis, long course, presence of side effects, use 2 times a day.

Synthomycin (suppositories, not an emulsion) 250 mg (35 - 63 rub.)

SONY DSC Active substance: chloramphenicol. 1 suppository 2-3 times a day for 8-10 days. Contraindications: sensitivity, oppression of bone marrow hematopoiesis, hepatic or renal insufficiency. Do not use the drug in girls before sexual intercourse, during pregnancy, during lactation.

Advantages: the stability of microorganisms develops slowly; price.

Cons: narrow spectrum, does not affect acid-fast bacteria, protozoa. Requires control of the picture of peripheral blood. Refrain from work requiring attention and quick response (driving, steering mechanisms).

Side: allergy , suppression of normal microflora, oppression hemopoiesis, dyspepsia, secondary fungal infection, frequent urination, itching, hyperemia of the mucosa of the external genital organs, dysbiosis.

Klion-D 100 (details and price) , Ginezol 7 (280 rub.)

Klion150 Dactarine, Gino-dactanol, Neo Penotran , Mikozon, Metromikon-Neo (300-350 r.).

Contraindications: sensitivity, herpes, 2-3 trimester pregnancy, lactation, liver disease, diabetes mellitus.

Side effects: discomfort, diarrhea, burning, nausea, abdominal pain, itching. Application: 6-7 days per night by candle, do not take alcohol.

Advantages and disadvantages: rapid effect, wide spectrum, does not cause dysbacteriosis, is effective at frequent relapses. Minus: Danger of use during childbearing and feeding.

Yodoxid (250 rub.), Betadin (220 rubles)

Iodoksid150 Contraindications: thyroid disease, kidney failure, individual sensitivity, pregnancy, lactation. By-products: allergic rashes, hyperemia. Application: 2 times a day for a candle 7 days.

Advantages: allowed during menstruation , in complex treatment of vaginosis.

Medicines in candles penetrate into the blood. To use them, you need the appointment of a doctor, observance of the recommended dosage.

How to apply correctly?

  • How to apply candles Read the instructions. Some of them are wetted before the introduction of water.
  • Manipulations should be carried out exclusively with clean hands without long nails. Or use a fingertip or an applicator.
  • Enter at night, so as not to get out of bed.
  • Before the procedure, wash and prisintsevatsya broths of herbs (if appointed doctor) or antiseptic solutions.
  • To insert lying on a back a finger, pushing a candle as it is possible more deeply.
  • Lie down for about 20 minutes, so that the medicine dissolves into the vagina.
  • Protect the linings of panties and sheets from staining from excess candles, which themselves will flow out.
  • In the morning, wash with warm water. There should not be any remnants of a candle.
Tip: Store the candle in the refrigerator, get it directly before the procedure, so that it does not melt. Better on the side shelf, so as not to overcool.

At the time of treatment:

  • Give up thongs, synthetic underwear,
  • Wear linen from natural cotton,
  • Do not use flavored pads, liquid products for intimate hygiene.

Like any medicine can cause allergies. Be sure to consult a doctor if:

  • No effect of treatment.
  • Itching and burning become stronger.
  • There was a swelling of the labia, their swelling.
  • There was a rash, hives.

Candles are better than ointments, tablets and capsules?

65a6770fff61405246dff95e0fd757ef Advantages of using candles:

  • With the introduction of drugs into the breeding grounds of fungi, the effect appears faster (libarol or zalain).
  • Systemic absorption by candles is low, so, and the occurrence of side effects is reduced, in comparison with oral therapy.
  • Preparations taken internally are absorbed in the gastrointestinal tract. Antibiotics adversely affect the kidneys, liver and GIT, with blood flow transferring to all internal organs.
  • Vaginal suppositories act locally, falling immediately into the affected target organ.
  • Relief comes from the first days of treatment with candles, which relieve the acute symptoms of thrush: puffiness, burning, itching.
  • Local therapy protects women's organs from further spread of infection into the uterus.

Anti-inflammatory suppositories act on such pathogens:

  • Bacteria,
  • Viruses,
  • Mushrooms,
  • Protozoa.

The antimicrobial activity of candles affects several pathogens at once.

Disadvantages of treatment:

  • Gives some inconvenience (restriction of sexual life, spoils laundry),
  • Positive effect in mild forms of candidiasis. When the course of the disease is more severe, it is necessary to supplement the use of tableted forms,
  • side effects. Often there is a dysbacteriosis of the vagina, which requires treatment with lactobacilli (Acilactum, Vagiflora, Lactobacterin, Lactonorm, Ecofemin).

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