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There are other dosage forms: ointment and injections.


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Instructions for use

solko-dental-3D Dental adhesive paste Solcoseryl is used to accelerate the regenerative processes in the oral cavity. On the wound or inflamed surface, the paste forms a protective layer, preventing the ingress of bacteria and promoting healing of the affected area.

Available in the form of dental adhesive paste homogeneous consistency of a pale beige shade, has a pronounced aroma of peppermint.

Indications for use

solko-dental3 Dental paste Solcoseryl is used as a stimulator of tissue regeneration in the following oral cavity pathologies:

  • alveolitis;
  • stomatitis (aphthous, herpes);
  • lesions of the oral mucosa of various origins (erosion, ulcers, aphthae);
  • wounds and bedsores caused by the use of removable dentures;
  • gingivitis;
  • periodontitis

The drug is also used in dental surgery to accelerate wound healing in the postoperative period (vestibuloplasty, resection of the root apex, removal of the molar teeth, etc.).


The use of Solcoseryl is not recommended in the presence of hypersensitivity to the active ingredients of the drug. In other cases, it can be prescribed to patients of any age groups.

Dosage and administration

paste consistency The drug is applied to the affected surface with a thin layer of a fingertip (previously disinfected).

When applied to the wound surface, the paste is applied to the drainage or gauze folded in half, then “attached” to the affected area.

To accelerate the absorption of the drug application site should be dried using a cotton pad. The frequency of application - at least 3 times a day, the dosage depends on the area of ​​the lesion.

Use during pregnancy and lactation

For pregnant and lactating women, Solcoseryl is prescribed under the supervision of a physician without any restrictions to use (with the exception of increased sensitivity to the components of the paste).

Side Effects and Overdose

solko-dental-ua The structure of the drug Solcoseryl and the mechanism of its application reduces the possibility of overdose to a minimum. Cases of negative effects of excess dosage not recorded. Side effects of the paste include:

  • a temporary change in taste (as after menthol candies);
  • short burning in the area of ​​application.

A long-term burning sensation that does not occur throughout the day may indicate the presence of allergic reactions to the components of the paste. In this case, it is better to interrupt the therapy with Solcoseryl before consulting with your doctor.

Composition and pharmacokinetic

solko-dental13 Active ingredients of dental paste Solcoseryl:

  • deproteinized (purified from protein) extract from the blood of dairy calves. It is a catalyst for the synthesis of collagen in tissues, accelerating their regeneration, stimulates the restoration of the function of capillaries in the affected areas.
  • polycanadol 600 - anesthetic, provides the effect of anesthesia.


  • menthol;
  • peppermint extract;
  • sodium carboxymethylcellulose;
  • thickeners (gelatin, pectin, liquid paraffin).

Interaction with other drugs

The use of paste Solcoseryl is permissible along with therapy with other drugs. When rinsing an oral cavity is prescribed by special compositions or herbal decoctions, the drug is applied after the procedure to the area dried with a cotton swab.


Shelf life 4 years. Keep out of reach of children, at temperatures not above 30 ° C.


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At one time, he loved to nibble seeds, a day could eat a few packs. One day I woke up with aching pain in my mouth and found sores on my gums. I went to the dentist. They cleaned the ulcers, and for the speedy healing they advised the paste of Solcoseryl or cauterization with green paint. Zelenka immediately refused, since I remember this since I was a child. Therefore, I bought a paste. The effect of anesthesia was immediately appreciated - a minute or two passed after application and I already forgot about the pain. The paste is rather thick, the structure is granular, as if it consists of small grains. It is convenient to apply with a finger, the main thing is not to close the mouth immediately so that the paste absorbs a little. I recommend to anyone who suffers from oral fluid. Pasta Solcoseryl really helps, the only thing - the price is not particularly low (I paid 350 rubles for a small tube). However, the effect is worth it.

Maxim, 38 years old, Moscow

Used pasta Solcoseryl after extraction of the molar. The gum was cut from and to, the blood was the sea, I was even scared. The dentist calmed me down and advised Solkoseril for the speedy healing of the wound. It turned out that she smells like peppermint. Pasta perfectly anesthetizes, almost immediately, during the day the pain did not resemble itself. Three days later, I felt the crust on the wound site with my tongue, and a week later it was completely healed. Marina, 24 years old, Volgograd

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