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Instructions for use

Vaginal capsules (often called “suppositories”) “Polygynax” are considered one of the most effective antifungal drugs used to treat thrush , which can paralyze and destroy the microorganism causing the disease, as well as prevent further development and reproduction of the infection.

Indications for use

suppository size When a patient has various infectious and inflammatory diseases of the genital organs that were caused by various microorganisms, then it is extremely difficult to manage without a local antibiotic. "Polygynax" is recommended in such cases:

  • The patient is diagnosed with non-specific vaginitis;
  • The presence of fungal vaginitis ;
  • Vulvitis ;
  • Vulvovaginitis ;
  • Cervicovaginitis;
  • Prevention of genital diseases caused by infections or inflammation;
  • Preventive measures before the patient is scheduled for surgical intervention in the genital area;
  • In advance of cervical diathermocoagulation, and after that;
  • To prepare for the diagnosis of intrauterine space;
  • Sanitation of the birth canal and abortion;
  • As prevention before childbirth.


Usually for treatment of thrush need a 12-day course of treatment. Capsules are placed one per day before bedtime. "Polygynax" is introduced in the supine position, after all hygiene procedures. The capsule should enter as deep as possible into the vagina.

If it is only about prevention , then 6 days is enough. If the patient for any reason missed one or more doses of the drug, she needs to resume the treatment at the first opportunity and continue it as usual.

Polyginax virgo Note: for girls and adolescents, the drug Poliginaks Virgo is available (from the Latin. Virgo - virgin, virgin). It comes in the form of capsules with a pointed tip. It is necessary to incise the pointed end and, pressing on the capsule, insert the drug into the vagina. Completely squeeze the entire contents and discard the capsule itself.

Possible contraindications

8776293 The composition of "Poliginax" is an antibiotic that as quickly as possible adapts to the internal space of your body, for this reason, patients using it for treatment almost never noticed the presence of any side effects.

Side effects

Allergic reactions of the body , local burning, itching, irritation are not excluded.

If these symptoms are aggravated or others appear - it is worth to consult a doctor.

Cases of overdose with this drug are unknown.

It is important!

1699156 In order that the thrush would not return, its treatment with the help of Polyginacs vaginal capsules should be performed regularly. Systematic administration of the drug helps to completely destroy the existing pathogenic microflora. A single course of treatment is often not able to completely get rid of an annoying disease.

Pregnancy and lactation

In 1 trimester, Poliginax is contraindicated. In the 2nd and 3rd trimester - at the discretion of the doctor.

When breastfeeding this drug is not recommended.

The patient before making a decision on the use of "Poliginax" in any of the trimesters of pregnancy, must consult with a doctor.

special instructions

It is important to remember the timing of the use of this drug. If you plan to use it for a long time, then you just have to remember about the formation over time of some resistance of the organism to certain pathogens of the disease. To prevent reinfection, it is necessary to strictly follow the instructions and not extend the period of treatment specified in the instructions. Also, excessively long treatment can strengthen renal failure!

back side With regard to intimate life, during the treatment, doctors strongly do not recommend having sex during the entire course of treatment. Also, girls and women of childbearing age need to be especially careful, as the constituent components do not interact well with latex and caps (their spermicidal action will be significantly reduced), and this may lead to an unplanned pregnancy.

The use of suppositories during the menstrual cycle should not be interrupted .

Composition and properties

Polygynax close up The form of release of the drug are soft capsules intended for insertion into the vagina. These vaginal suppositories are milky-beige and have a pleasant, smooth texture. The shape resembles an elongated oval.

The composition of the candles:

  • One capsule contains 35 thousand IU of neomycin sulfate;
  • 35 thousand IU of polymyxin B sulfate;
  • 100 thousand IU of nystatin;
  • Among other components, such substances as: hydrogenated soybean oil, Tephoz 63, Dimethicone 1000;
  • The shell has the following composition: glycerol, gelatin, dimethicone 1000 and purified water.

Candles are sold for 6 pieces in one plate, and one or two plates per pack.

"Polygynax" is known as an antimicrobial drug exclusively. It is applied topically and has a good antibacterial and antimycotic effect.

Storage features

"Polygynax" must be kept in a dark, out of reach of children place. Air temperature should not exceed 25 ° С. If the storage conditions are observed, the drug can be used for 18 months.


I used this drug for quite a long time, I always helped! They could only remove thrush because other means simply caused it itching, burning, something else ... Only if you have been given Polygynax candles, you must act exactly according to the instructions. There are so many days it is written to put candles, and it is necessary to put so many, not by day, otherwise all the work will go down the drain and the thrush will quickly return to you again! For two seasons, I completely got rid of the unpleasant symptoms that I was terribly sick of. Now I advise everyone!

Marina Kovalevskaya, Samara

I tried this medicine for thrush being nine months pregnant. Before that, I had no idea what a thrush was (my doctor said it was normal, there is no reason to worry)! For three days I was putting on my capsules “Polygynax” and all the symptoms were gone. She did not continue the treatment and three days after stopping the medication, the thrush returned again! I was shocked! Allocations have become even greater, and we had to go through another delivery of Poliginax before giving birth. As a result, everything ended successfully, now I am treating thrush with this drug!

Margarita, St. Petersburg

It became easier for me after two injections of Poliginax. I thought that I would not get rid of thrush so quickly, but everything went without a trace. While the disease has not returned, and I think that it will not return! Passed the whole course and do not regret ... I always wanted to quickly and permanently get rid of the terrible secretions, and now, finally, I did it!

Ekaterina Mikhailova, Kirov


  • Irina :

    good evening .. ureaplasma found in a smear .. what is it? and the doctor prescribed poliginax candles ... is the treatment correct?
    and there are no symptoms of either no discharge, no pain, no itching ..

    • Doc :


      In general, ureaplasma is not uncommon, and in itself it is not indicative of treatment. Other drugs are prescribed from her. Perhaps the doctor found something else in the smear and did not say you had better check with her.

  • Marina :

    Hello, I am suffering from seeing not a pleasant smell. The doctor has prescribed me Polyiginax candles. I have already put five of them. So far, the discharge is not pleasant. Do I continue the treatment or not?

    • Doc :


      You need to go to the doctor again to be sent for a smear, if you haven’t already.

  • Elena :

    Hello. An increased white blood cell count was found in the smear. I want to make sure tell me this drug is suitable for treatment?

  • Anna Chernakova :

    And the doctor said to me that nothing terrible, but not a word about silence! As “these secretions” got out! Polygynax helps, but be ready to undergo treatment again and again. But advertising clearly describes the situation and pimafucine suppositories for prevention (for those who have not yet encountered) an effective remedy. But first, of course, to the doctor.

  • Anastasia :

    I breastfeed, and the gynecologist wrote out this device. How to be?

    • Doc :


      In theory, the child should be transferred to the mixture at the time of treatment. The doctor had to say this.

  • Madinah :

    Hello, after taking courses with antibiotics from ARVI, problems began with burning in the vagina and the gynecologist prescribed polygynax for 10 days, after 1 day of using it, I had blood pressure for up to 9 months (it hurts in the lumbar region). Itching, burning, rash or none of these. Is blood excretion normal or should the drug be discontinued? I use polygynax for the first time. Thank you in advance!

    • Doc :


      Yes, this is a normal reaction, finish the treatment, even if the symptoms have passed.

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