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Terbinafin Cream - consistency The drug is also available in tablet dosage form.



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Instructions for use

Composition per 100 g of ointment

Tuba, box, instruction Active substance:

  • Terbinafine hydrochloride - 1 g;

Additional substances:

  • Methyl parahydroxybenzoate (methyl paraben) - 0.10 g;
  • Carbomer (rarely crosslinked polyacrylic acid MARS-06) - 1.50 g;
  • Polysorbate - 80 (twin - 80) - 1 g;
  • Vaseline oil - 5 g;
  • Propylene glycol - 10 g;
  • Sodium hydroxide (caustic sodium) - 0.40 g;
  • Purified water - 81 g.


White ointment with a specific odor.

Pharmacological properties

On the back side Antifungal agent. Terbinafine belongs to the group of allylamines and has antifungal effects. In minor doses, it has a fungicidal (antifungal) effect on parasitic fungi Trychophyton, Microsporum canis, Epidermophyton floccosum, as well as mold, yeast fungi, as a rule, Candida albicans. For fungi Candida spp. and their mycelial forms produce fungicidal or fungistatic action, that is, preventing the reproduction and growth of pathogenic fungi.

Terbinafine violates the initial stage of the biosynthesis of the main element of the cell membrane ergosterol fungi by inhibiting (slowing down or preventing) the enzyme squalene epoxidase.

Terbinafine does not affect the human cytochrome P450 system and, therefore, the metabolism of hormones or other drugs.


Absorption with local use of less than 5%, has a minimal systemic effect.

Indications for use

  • prevention and treatment of fungal infections of the skin, including the "fungus" of the feet (mycosis), of the inguinal athlete , infection with the fungus of the smooth skin of the body, provoked by such dermatophytes (fungi) like Trichophyton, Microsporum canis and Epidermophyton floccosum;
  • intertrigo;
  • varicolor versicolor.
Tip: after recovery, treat your shoes so that there is no recurrence.



  • High susceptibility to terbinafine or to one of the inactive components in the composition of the drug.
  • Liver diseases, including chronic.
  • Chronic renal failure (CC 50 ml / min).
  • Children under the age of 12 years.

Care should be taken when:

  • renal and / or liver failure;
  • alcohol addiction;
  • oppression of bone marrow hematopoiesis;
  • different types of tumors;
  • metabolic diseases;
  • occlusive vascular diseases of the limbs.

Pregnancy and breastfeeding

The use of the drug during pregnancy occurs only when the potential benefit to the mother exceeds the perceived threat to the baby.

When breastfeeding systemic use is contraindicated. In the case of applying ointment or cream, you need to ensure that the child is not in contact with the treated areas of the skin. Do not handle nipples with HB.

Method of use and the recommended dosage

27374519 Used externally.

Adults and children over 12 years old.

Before applying the ointment, clean and dry the affected areas. The ointment is applied once or twice a day with a thin layer on the skin at the site of the lesion and on adjacent healthy areas, a little rubbed.

For diaper rash, for example, under the mammary glands, in the interdigital spaces, between the buttocks, in the inguinal zone, it is recommended to close the site of application of the drug with gauze, especially during sleep.

The average duration of treatment

  • with torso ringworm, lower leg is used 1 time / day during the week;
  • dermatomycosis of the feet - 1 time / day during the week;
  • skin candidiasis - 1 or 2 times / day for 1-2 weeks;
  • versicolor versicolor - 1 or 2 times / day for 2 weeks.

Changes in clinical manifestations are usually seen at the initial stage of treatment. The resumption of infection is possible in cases of premature cessation of the use of ointment or with occasional treatment. If there is no improvement after 1 or 2 weeks, it is necessary to verify (check) the diagnosis.

The dosage of terbinafine ointment for the elderly is absolutely no difference from the above.

Use of the drug for children

The only restriction is children under 12 years old.

Side effects

  • At the sites of the drug may cause redness, as well as itching or burning.
  • Allergic reactions .


Cases of drug overdose are unknown.

If involuntarily ointment got inside, then the side effects will be the same as with an overdose of terbinafine in tablets (headache, nausea, epigastric pain and dizziness).

Treatment with overdose

Any erotsorbent , for example activated carbon , and, if necessary, symptomatic supportive therapy.

special instructions


  • A decrease in overt clinical manifestations is usually seen in the first days of the course of treatment.
  • In case of non-systematic treatment or its early termination, the risk of recurrence of infection is possible.
  • Apply only externally.
  • Avoid contact with the mucous membrane of the eye, as irritation is possible. If the drug is still in the eyes, they should be immediately treated with running water, and if persistent irritation occurs, consult with a specialist.
  • If allergic reactions occur, the drug should be discarded.

Interactions with other drugs have not been established.

Release form

Ointment for external use 1%.

