Tablets from thrush for men

pills Systemic treatment of the disease is carried out with the help of tableted medicines only for the doctor's prescription . Tablets from thrush in men:

Duration of therapy and dosage is selected by the doctor depending on the severity of the disease.

The therapeutic effect of "Fluconazole" is associated with the destruction of certain enzymes necessary for the reproduction of fungi. The drug circulates in the blood and destroys fungal cells that are unable to destroy the cream or ointment.

Usually, "Fluconazole" is taken once a day inward in an amount of 150 mg. Commercial names of the drug are Medoflukon, Diflucan , Forkan, Flukostat .

Antifungal agents from other pharmaceutical groups have a weaker therapeutic effect, since they are poorly absorbed in the human intestine.

Remember that treating any fungal disease exclusively with tablets is not the best idea, because They have a certain toxicity and their effectiveness is low.

It is much better to use local drugs . And the pills are only for the doctor's prescription.

In addition, there are many other methods .

Preparations for oral administration:

Name Dosing
Fluconazole ( Diflucan , Flucostat , Mycosyst) 150 mg. in a day
Nystatin 1-2 tablets 2 weeks without a break 3-4 times a day
Itraconazole (analogues: Irunin , Rumikoz ) 1 capsule 6 days

Pathogenetic and symptomatic treatment

pills In addition to etiotropic treatment, patients with candidiasis are shown therapy that restores normal intestinal microflora. Dysbacteriosis of the intestine - a provoking factor of thrush, which is caused by severe stress, malnutrition, prolonged use of antibiotics, food poisoning.

In the presence of digestive disorders and positive results of the study of stool for dysbacteriosis, the gastroenterologist prescribes preparations from the group of prebiotics and probiotics - "RioFlora Immuno", "Hilak Forte", "Lactulose", "Acipol".

In addition, patients are prescribed funds that strengthen immunity, as well as physiotherapy procedures.

During treatment, patients must strictly observe the basic rules of personal hygiene - change their underwear daily, exclude sex, wear loose linen from natural fabrics, bathe in the shower, and then wipe the genitals dry.

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  • Sergey :

    We do not have a urologist type in the district. In addition to self-treatment on the Internet there is no way out. Oh, how far you are from the real situation on the outskirts of the empire. Absheron district, Krasnodar region.

    • Administrator :

      But what about KVD at Oktyabrskaya?

      And in extreme cases, you can call the registry of the polyclinic and ask whom to go to the reception.

      Candidiasis is not such a terrible disease, it will cope with any doctor who at the university did not "rub his pants".

  • Andrew :

    Dear doctors who all advise this well done at last people though to know will be this illness on itself experienced almost zhod 9let sick bright memory professoru.vichichil.

  • Lysp :

    Hello! Prompt please, I am very much tormented with doubts ... Has handed over analyzes on an infection has shown a thrush, to me have appointed or nominated difljukan 150 1 capsule and lomeksin 600 m. 2 sv. Today I drank and put a candle, I asked the doctor what should my husband drink? She said that nothing will be enough to just one pimafucin ointment, please tell me how much I know I need to treat two porters I think that just one ointment is not enough, how can you kill this infection inside if you do not drink some pills ?? Do you need something else or not? I'm afraid that I will have to be treated again ((((

    • Doc :


      Well, it's not necessary to stuff it with tablets yet :)

      Anatomy of a man does not contribute to the development of thrush, so men are rarely exposed to this disease. But for a while they can be carriers.

      It is enough antifungal ointment 2 times a day, for example, Clotrimazole, Ketoconazole, Candid, Pimafucin. For the duration of your treatment. Can a couple of days after, for complete confidence. Plus hygiene.

  • Egor :

    Hello!!!! My doctor prescribed an ointment. I smear for a month and a half, just goes all afterwards again, I do not sleep with my wife, and I can not get rid of it either! Help, how to be ???????

    • Doc :


      It is probably worth to drink fluconazole or nystatin, they are prescription, consult a doctor and describe the problem.

  • Gennadi :

    W-that. At me an itch and some red maculae I smear ointment Nistatinum ceases I cease again. Can another smear?

    • Doc :


      After the stains pass, you need to smear for a week, every day, do not skip. In addition, change clothes and hygiene.

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