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Packaging The active substance "Clemastin" is currently produced only by Novartis under the trademark "Tavegil".

There are other antihistamines for injection, but they are all prescribed by a doctor :


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Instructions for use

Injection solution is used in cases when it is necessary to relieve allergy symptoms as quickly as possible in order to preserve the health and life of the patient.

For ordinary cases, Tavegil tablets are available .

Indications for use

The injection form of the drug is used only in extreme cases, when the patient's condition is assessed as severe and very severe. Indications for the use of the solution are:

  • anaphylactic shock ;
  • development of angioedema (as an aid in combination with other rehabilitation methods);
  • prevention of allergic reactions to external irritants;
  • treatment of body reactions that occur during blood transfusion.

This drug can be used if necessary, the introduction of a contrast agent, as well as diagnostic measures requiring the use of histamine.

How to apply

Injection site - upper outer quarter

Intramuscular injection site - upper outer quarter of the buttock.

If a severe clinical condition of the patient occurs, the initial dose of the drug should be administered by the intravenous route, bringing the time of administration to 2-3 minutes. With this method of therapy, it is necessary to adhere to the jet method of infusion.

The usual route of administration is intramuscular. The initial dosage is 2 mg of the drug (1 ampoule).

The same amount of medication should be used for prophylactic purposes in order to prevent the development of an anaphylactic state when using drugs containing allergens. The dosage recommended by the manufacturer for standard treatment is:

  • adult patients and children (from 12 years old) - 2 mg (1 ampoule);
  • children under 12 years old - 0.025 mg / kg of body weight (the daily dose should be divided into two doses).

For children, only intramuscular injection is possible.

In medical practice, a diluted solution of Tavegil is often used. For these purposes, a glucose solution of 5% or an isotonic solution of sodium chloride can be used. On one part of the drug "Tavegil" taken 5 parts of any of these solutions (according to indications).


Packing on the table Before the appointment of the drug, it is necessary to carefully study the patient's history, as there are certain restrictions on its use. Contraindications for therapy with Tavegil are:

  • bronchial asthma;
  • diseases of the lower respiratory tract;
  • hypersensitivity (or intolerance) of clemastine or components included in the preparation;
  • children's age (up to 12 months);
  • lactation.

Ampoules In addition to absolute contraindications, there are also so-called relative, in which the use of the drug is possible, but only under the constant supervision of a specialist:

  • dysfunction of the prostate gland (hypertrophy);
  • stomach ulcer;
  • delayed urine flow;
  • increased intraocular pressure;
  • hypertension;
  • heart disease and vascular disease;
  • malfunctions in the thyroid gland;
  • bladder neck obstruction.

Side effects

If side effects appear, dosage adjustment or substitution should be adjusted.

Blood system:

  • hemolytic anemia;
  • agranulocytosis;
  • thrombocytopenia.

Respiratory system:

  • labored breathing;
  • nasal sinus congestion;
  • feeling of heaviness and pressure in the chest;
  • slow sputum discharge.

The cardiovascular system:

  • hypotension;
  • heart rhythm disorders;
  • extrasystole.

Such phenomena are most often diagnosed in elderly patients.

Nervous system:

  • headache;
  • dizziness and increased fatigue;
  • tremor of the limbs;
  • sedation;
  • violation of motor coordination.

! More on the topic:

Tavegil most often has the opposite effect on children: they can develop nervous excitement, euphoria, irritability, and tearfulness. Sleep disturbances are often noted.

Urinary system:

  • urine retention;
  • frequent urination to urinate.

Digestive system:

  • nausea and gagging;
  • impaired stool;
  • constipation;
  • diarrhea;
  • epigastric pain;
  • dryness in the mouth;
  • loss of appetite.

Sense organs:

  • noise in ears;
  • reduced visual acuity;
  • labyrinthitis in the acute stage.

Allergic manifestations:

  • skin rash;
  • hives;
  • Quincke's edema (extremely rare).

Dermatological reactions:

  • photosensitization.

special instructions

Any activity that requires increased attentiveness and quick decision-making (for example, driving) should be avoided.

The use of the drug during pregnancy is possible only after a careful analysis of the possible risks to the mother and the fetus, as well as the ratio of harm and the intended benefits.

The drug should be discontinued 3 days before the laboratory diagnosis and testing for allergens.

Another important point: the introduction of "Tavegila" by intra-arterial means is strictly prohibited!

Description and properties

Each ampoule with the drug contains 2 mg of clemastine. The main effect on the body:

  • the itching disappears;
  • swelling of tissues decreases;
  • the spasm of smooth muscle fibers is removed;
  • decreases the permeability of the vascular walls;
  • The anticholinergic effect is rejected.

tavegil-4 The drug is available as a solution for intravenous and intramuscular administration. The liquid in the ampoule may be colorless or light yellow (sometimes a light green tint is allowed), and the solution must be completely transparent, without sediment and floating particles.

The drug is packaged in 1 ml ampoules; each pack contains 5 ampoules.

Cleavage of the active component "Tavegila" occurs in the liver cells, and the metabolites of clemastine (decomposition products) are eliminated from the body along with urine.

During breastfeeding, part of the active substance may be excreted along with breast milk.


Dispensed from pharmacies by prescription. Shelf life 5 years. Store at 15–30 ° C.


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His wife was pricked with Tavegil when she was in a hospital with a fit of severe allergies. The picture, of course, was just awful: the whole face was swollen, the eye was almost invisible, the eyelids were swollen, went red with some stains, began to choke. After the first injection, puffiness subsided, and breathing was restored, on the third day, the spots disappeared. Very good and effective drug that saved my wife. Denis, 29 years old, Lyubertsy

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    Tavegil was prescribed to the child, intramuscularly, he was given the first injection, while there were no changes, allergies, spots on the body, feet, palms, everything is itchy, I hope that it will help

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