Aluminum tubes with bushons of polymeric materials of 10 or 15 g. Tuba with the instruction is packed in a cardboard box.


Shelf life 2 years. Do not use after the expiration date. Store at a temperature not higher than + 25 ° С, out of the reach of children. Released from pharmacies without a prescription.


Ointment remarkably helps from a foot fungus. On personal experience, I became convinced that there was no point in spending money on expensive drugs, since terbinafin perfectly coped with my problem. Irina

I learned about the presence of fungus on my feet from my pedicure master. I had a slight itch, but I could not even imagine that it was a fungus! I ran to the pharmacy, bought Terbinafine, inflicted and thought that it was about to itch and the burning sensation intensified, but this did not happen! After a week of use, I realized that there was no more fungus! Tamara

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  • Gregory :

    Hello. Can Terbinafin cream help with an allergy in the groin?

  • sarin :

    Terbinafine can help with depriving?! Women who have? For a week, you can get rid of itching and damage to the skin of the body ??

    • Doc :


      If the diagnosis is correct, it will help, not only in a week, but in two. Even if the symptoms are gone, you need to continue to smear.

      If the scalp is affected, it is best to use an antifungal shampoo.

  • Victor :

    Terbinafine (ointment in a tube), it did not help me in the photo of the Belmedpreparata concern, I will use clotrimazole, preferably of European origin, or miconazole has good reviews.

  • Natalia :

    I have such a problem. I am 35 years old. Six months ago, they diagnosed mycosis of the scalp and milk glands. Appointed: Itrungar drink for 15 days, apply Zinovit shampoo on the head and lotion Bifon - on the mammary glands for 1 month, iron the laundry. Worn out, underwent a course of treatment. The test results showed the presence of fungi in moderate quantities on the scalp and on the mammary glands (before the treatment there were a significant amount). The doctor throws up his hands and does not know what to appoint next. He says that such strong drugs, if they help, they help immediately. I decided to take another course of treatment with these drugs. And now during the treatment with horror I notice that a disgusting itch appeared in the eyebrows, and the nails of the hands became exfoliated and stripes appeared on two or three fingers. Has the fungus been transferred now to them? I, after all, have spent months without my gloves on my head. And the doctor didn't tell me anything about it. Tell me, please, can the fungus from the scalp eventually go to the nails of the hands?

    What should I do? I read that people successfully treat mycosis of the scalp with Lamisil, drink the tablets for a month (1 tablet per day) and get rid of this filth. Such treatment is prescribed for children of kindergarten age. Where did I get this mycosis from, I still will not attach my mind. Tell me, please, can such a treatment help me in my situation — by drinking Lamisil alone without using shampoos? Lamisil is a very expensive drug, suddenly it will not help me. Is it possible to replace it with an analogue - Terbinafine? And how do I protect my hands? Wash your head in gloves? Help me please.

    • Doc :


      Spores of fungi spread everywhere, if you have mycosis of the scalp, then there are spores throughout the house. Hygiene and wet cleaning help fight this, but if you are so actively spreading mycosis, you may have problems with the immune system, some systemic diseases. Try to pass an immunogram and consult the results with a doctor.

      Lamisil or Terbinafine can be tried, as you wrote, 1 tab / day for a month. At the same time, it is also necessary to use shampoo during the whole treatment, but not every day, 2-3 times a week. On other days, if necessary, you can wash the usual shampoo.

  • Anna :

    Hello, I started to treat nail fungus with bifosin, but there was little left and continued with terbinafine. Isn't that scary that I replaced? And also for the ointment is also important that you can not combine with alcohol? And tell me, can there be a connection between thrush and nail fungus, and then it is worth starting a systemic treatment. Many questions, but I hope to answer

    • Doc :


      It rarely happens that a fungus is resistant to some kind of ointment. If the result is not, change the medicine back, and so do not worry. Alcohol does not affect local drugs.

      Communication with thrush of course maybe go to the doctor, perhaps prescribed pills.

  • Anna :

    Hello! Found a fungus like not strong on the neck and armpits! Assigned terbinofin cream! But I have a baby for him 5 months and I breastfeed! The instructions can not be written with Guards! Is there a large amount of milk in the milk? And what could be terrible with a child? I just need to treat him anyway, but I don’t want Pts to turn off.

    • Doc :


      The cream can be applied, only wash your hands with soap after application and see that it does not fall on the nipples and next to them.

  • Rose :

    Hello, Doctor!
    My son has ringworm on the scalp. He is two years old. The doctor prescribed methylene to smear it and then ointment with tabinafine. When smearing ointment I notice a little rash around the sore, probably an allergic reaction. And now I read that there are restrictions on age. What to do? We suffer for three months. Thank you in advance!

    • Doc :


      Here, no inspection can be advised. See the doctor for a rash, ask for ketoconazole, a more benign preparation, if possible.

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