Symptoms of thrush in girls

Doctor and patient What is dangerous candidosis? Complications during pregnancy, the risk of infection of the fetus and partner, the penetration of fungi into the vessels, which in turn leads to the defeat of many organs and systems. Therefore, do not self-medicate this serious disease. When the first symptoms of "thrush" immediately take a coupon to the gynecologist.

Let's find out how the thrush manifests itself.

There are three clinical forms of the disease:

  • Candidateship;
  • Candidiasis vulvovaginitis in acute form;
  • Chronic (periodically exacerbated) candidiasis vulvovaginitis.

Only the first is characterized by the absence of symptoms and complaints from a woman or a girl. However, if you take vaginal discharge for analysis, budding forms of yeast-like fungi can be found. In the presence of certain conditions, candidiasis passes into the second, clinically expressed form of the disease - vulvovaginal candidiasis in acute form. His symptoms are:

Itching in the intimate area 1. Itching. This is a typical symptom of candidiasis. When complaints about the itching of the vagina and genitals are necessarily carried out research on yeast-like fungi (even if there are no visible changes on the mucosa). Itching intensifies in the premenstrual period, and subsides or disappears completely in the menstrual and post-menstrual periods. Symptom may not be permanent, but when it occurs, it causes discomfort, pain (especially during walking).

2. Burning sensation. With yeast infection, burning sensation almost always worries. If in doubt, what exactly is bothering: thrush or urinary tract infection, check yourself. If urinary tract infection occurs, burning begins when urine passes through the urethra. Candidiasis begins after burning urine out of the canal, while it gets to the outside: the acid present in the urine enters the irritated vaginal area and causes unpleasant sensations.

Milkdrop 3. Allocations. Creamy, whitish, with the presence of curdled inclusions of vaginal discharge is another most frequent symptom of candidiasis in women. Allocations concern 76.1% of women. Beli can have an unpleasant smell (bread, beer, starch). Consistency and the amount of secretions in each woman are individual.

4. Inflammation. Inflammation can include the vagina (vaginitis) and the external genitalia ( vulvitis, see photo ). If there is a combined lesion of the mucosa, then the diagnosis is "vulvovaginitis". This symptom of women is often characterized as redness in the genital area, causing pain during sexual intercourse and in contact with the internal mucosa. Gynecologists also note that the inflammatory process of mucous membranes is not only a severe hyperemia of the external genitalia, cervix and vagina. With candidiasis vulvovaginitis, edema of the mucosa, its looseness, thin-walled vesicles on the clitoris, small labia and vestibule, lamination between the folds of the gray-white films easily removed by the swab, and the epithelium that has peeled off the periphery are observed.

Usually the acute form of candidiasis vulvovaginitis lasts up to 2 months.

To better identify diseases, open the photo (18+):

Attention! Content can be unpleasant for viewing

"Female" problems The diagnosis of "chronic candidiasis" is given to women who have symptoms of the disease do not disappear more than two months. And they differ from the symptoms of acute vaginal candidiasis. So, there may be no curdled discharge from the vagina, and hyperemia and infiltration of the mucosa will have a weak character. Appear lean whitish film in the form of islets, dryness of large and small labia, cracks, dry erosions, which do not have clear boundaries. The external genitalia become atrophic and flabby, they acquire a brown color, the vaginal opening narrows, the labia wrinkles, and scars develop. Sometimes candidiasis of inguinal folds and perineum joins the chronic candidiasis vaginitis. More about the treatment .

If you are worried about any of the above symptoms, do not rush to buy a drug from the thrush at the nearest pharmacy. The fact is, the clinical symptoms are 100% impossible to make an accurate diagnosis. The value is represented by the microscopy of the vaginal discharge and the seeding of the discharge into the culture medium, because in 95% of cases they reveal the degree of microbial contamination and allow to determine the species belonging to the fungi. Only after diagnosis and conversation with a woman gynecologist appoints an antimycotic drug.

More about the choice of drugs.

About the chronic form.

Douching with soda.

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