Secrets of yeast fungus treatment

Yeast fungus or candidiasis is an infectious process caused by the pathological growth of yeast fungi of the genus Candida. In small quantities, these microorganisms are present in the body of most people. The disease occurs when, under certain circumstances, they begin to multiply actively.

Destructive changes can occur on any part of the body, including the mouth and genital area .

But it is possible the emergence of yeast fungi on the skin, it is about them that will be discussed in this article . Suffer from the disease in an equal measure, both men and women.

Why you need to hurry to the doctor or the unpleasant consequences of ailment

Rare species of mushrooms First, a yeast fungus on the legs or hands causes unpleasant sensations. Itching, burning, changing the color of the nail plate - all these are signs of the first stage of the disease. Then, in case of not carrying out treatment of a yeast fungus, it is possible and completely to lose a fingernail.

Secondly, the defeat of the skin with a Candida fungus is fraught with the appearance of a red rash on the surface of the body, various kinds of papules, itching and burning. Further, areas can be formed from which a clear liquid is released. If you do not take measures to treat the yeast fungus on the skin, the disease is likely to take on a chronic form. And she in turn - in the generalized. Simply put, the infection spreads to large areas of the skin, and as a result - affects the internal organs.

The third consequence of the ignored treatment of the yeast skin or nail fungus is a decrease in the support functions of the immune system. This means that other infections will not only penetrate the body, but there will also be an exacerbation of such diseases as allergic dermatitis or bronchial asthma.

Well, finally, you need to remember that the yeast fungus is not strictly specific. This symptomatology can accompany much more serious illnesses.

Diagnosis of the disease

Rare species of mushrooms Candidiasis - a very persistent ailment, able to survive for months even in dead skin scales. Therefore, do not wait for the emergence of acute symptoms of the disease, and when the first signs of anxiety turn to a specialist, most often - a dermatologist.

It is highly not recommended to engage in self-medication. This will not only prolong the process of therapy, but can also cause complications.

Before the appointment of a yeast fungus treatment, the doctor will conduct all the necessary outpatient tests, including a test for candidiasis. This procedure will take several days.

Medical measures

Therapy of candidiasis is always aimed at suppressing harmful fungi in the human body. Therefore, with yeast fungus on treatment is complex.

The first thing to choose is an ointment that can affect the yeast fungus:

Admission of antifungal drugs inside appoints only a doctor individually. Everything depends on the susceptibility of the yeast and its concentration.

Name Dosing
Fluconazole ( Diflucan , Flucostat , Mycosyst) 150 mg. in a day
Nystatin 1-2 tablets 2 weeks without a break 3-4 times a day
Itraconazole (analogues: Irunin , Rumikoz ) 1 capsule 6 days

Doctors also strongly recommend during the course of using as many products containing useful bacteria (for example, bifidokefir or "live" yogurt).

Traditional medicine in the fight against cutaneous candidiasis

lemon As an alternative aid with yeast fungus on the skin, the treatment is carried out with such drugs:

  1. Lemon juice, or rather its solution. To do this, squeezed juice of one fruit should be filled with 200 ml of boiling water and cooled. This decoction treat affected areas of the skin.
  2. Decoction of the roots of elecampane and burdock leaves. You can also add daisy and grass to the mixture.
  3. Iodine solution (5%). They need to treat affected areas of the nail plate. Such manipulations are carried out daily for 20 days, twice a day.
  4. Propolis tincture (20%) or its extract. From the drug tampons are made, which must be applied to the affected nail.
  5. Compresses from a tea mushroom. Treatment of a yeast fungus on his hands with it is as follows: on a sick nail, apply a bandage, wrap it with cellophane, fasten and put on mittens or socks, depending on the location of the infection. Compress is left overnight.
Recipes of traditional medicine are given only for reference. Self-treatment is dangerous, always consult a doctor who prescribes a drug .


  • Maria :

    I have a chronic fungus on my legs and feet. If I spend a long time in the water, then around the nails appear small bubbles. Advise an effective way of treatment

    • Administrator :

      Hello Maria. Perhaps this is not a fungus at all, visit a dermatologist, without an accurate diagnosis.

  • Eugene :

    Yes, lemon juice is a miracle medicine, I remember it was prepared by his mother, well helped. But all the same I consider that it is necessary to be treated by medical preparations, and under the supervision of a doctor.

  • Maya :

    I had an experience of using keto plus shampoo, quite good, I must say, from dandruff and itching, which are also the consequence of the fungus. So I thought, those who have this fungus in the inguinal region or armpits, maybe also it is worth trying this remedy? ..

    • Administrator :

      It's worth trying. The presence of hair - always creates additional inconveniences for the use of ointments and creams. Experienced doctors advise to remove hair on the body, before applying ointment.

  • Vladimir :

    Here I was at the doctor passed the test, fungus. Has prescribed candida ointment and fluokortzil solution! Do not take two weeks to smear

    • Doc :

      Hello, Vladimir,

      Treatment of fungus on the skin can take 3-4 weeks, this is normal. If after 3 weeks there will be no improvement, consult a doctor again.

