Ointment radevit - box and tuba No full analogues. There are cosmetic creams with various vitamins to improve skin condition.

Bepantin or Methyluracil can be used to heal wounds.


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Instructions for use

Ointment Radevit is a uniform composition of white or slightly yellowish color, resembling a cosmetic cream in consistency. Sold in pharmacies in aluminum tubes of 350 mg, over-the-counter.


consistency ointment Indications for use radevita are dermatological diseases and external allergic reactions. As an additional means, the ointment is used in the treatment of complex systemic diseases involving lesions of the skin. These include the following pathologies:

Radevit has proven to be effective in treating sunburn, healing wounds (without an infectious lesion), cracks and erosions caused by vitamin deficiency.

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Apply the ointment in cosmetology - for nourishing dry and chapped skin, regenerating the epithelium after dry cleaning of the face and décolleté, to slow down the aging process.

Radevit protects the skin of the hands from the aggressive effects of washing powders and detergents used in the professional and domestic sphere. The drug eliminates skin irritation caused by sea water and sunlight, has a soothing and calming effect.

Note: If you need an external antimicrobial agent for wounds and ulcers complicated by infection, then Baneocin will be suitable.

Mode of application

Radevit applied twice a day to the problem area of ​​the skin with a thin layer. With strong dermatitis, accompanied by the separation of exudate, apply an occlusive dressing, which is not removed during the day.

The composition is quickly absorbed, does not leave greasy marks on the skin. Before applying the ointment, you must clean the skin with an antiseptic solution or ethyl alcohol.


radevit-A Absolute contraindication is pregnancy.

The drug is not used for individual sensitivity to the components of the joint, an increased content of vitamin A and D in the body (hypervitaminosis), excessive activity of the sebaceous glands.

Do not apply the ointment as a therapeutic agent in the formation of ulcers and wounds of unknown etiology. Some skin defects are a consequence of diseases of the endocrine system, hematopoietic organs, or indicate the development of tumors. External actions, in this case, do not give effect, since the cause is internal pathology.

It should not be applied to the wounds and scratches, around which formed redness or swelling. Such signs indicate the development of a bacterial infection, which requires the appointment of a special treatment course.

Side effects

In the absence of sensitivity to the components of the ointment, side effects are not manifested. The drug is well tolerated, including in childhood. Be wary appoint ointment during pregnancy and lactation, with an unstable hormonal background.


Tuba Radevit from the back side close-up The active ingredients of the drug are vitamin A (palmitate retinol), vitamin E (alpha tocopherol) vitamin D (ergocalciferol). Auxiliary components are ethyl alcohol, glycerin, petrolatum, emulsion wax.

Vitamin A - stimulates the regeneration process of the epidermis (rejuvenating effect), activates metabolic processes, accelerates healing of abrasions and wounds.

Vitamin E is a strong natural antioxidant, immunomodulator. Actively involved in the production of collagen - the main nutrient for the skin, responsible for its elasticity and elasticity. Warns the formation of age pigment spots.

Vitamin D - relieves inflammation, softens the skin, reduces swelling and itching.


radevit-62 The shelf life of the drug is 4 years from the date of issue. Expired ointment should not be used, especially for persons prone to allergies, patients with chronic dermatitis, infectious skin diseases.

Radevite contains natural biological components that are destroyed over time and lose their effectiveness.

Shelf life 4 years. Store at 4–10 ° C, out of the reach of children. Do not freeze.


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I heard about Raevita a long time ago, but I forgot to buy it at the pharmacy - I was used to using the advertised cosmetic creams purchased at retail stores. They are expensive, but little sense from them. At first, I could not believe that the pharmaceutical composition would help get rid of my constant problem - peeling of the lips. It is necessary to appear the first frost, and the skin on the lips instantly cracks, bleeding wounds appear. It spoils the appearance, and also very painful. Radevit helped get rid of a noticeable flaw radically, although this rarely happens. I put the cream on the night, it is quickly absorbed, and does not have an unpleasant taste. After two days, the skin becomes soft and velvety. I recommend to anyone who suffers from drying out of the skin during the cold season. Effectively! Antonina N., 24 years old, Kaliningrad

I read about Radevit ointment on the Internet. I tried the recipe right away, because in the fall my eczema on my hands gets worse. The sore appeared after childbirth, and by the summer passes completely, as if there had never been a problem. But from the first days of the cold autumn bubbles appear on the fingers, and a terrible itching begins. Hands are covered with scratching scratches, and get a terrible look. Redavit saved me, and this is not an exaggeration. At night I smear my hands, put on thin cotton mittens, and the irritation passes. In the morning the skin is soft, silky, tender. The main thing is to endure a week - you can not wash dishes, cut vegetables, steam the skin with hot water. Karina V, 35 years old, St. Petersburg

I use Redavit ointment as a prophylactic. I apply on my hands, face and neck 2 times a week to preserve the freshness and elasticity of the skin. In this tube, only the skin needs vitamins, so there is nothing to fear. The effect can be seen after 14 days. Especially recommended for those who are allergic to cosmetics sold in stores. Advertising is not a reliable guarantee of quality properties of the goods. As for Radvevit ointment, it is sold in a pharmacy, which confirms the safety of the drug. Anna I., Novosibirsk

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  • Olga :

    I have been using it for several years. Very effective drug. Thanks to its composition, the ointment copes with various problems. I lubricate my hands so that they do not dry out too much. Sometimes I put on lips. From time to time I put on face. I hope that the ointment really gives a rejuvenating effect.

    • Lily :

      From myself I can say that da-redevit rejuvenates! I have applied it for a night already for a year, but the tangible results were already in a month! Of course, I don’t have deep wrinkles, but small and mimic, but still ... In winter and in the cold season I apply my hands so that they don’t dry out!

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