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panavir-1 No full analogues. In some cases, you can use other antiviral and immunomodulators as a counterpart.

Available in various dosage forms: gel , candles , injections , spray.


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Instructions for use

Scan official instructions Panavir Inlayt Spray is a therapeutic and prophylactic antiviral drug of a new generation with a wide spectrum of action.

It is used to restore and protect the mucous membranes and epithelium of the skin. It has a bactericidal, immunomodulatory, antiviral and anti-inflammatory effect.

Available in 40 ml bottles. The content is a homogeneous mass of white with a slight specific smell. The kit includes an elongated nozzle for intracavitary irrigation.

Indications for use

Panavir spray is used as a therapeutic and prophylactic agent for infectious and inflammatory diseases caused by bacteria, fungi, viruses.

The drug has anti-inflammatory and regenerating effects on the skin and mucous surfaces, while facilitating the manifestation of unpleasant symptoms. Panavir inlayt may be used:

  • in the complex of therapeutic treatment and prevention of respiratory diseases, viral rhinitis, sore throats;
  • as a wound healing agent for severe bleeding of the gums, as well as for trauma to the oral mucosa after a visit to the dentist, insect bites;
  • for the therapeutic treatment and prevention of symptoms of various dermato-venereal diseases of the external genital organs caused by viruses or bacteria;
  • as a barrier, preservative agent for sexually transmitted infections;
  • during rehabilitation after operations to remove genital warts, papillomas, mucous membranes and skin, including the genitals;
  • in cases of unpleasant sensations (dryness, itching, burning) on ​​the skin and mucous genital organs, including those associated with hormonal changes of the body, disorders in the composition of the microflora;
  • as an anti-inflammatory drug that stimulates and accelerates the regeneration of damaged cells.

Dosage and administration

Bottle closeup In case of infectious and inflammatory diseases of the mouth, nose, and larynx, it is recommended to irrigate the infected cavities by 2–3 pressings on the valve. Perform strictly after eating. Using the drug externally, it should be applied to the entire affected surface up to 2 times / day.

With the introduction of the drug vaginally, you need to use a special, included in the kit Panavir inlayt nozzle. It is attached to the vial and inserted into the vagina. Then irrigate it from the sprayer with a few taps. For effective penetration of the drug (with vaginal administration) it is necessary to lie in the lying position for 5-10 minutes.

It is important that before each use the bottle with the drug must be shaken, and in the process of application to keep it vertically. The duration of treatment is the complete disappearance of obvious and painful symptoms + at least another 6-7 days.

As a prophylactic agent, the spray drug is used during seasonal exacerbations of respiratory viral infections, influenza. At the same time, the cavity of the mouth or nose is irrigated with 1-2 taps twice a day. Spray is recommended to use for the prevention of herpetic sore throat, manifestations of herpes and papillomavirus on the skin and mucous membranes. Scheme of application - sprinkling 2-3 times / day of the oral or nasal cavities.

For the prevention of viral and infectious diseases, sexually transmitted infections spray the genitals before contact. Maximum effectiveness is achieved by regular use of this antiviral drug.

Pregnancy and feeding

The use of spray during pregnancy does not adversely affect the growth and development of the fetus. During treatment, you should abandon breastfeeding.

Side effects, overdose

panavir-3 The drug is not carcinogenic and mutagenic, non-toxic, no side effects were observed. The spray can be used for a long time, without the appearance of overdose symptoms.

Individual intolerance to the individual components of the spray is possible. People with pathologies of the spleen and kidneys, with allergic reactions to rhamnose, xylose, glucose or mannose should not use this drug.

When irrigating with Panavir spray, sometimes redness and a slight burning and itching sensation can quickly occur. The use of Panavir inlayt spray in children is limited.

Composition and pharmacokinetics

The composition includes polyethylene glycols (play the role of auxiliary binders), biologically active heteroglycoside, salts of rare-earth metals, water. The main active ingredient is plant heteroglycoside. It is a purified extract of the embryo of the Solanum tuberosum (potato) family of plants. Under the influence of complex polysaccharides contained in it (galactose, glucose, rhamnose, etc.), active synthesis of interferon begins, activation of leukocytes occurs, which, entering the lesion, destroys all pathogenic microbes and blocks their synthesis. In other words, the body's own immunity increases.

Active ingredients of the drug have a complex effect at the cellular level, stop the process of virus penetration into the body, while suppressing their activity by blocking harmful proteins. Painful inflammation and itching are removed, healing of the mucous membranes and skin is accelerated several times.

Storage conditions and shelf life

Keep out of reach of children at a temperature not> 25 o C. When the spray head dries out, one should (by removing the protective cap) lower the bottle with a spray bottle down into warm water. Then, with sharp pressure, pump over the spray head.

The drug is suitable for use for 3 years. It is important to remember that after the expiration date of the tool can not be used. When the composition is contained in the bottle, Inlayt spray is considered unsuitable for further use.

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A 18-year-old son often complained of sore throat. Angina was not found. The immunologist prescribed Panavir Inlight Spray for 7 days to splash throat in the morning and evening. After 5 days the pain completely disappeared, but we still completed the entire course. Satisfied. Slightly embarrassed the high cost of the drug. Irina, Kursk

The spouse has genital herpes, although now it is not in the active phase. Fearing infection, I process it and my genitalia. Panavir inlight spray before contact. And you know the effect is. Olya, Moscow

As soon as he overcooled and he was my "friend" herpes right there. The doctor advised spray Panavir. Quickly and painlessly in 3 days, all manifestations disappeared, but for 7 more days I diligently treated the affected areas. Often began to use a means for prevention. And now, in the wet season, the herpes has ceased to bother me. It is unpleasant that bitter taste, so I advise you to use after meals. Sergey, Murom

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  • Anastasia :

    The taste is not pleasant, but the child (5 years) suffers. A good tool, it pleases that there are no hormones in it and antibiotics can be used during pregnancy! Finally, in Russia they made a good medicine. The price is expensive!

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