      Even from experience I know, it happens that patients apply ointment irregularly. In this case, there will be no effect from treatment.

  • Olga :

    Hello, yesterday was at the doctor found a yeast fungus between the toes, could he appear from the fact that a month ago he was treated with antibiotics in a gynecologist, took fluconazole and nystatin at that time, or is it still a new shoe? Can iodine be treated and how often

    • Doc :


      After taking antibiotics, immunity may be weakened, this is a favorable factor for the fungus.

      As for shoes, if the feet sweat more than the old, this is bad and can also be the cause.

      It is better to take in the drugstore ointment, especially since some ointments are not much more expensive than iodine. Look at the list above.

  • Eva :

    Hello. I have a fungus under my fingernails. The nail is absolutely healthy, even more than other strong, and under it a free space. First it grows like all normal and then departs from the skin and there are some soft layers between it and the skin and then they become denser and grow colder. I've been drinking rumicosis for six months. I worked the surface under the nails with exoderil. And he is still alive, this fungus.

    • Alya :

      Hello, well, how did the fungus go away from you just exactly the same situation as they cured

  • Eva :

    What could it be?

    • Doc :

      Hello. There are other diseases of the nails, except the fungus. Descend or go to the dermatologist.

  • Isa :

    14 years on the fingers of the hand can not cure this disease year after year worse

  • Emma :

    Good afternoon, the nails are affected by a yeast fungus, it began in the last month of pregnancy, unfortunately, and infected the baby. The doctor can not prescribe treatment because I breastfeed, I fear for the child, what should I do? All drugs are contraindicated for lactation (

    • Doc :


      Have to follow the instructions of the doctor. You can begin treatment after the completion of the feeding.

      For children there are drugs without age restrictions, but there are nuances associated with the type of fungi for example. If you doubt the competence of one doctor, refer to the other.

      It is still important to observe hygiene, constantly wash, wear clean, do wet cleaning, disinfect shoes.

  • Alia :

    Is the yeast fungus contagious on the child's face ???

  • Olga :

    Hello, please tell me effective ointment for a child of 9 years. Have handed over soskob from a body - a yeast mushroom. We have been ill for 3 months already, waved iodine with diluted, betadine, lamium, lamifene, zalain, nizoral, after the UFO, the affected skin was slightly irradiated, but still new specks appeared, sweet ruled out, cotton clothes. I want to smear something, at least to suspend new appearances.

  • Katya :

    Good day! Spotchatka on 1 nosі vіdpav great nigot, left there відріс then відпав already on іншій нозі, dasla analіzі - viyavlennі spory. Lіkar appointed FUNIT, ale expensive, that shchayu shchudit pechyntsi. І chi potrіbno vzagali, schos piti mozhe ot nigot not vіdіs mozhat mazati chimos?

    • Doc :


      An analogue of Funita - Itraconazole, it is produced by several manufacturers. All antifungal tablets harm the liver, but here it is not as bad as it might seem if you do not have hepatitis or other chronic illnesses.

      If it came down to the fact that the nail fell off, then one ointment can not cope, you need pills.

  • Sergey :

    Hello. At me the fingernail at once has started to be fractured, then has turned yellow in some places and these places became soft and they can be removed easily, the finger has grown fat. I bought an ointment: Ketoconazole. Since I read on the Internet that it is possible a yeast fungus. I do not know if ointment helps, I smear a couple of days at night. Advise something please.

    • Doc :


      Yes, the symptoms are like a fungus. It is necessary to prepare for long-term treatment, to smear until the healthy nail grows. Better droplets or varnish, see the section "Preparations". Ointment can be used, but its effectiveness is low.

      At the beginning of treatment, it makes sense to soften and remove the damaged part of the nail, this will greatly speed up the treatment. Used special drugs - Nogtivit or Nogtimitsin.

  • Aigul :

    Hello, my child is 4 months old and we have a yeast fungus. The local doctor appointed the wrong treatment. Now we have the whole body in the fungus. They turned into a skin care clinic, they prescribed clotrimazole ointment. Tell me please, how much is this treated, at least approximately? And can though the ointment further aggravate?

    • Doc :


      It is treated, the main thing is not to throw the medication, follow the doctor's instructions and go to the reception.

      Spore fungus for a long time live outside the human body, so you need to wash and iron all diapers well, keep the house clean.
      After all symptoms disappear, ointment should be applied for 2 more weeks.

  • ILHAMA :

    Hello. Today went to the doctor 17let boy for two years went on a head in a small area it was healed and in the palms of the mouth they say alergia for dessert. Now not long ago the lower backs between the buttocks itched scraped the trembling fungus and wrote out a bunch of expensive medicines, mazey.biobakton K, erius, Pimafukort ointment, pimafucin tablets, white salic ointment. And all ointment hormonal was said for 10 days. How do you think it can help? They say from behind the intestines.

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