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Classic Lugol solution with glycerin in a jar Can be purchased as a conventional solution or as a spray, no analogues.


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A time-tested and inexpensive preparation based on iodine has traditionally been in great demand.

Despite the wide range of other drugs in the pharmacy chains, Lugol remains the most effective remedy against tonsillitis.

At the onset of the disease, treating the tonsils with them ensures the elimination of pain and a speedy recovery.


The solution of Lugol with glycerin is available in the form of a transparent red-brown syrup with the smell of iodine, as well as in the form of a spray.

Molecular iodine, acting as an active substance, has an antiseptic and local irritant effect.


The drug is used in the development of various inflammatory processes of the skin, mucous membranes of the pharynx and larynx, which include:

  • Oral candidiasis ;
  • Tonsillitis;
  • Pharyngitis;
  • Purulent otitis media;
  • Chronic laryngitis;
  • Atrophic rhinitis;
  • Angular stomatitis;
  • Fresh chemical and thermal burns I-II step., Wounds.

Dosage and administration

lugol-1 Note: using the spray is easier, and with a strong gag reflex, it is generally indispensable.

Spray is used up to 6 times a day, before the procedure inhale the air and hold your breath, and for half an hour refrain from eating. Injection is done alone by pressing, directed exactly at the inflammation, and not in the entire oral cavity.

The method of smearing the diseased areas, in contrast to the spray, remains more effective, as the aerosol settles in small drops, and the tampon treats the places more qualitatively, ensuring a quick recovery.

How to smear throat Lugol solution For this you need a pencil or a similar object, and a small amount of cotton or bandage. The pencil is carefully washed, and while it is wet, the cotton is wound. The tip of the cotton wool is dipped into the solution, but so as not to drip from it.

A sore throat is smeared at the site of inflammation, especially where pain is concentrated. There is only a couple of seconds for this, before the onset of the gag reflex.

After the cotton is moistened, and the procedure is repeated a second, and if necessary, a third time. During the day, the throat is smeared every 3-5 hours, until the pain starts to pass, and the inflammation does not decrease.

The feeling of burning after the procedure is quickly replaced by a feeling of relief.

Depending on the disease, treatment with Lugol’s solution is carried out as follows:

  • With simple and angular stomatitis, accompanied by expressions, the treatment is carried out with applications. To do this, apply a medicine on a cotton pad for 20 minutes. applied to the affected area.
  • In case of purulent otitis, a solution of the drug is buried in the ear for 14 days, even if improvements occur.
  • In case of atrophic rhinitis, the nasal passage with a cotton swab with the applied medicine is lubricated three times a week for 2-3 months.
  • In case of burns and wounds, a piece of gauze soaked in Lugol’s solution is applied to the sore spot. As required through time, the procedure is repeated.


Plastic bottle 100 ml The use of Lugol solution is contraindicated in:

  • Pregnancy and lactation.
  • Endemic goiter.
  • Hypersensitivity to iodine.
  • Tuberculosis.
  • Nephritis, nephrosis.
  • Acne, furunculosis.
  • Hemorrhagic diathesis.
  • Under 3 years old.

Reception means inside is prohibited, as it causes disorders of the digestive tract and allergic reactions.


ljugol-1_0 The instructions attached to the drug clearly describe the permissible dosage. If it is exceeded, hyperactivity of the thyroid gland is possible, which is a threat to people with diseases of the cardiovascular system. Long reception causes the phenomena of iodism.

Side effects

After applying the Lugol solution according to the instructions, in rare cases, skin irritation and the occurrence of iodism (tear and saliva, angioedema, rhinitis, urticaria) are observed.

Composition and pharmacokinetics

Lugol The drug is available in the form of a spray or dark glass bottles. Lugol solution consists of the following components:

  • Iodine - 1 part.
  • Potassium iodide - 2 parts.
  • Glycerin - 94 parts.
  • Water - 3 parts.

Iodine, which forms the basis of the drug, affects pathogenic microflora (with the exception of Pseudomonas aeruginosa) and certain types of pathogens. In contact with the skin and mucous membranes, the third part of the substance turns into iodides, everything else - in the active form of iodine. There is a partial absorption of the drug and its penetration into the organs and tissues, selective absorption by the thyroid gland. Excreted by the kidneys, digestive system and mammary glands.


Lugol's solution is pharmaceutically incompatible with white sedimentary mercury, forming an explosive mixture, solution of ammonia and essential oils. The presence of fever, pus and blood, an acidic or alkaline environment makes its antiseptic activity lower. A weakening effect of the solution on the strumogenic and hypothyroid effect of lithium preparations was noted.


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My child is 9 years old, he got sick with stomatitis - he had a sore throat, a tongue, and everything near him, which is why he stopped eating altogether. At the reception at the pediatrician after the diagnosis, the doctor immediately took him to the treatment room, where she treated the throat and oral mucosa with Lugol. At home I did the procedure myself for the next week, and on day 3-4 there was a noticeable improvement. The only difficulty was that the disease was started, and during the treatment there was a strong burning sensation, because of which the child was difficult at first to make him open his mouth. Svetlana, Krasnoyarsk

The son often suffers from angina, the doctor insists on the removal of the tonsils, but we are not yet resolved. Every six months in the offseason at the beginning of a sore throat, Lugol's solution noticeably relieves redness and reduces enlarged glands. Usually, a course of 5 days is enough to completely eliminate the symptoms, and there is no need to use antibiotics. Julia, Noyabrsk

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