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Instructions for use

Salicylic ointment is a pharmaceutical preparation for external use, the active ingredient of which is salicylic acid (Acidum salicylicum), an auxiliary component is purified petroleum jelly.

The medication goes on sale in a glass container made of dark glass, plastic containers and tubes (volume 10, 35, 50 mg). In appearance, the ointment is a uniform thick consistency of white or light gray color.

The concentration of acid in the composition of the drug is 1%, 2%, 3%, 5%, 10% or 60%. The product is available in pure form, or with additional components in the form of sulfur and zinc (respectively, the drugs are called sulfur-salicylic or salicylic acid). zinc ointment).


Salicylic ointment - anti-inflammatory, softening, keratolyse (exfoliating), antiseptic. Used in dermatology in the treatment of the following diseases

  • traumatic skin lesions (burns, wounds);
  • seborrhea ;
  • weeping eczema;
  • diaper rash caused by increased secretion of the sebaceous glands;
  • pyoderma;
  • inflamed corns;
  • furunculosis;
  • acne;

Ointment is not only a curative, but also an effective prophylactic, preventing the process of suppuration and the spread of infection.

Dosage and administration

salitsilovaya-maz72 The percentage composition of the drug is chosen based on the nature of the disease. In the treatment of juvenile acne apply one percent ointment. A two- and three-percent concentration of salicylic acid is used in the treatment of ichthyosis and seborrhea.

Ointment 5% is a medicine for healing infected wounds (the lesion is washed with hydrogen peroxide). The composition is applied with a thin layer to the affected area, covered with a sterile bandage or tissue, and bandaged.

Ointment 10% is a treatment for cornified calluses, 60% is a substance for removing warts. The drug with a high concentration of acid has an aggressive effect on the skin, so it is unacceptable to apply it to moles or mucous membranes.

The recommended dose for a single application is 0.2 grams per 1 cm2 of skin.


Salicylic ointment is contraindicated in renal failure, with increased skin sensitivity and a tendency to allergies. Contraindication is chest age, as well as malignant tumors on the skin.

Pregnancy and lactation

During pregnancy, salicylic ointment is used with great care - for the treatment of small areas of the skin, and only according to medical instructions. The maximum single dose - 5 ml. During breastfeeding, the drug cannot be used to treat nipple cracks, since part of the substance will enter the body of a child with mother's milk, and this is unacceptable.

Side effects

salitsilovaya-maz (2) Side effects are manifested in the form of allergic reactions to the active substance. Possible itching, redness, burning sensation in the area of ​​the drug. Pain is extremely rare, and the temperature rises slightly. After removing the drug from the surface of the skin, unpleasant phenomena disappear.


Unknown cases of overdose. All unpleasant phenomena known in medical practice are associated with hypersensitivity to salicylic acid.

Drug interactions

The drug increases skin permeability. Salicylic acid that has entered the body is incompatible with zinc oxide and resorcinol - a caustic substance is formed that has a detrimental effect on layered membranes.


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My husband suffered irritation after shaving. The skin was reddened, covered with uneven spots and much scaly. I heard that salicylic ointment heals and dries wounds well, besides it has a minimum of contraindications. I bought 1% ointment at the pharmacy, and at my own risk applied the drug on my own - applied a thin layer of paste on the cheeks and chin immediately after the husband had shaved. The next day, the spots turned pale, the wounds healed, and after 4 days all signs of inflammation disappeared. In our case, the medicine helped, but I still recommend consulting with your doctor about the appointment of salicylates - I heard that there are allergies, and besides, you need to choose the right composition for the percentage of acid. Tamara N., Zelenograd

At the age of 30 I had bulging calluses on my leg (on the side of my fingers). That only I did not do - smeared with celandine, glued plasters, steamed with soda - nothing helped. Only the outer layer softened a little. Salicylic ointment was advised to me by a friend. Since the drug is freely sold in a pharmacy and is inexpensive, I decided to try this method. Apply the ointment once a day on the corn, protecting the skin around with a gauze napkin. From above - a plaster. Three days later, the corpus callosum softened strongly, and I carefully cut it off. This continued for another 7 days, until a small wound remained in place of the corn. She quickly dragged on from streptocid ointment. The first day after applying the ointment, I experienced a burning sensation and pulsation under the bandage, but then all the discomfort passed completely. Regina S. Sergiev-Posad, 59 years old

I used salicylic ointment in combination with Zinerit for the treatment of juvenile acne. I developed inflamed, bulging acne in the chin, cheekbones, and on the forehead, under the bangs. Salicylic ointment perfectly dries areas of oily skin, preventing the further spread of inflammation. I began to use the drug as a preventive measure - a very effective effect, and most importantly, the cost is affordable for all consumers. Tamara V., Murmansk, 21 years

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