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Synthesis At the moment, Prednisolone ointment is produced by different companies, there are no analogues under other names for sale.

It is possible to consider as analogs of ointment on the basis of methylprednisolone, for example Advantan .

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Instructions for use

Prednisolone ointment - an ointment for external use, the action of which is aimed at providing antiallergic, anti-inflammatory action, and this drug has anti-exudative action.

This means that it is able to eliminate the effect of increased vascular permeability and the release of fluids into tissues, for example, in the treatment of edema of soft tissues.

Available in several dosage forms: ointment, tablets and shots .

Indications for use

Nizhpharm The drug is used in the treatment of skin diseases of various kinds - both inflammatory and allergic (provided they are of non-microbial origin).

Prednisolone ointment is an indispensable aid for eczema, urticaria , various dermatitis ( seborrheic , contact , allergic , atopic ), psoriasis, keloid scars, lupus erythematosus, bursitis (inflammation of the mucous bags of the joints), hair loss (full and partial), hair loss (full and partial), hair loss (full and partial), loss of hair (full and partial), hair loss (full and partial), hair loss chronic depriving.

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Dosing and Administration

Prednisolone ointment is applied externally and evenly applied to the skin from 1 to 3 times a day for 6-14, depending on the nature and severity of the disease.

If the disease does not want to recede, then the course of using the ointment can be extended to 20 days. To enhance the effect, tight (occlusive) dressings are applied to small foci of the disease.

For children aged 1 year and older, the period of use of the drug is lower: the ointment is applied within 3-7 days. Occlusive dressings and other activities that are aimed at enhancing the absorption of the drug are contraindicated.

Use this drug should be prescribed by a doctor.


Still Nizhfarm Prednisolone ointment is not used if the patient has an individual intolerance to the components that make up the drug, as well as in the presence of tuberculosis, syphilitic processes in the affected area, viral (chicken pox, shingles), bacterial, fungal diseases, tumors, as well as pink and common eels.

Pregnant and lactating women cannot use prednisone ointment.

Side effects

predmaz94 The use of prednisone ointment rarely causes side effects, but with prolonged use the following negative effects may occur: burning at the site of application, itching, severe redness of the skin - erythema.

In patients who do not tolerate the components of the drug, there may be redness (overflow of blood vessels), edema, itching.

Also among the reported side effects from the use of prednisone ointment are allergic reactions, the appearance of acne, folliculitis, excessive hair growth (hypertrichosis), inflammation of the skin in the mouth and chin (perioral dermatitis). With the abolition of the drug, these side effects disappear.

With prolonged use of the ointment, the development of Cushing's syndrome (hypercorticoidism) is possible - serious violations in the body. In this case, the drug must be canceled.

During pregnancy and lactation, ointment is not used or prescribed with caution, since prednisone is a glucorticosteroid, and it has a negative effect both on the fetus, passing it through the placenta, and on the born baby, coming to him with the mother's milk.

Composition and pharmacokinetics

a red star Prednisolone ointment has a therapeutic effect due to the content in it of the active substance prednisolone, which has a positive effect on damaged skin.

Prednisolone is absorbed into the skin and then enters the bloodstream, where 90% of it is bound to blood proteins, and then biotransformed in the liver and subsequently excreted in feces and urine. The half-life is 200 minutes.

100 gr. The drug contains prednisone 0.5 g. In addition to the drug, there are also adjuvants: water, glycerol, medical petrolatum, nipangin, stearic acid, nipazol.

Prednisolone has an overwhelming effect on the function of leukocytes and tissue macrophages that destroy microorganisms, stabilizes lysosomal membranes, improves the condition of damaged cells, and reduces capillary permeability.


Prednisolone ointment is available in tubes or glass jars of 10, 15, 25 and 30 grams. Keep it in a cool place. Dispensed from pharmacies by prescription.


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For me, prednisone ointment is the first remedy for healing cracks, although many acquaintances were against its use - this is a hormonal drug! I have never had side effects. Clara, Moscow

I decided to try this ointment after the advice of my cosmetologist to combat the subcutaneous pimple - this is when the sebum secretion of the skin is thick and cannot go through the duct. It resolves very long. Apply the ointment should have been dotted on the pimple. The best effect is observed when using the ointment for early manifestation of a pimple - it helps well. A great option for a couple of pimples. Alice, MO

I found out about this tool by chance from my mother. She was helped by prednisone to get rid of an allergy to another drug - improvements appeared right before our eyes, itching and rash were gone. My sister also uses this pimple ointment. And I myself daughter, when sweetie pereest, remove her allergies. I advise everyone, but use caution - there are contraindications. And most importantly - it is cheap. Lola, St. Petersburg

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