Antifungal Shampoo Overview

beautiful picture with shampoo Currently, there are many tools that eliminate various types of fungus (seborrhea, versicolor, and so on). We present you the most effective and affordable antifungal hair shampoos (in alphabetical order).

Keto plus

keto shampoo plus This shampoo with antifungal agent went on sale not so long ago, but managed to establish itself from the best side. Its main ingredients are zirconium and ketoconazole. Together, these substances do an excellent job of eliminating flaking and itching of the scalp. Zinc pyrithione has an antiproliferative property. Without it, it is impossible to normalize the sebaceous glands. And ketoconazole fights directly against the fungal infection. Duration of use - 1 month (twice a week).

Antifungal shampoo for people who are allergic to any of its components will not work.

The cost of "Keto plus" (60 ml) - 500-600 rubles.


mycoral shampoo We present you an effective antifungal shampoo, the price of which is low compared to others (from 300 rubles per bottle). Means possesses moderately dense consistence with an orange shade and a specific smell. Like other antifungal shampoos based on ketoconazole, Mycozoral perfectly eliminates itching, desquamation, and other symptoms of scalp fungus . Its constituents do not allow bacteria to multiply.

With regular use of shampoo (2-3 times a week), sebum production is normalized. To eliminate the fungus and bacteria, it is recommended to complete a full month course. Despite the fact that the shampoo antifungal "Mykozoral" has no contraindications, it is better to consult with a dermatologist before buying it.


nizoral shampoo Shampoo from the fungus, the main component is ketoconazole. Nizoral is a red-orange liquid with a viscous consistency and a special odor.

How to apply shampoo from the fungus of the head? The tool is applied to the affected areas of the scalp. Leave it for 3-5 minutes. Then rinse thoroughly with water. For those with seborrheic eczema or dandruff, it is sufficient to use the anti-fungal shampoo "Nizoral" twice a week. The course of treatment is 1 month. If we are talking about hardened lichen, then the schedule of shampoo should be as follows: daily for 5 days.


  • breastfeeding period;
  • pregnancy;
  • hypersensitivity to the components of the tool.

The cost of "Nizoral" can be found here .


sebozol shampoo Excellent shampoo against scalp fungus. Suitable for daily use and for all hair types. The main component of the tool is ketoconazole, which helps get rid of pruritus and dandruff in a short time. Adequately applies it to the affected areas twice a week.

Shampoo with antifungal effect prescribed even for pregnant women and children from 1 year. But do not self-medicate. Consult a dermatologist or trichologist.

The concentration of ketoconazole in it is 1%, in other shampoos 2%, however, the capacity of the bottle is 100 ml, and most of the competitors produce 60 ml bottles. The cost of "Sebozol" (100 ml) - 300-350 rubles, which, even considering the concentration, is quite profitable.


It is not antifungal! Although sometimes it is considered as such, therefore it is included in the review.

mat shampoo Available in various forms: cream , gel and shampoo against the fungus. The components included in the product (zinc, jojoba and shea oils) eliminate itching, nourish and moisturize the scalp.

Mode of application:

Apply shampoo on the scalp, performing massage movements. We foam, leave for 2-3 minutes, and then wash off with water. Use shampoo should be every other day.

The cost of "Tsinovita" (150 ml) - 270-350 rubles.

Dermazole is another drug based on ketoconazole. Currently not available.

Dandruff appearance

dandruff on clothes

Fungal infection of the scalp is not the only problem that modern people face. Many suffer from dandruff, but everyone proceeds to its treatment. But the consequences of such a "negligent" attitude to your hair can be serious and very sad. Baldness and seborrhea - and this is only part of the list.

The causes of dandruff are different. These include: stress at home and at work, poor ecology, the predominance of sweet, fatty and salty foods in the diet. But most often dandruff is formed as a result of damage to the scalp by fungus. In this case, you must use antifungal dandruff shampoos. They have a double effect. We list the most popular and effective tools from this category:

"Perhohot". Multifunctional shampoo that perfectly copes with seborrheic dermatitis , scalp mycosis and lichen. A bottle (100 ml) will cost 250-270 rubles.

Sulsena. Selenium disulfide contained in the shampoo normalizes sebaceous glands and also stops the growth of fungal cells. To increase efficiency, we recommend using shampoo with 3% paste, issued under the same brand. "Sulsena" is inexpensive, about 180-200 rubles per bottle (150 ml).

Body hair

Body hair Often, when the groin is an athlete or fungal lesions of the skin, hair that grows on the body interferes with the treatment. Vegetation is an absolutely normal phenomenon, both for men and for women. We all know that this is due to the genetic characteristics of each individual person.

So, in the case when the fungus affects the area of ​​the body covered with hair, ointments and creams work noticeably worse than on smooth skin. There are two options for solving this problem.

1 Use shampoo. The instructions for some shampoos expressly stated that they should be used for the inguinal athlete, topically. Even if the area covered with hair is not affected by the fungus. To prevent further spread. Well, if amazed, then nothing to think about.

2 Remove hair, then use antifungal ointments and creams. This option is more suitable if you have thick vegetation on your chest, and under it dermatophytosis.

Hair removal in the intimate area is not for everyone. Shaving and hair removal are always associated with certain inconvenience risks, may be unacceptable because of the moral and ethical beliefs of the person, etc. In this case, we return to the first option (ketoconazole is not effective for all pathogens, consult your doctor.)


You can purchase the antifungal hair shampoos described above at any pharmacy . Their price varies from 150 to 500 rubles (the exact price for each shampoo, see the relevant links above). Thanks to a wide choice, each buyer will be able to choose an option in accordance with the budget.

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