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Salicylic alcohol is an affordable and effective remedy for eliminating skin problems.

Often the tool is used in the fight against acne and acne.

Alcohol solution of salicylic acid has excellent antiseptic, antibacterial, antifungal and anti-inflammatory properties, it costs a penny and is sold in every pharmacy.

Composition and release form

salicilovaja_kislota1 Salicylic alcohol is a mixture of ethyl alcohol and salicylic acid in various concentrations. Salicylic acid was first obtained from the bark of willow trees and used to treat rheumatism. After some time, it began to be used for the treatment of external lesions caused by the activity of microbes and bacteria.

This acid belongs to the class of aromakislot with a pronounced vasoconstrictor effect, bactericidal and disinfectant properties. Salicylic alcohol is used exclusively externally to treat the affected surface, while it performs the following functions:

  • disinfects the skin;
  • dries acne and blackheads;
  • relieves inflammation;
  • destroys pathogenic bacteria and fungi;
  • narrows the vessels at the site of application.

The alcohol solution is available in dark glass bottles of 24 and 40 ml. Depending on the concentration of active ingredients, 1%, 2%, 3%, 5% and 10% alcohol are distinguished.

Note! To combat acne and acne, only 1% and 2% alcohol is used, as a more concentrated solution can cause deep burns and traumatize the skin.

When is it applied?

salitsiloviy-spirt-0 Salicylic alcohol is mainly used to control acne and acne, but in some cases it can be used for other skin diseases that require disinfection of the affected area (as part of a combination treatment). Indications for the appointment of the drug are:

  • fungal diseases of the feet;
  • eczema;
  • bacterial and fungal dermatitis;
  • lichen;
  • psoriasis;
  • calluses and corns;
  • warts.

Use the solution must be very careful. It is recommended to start the application with 1% alcohol, since reactions of intolerance are possible.

How to apply?

Salicylic alcohol is used only for the local treatment of the diseased area. The most commonly used point application with a cotton swab (if we are talking about small lesions, such as warts or acne).

Treatment should not last more than 7 days. Apply the composition to the skin should be 3-4 times. If the drug is used to remove corns and corns, it is necessary to make a hygienic hot foot bath (if there are no contraindications for this).

Important! It is forbidden to apply the composition to healthy skin, as there is a high probability of damage to uninfected tissue as a result of a burn.


salitsiloviy-spirt-1 Salicylic alcohol should not be used on areas of skin with a wide area of ​​damage, as well as with increased dryness or hypersensitivity reactions to ethanol or salicylic acid.

Pregnancy and lactation

Alcohol solution of salicylic acid does not penetrate into breast milk and is not absorbed into the general bloodstream, therefore it cannot harm the fetus or child. According to strict indications, the drug can be used during specified periods.


With local use, overdose cases are not recorded. However, it is necessary to observe precautions: the bottle with the composition should be placed on a flat solid surface to prevent it from tipping to open areas of the body. If, however, an unpleasant situation occurs, and a large amount of the solution is on the skin, immediately rinse the place of contact with running water and apply a medical ointment. After first aid, contact a specialist.

Side effects

salitsiloviy-spirt-02 Since the solution contains alcohol, local skin reactions may occur that indicate irritation. These include:

  • severe redness (skin becomes bright red or burgundy);
  • burning;
  • peeling and increased dryness;
  • tightness of the skin (mimic movements cause discomfort).

These phenomena are not a reason to cancel treatment in cases where they have a weak or moderate severity, and also pass after 1-2 days. If this does not occur, the use of the agent should be discontinued.


Unlike most drugs, which are stored at a temperature not exceeding 25 degrees, salicylic alcohol should be stored in the range from 10 to 18 degrees. Care must be taken to ensure that children and pets do not have access to storage. Shelf life - 3 years.


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My grandmother told me about salicylic alcohol when I was a teenager and suffered from acne. Then the drug helped me get rid of the problem in just 2 weeks - during this time the pimples dried out, noticeably decreased in size, and after another 3-4 weeks disappeared completely (during this period I did not use the drug). Now periodically used when acne appears on the face or back. By the way, when a pimple is fresh, 2-3 days of treatment are enough, and it passes without any marks. For such money, it is generally the dream of any girl. Olga, 21 years old

use salicylic alcohol with the whole family. My daughter fights acne with his help (and I must say, very successfully), and he helped his wife to take the wart off her arm. True. She applied it in combination with other means designed specifically to remove warts. And I process calluses with salicylic alcohol. I apply it several times a day on the corn (after careful steaming), and after 3-4 days I simply remove the diseased skin to a healthy area. Heels after such a procedure is really like a baby from an advertisement. I advise you to try if someone has the same problems. Konstantin, 34 years old

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