Chlorhexidine Candles

Candles with chlorhexidine, which are currently available:


  • You can find "Chlorhexidine vaginal suppositories of 0.016 mg number 10" from the companies "Pharmex Group" and "Pharmproject" but not often.
  • : 289 р. Hexicon , average price online * : 289 p.
  • : 550 р. Depantol , average price online * : 550 p. Have a regenerating effect in addition to antiseptic.

Where can one buy



More candles with chlorhexidine are not on sale. There is also Bepanthen cream plus and, in fact, a solution of chlorhexidine , which in extreme cases can be syringed (at a concentration of not more than 0.05%). A complete list of candles from thrush is here .

Instructions for use


In short, the candle is placed 2 times a day, in the morning and in the evening during the week (up to 10 days). After the morning procedure, if possible, it is better not to get up for an hour and you should use a gasket. Evening candle is recommended to put before bedtime.

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* - the average value among several sellers at the time of monitoring, is not a public offer

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