Pimafucin cream

The drug is also available in the form of tablets and suppositories .


Ointment Pimafutsin Analogue based on natamycin - Pimafukort (it has several active substances).

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Instructions for use

Pimafucin Cream The cream is applied to the affected surface with a uniform thin layer up to 4 times per day. The minimum should be applied once a day at the same time, for example, before going to bed, for a better effect. For reliability, it is better to increase the number of applications at least up to 2x (in the morning and in the evening).

The duration of treatment is individual, after the disappearance of all symptoms, you need to apply the cream for a few more days so as not to get a relapse.


Natamycin, water, decyloleate, propyl parahydroxybenzoate, sodium lauryl sulfate, propylene glycol, methyl parahydroxybenzoate, cetyl ether wax, cetostearyl alcohol. Available in tubes of 30 g.

The active substance is natamycin, a polyene antimycotic of the macrolide group, which has a wide spectrum of action.

Candida albicans is most susceptible to natamycin, so it is usually used to treat and prevent thrush, including balanitis and other types of male candidiasis.



Side effects

img_0244 The drug pimafucin is one of the most benign for the human organisms, the side effects are almost absent. In rare cases, burning and mild irritation are possible.


Pimafucin cream can be used during pregnancy and lactation. The drug does not enter the mother’s blood and does not affect the fetus (the baby). Safe for newborns. But it is not recommended to apply the cream on the breast during the feeding period.


Cases of overdose pimafucin not recorded. Sold without a prescription. You can store for 4 years in a dry, cool, out of reach of children.


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My husband was prescribed Pimafucin cream when I did not have thrush. The doctor said that the two of them must be treated. Men are well, they do not have thrush and can transmit. Listen to the doctor and do not get sick! Olga, Saratov

I use Pimafutsin candles with cream, so better effect and faster recovery occurs. The last time it took only two days for all the symptoms to go away, but then another two days anointed so that everything would be for sure. It has long been no problems. Irina Petrovna, Moscow region

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  • Lali :

    And the truth is a miracle remedy. Anointed, itching moment has already passed within 10-15 minutes. Wow ... And so much tormented ... Although initially the cream for the husband was intended.

  • nikolaeva :

    Pimafucin always helps me to overcome thrush. I tried different candles, but I stopped on these, and the doctor advised me, so it all came together. Really effective measure of thrush is obtained. In addition, without side effects and all that. But the great thing is that everything passes quickly. This is what you expect from drugs against thrush in the first place.

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