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Instructions for use

A thermicon is an antifungal topical ointment. It is characterized by white color and characteristic odor.


cream 15g Indications for use of the cream:

  • prevention of fungal infections;
  • foot mycosis ;
  • athlete's groin ;
  • lesions of smooth skin dermatophytes;
  • yeast infections (mainly from the fungus Candida);
  • diaper rash (inguinal, interdigital, under the breast, between the gluteal muscles);
  • versicolor multicolored .

Dosage and administration

For children up to 12 years: apply ointment with increased caution. Influence on a children's organism is not studied completely.

For adults, elderly people and teenagers from the age of 12: wash the affected part of the skin with clean water and dry it. Apply the cream externally. It is also necessary to process the adjacent healthy skin. Depending on the diagnosis, you need to apply once or twice a day.

If the fungus symptoms are accompanied by diaper rash, wrap the affected area with gauze tape after applying the drug. Do it before bedtime. If mycosis is in an advanced stage, a large tub of ointment is needed for treatment.

The duration of treatment is at least 1 week.


All forms of thermikon You can not use the ointment for an individual allergic reaction to its components.

Under the supervision of physicians are allowed to apply the cream to children up to the age of twelve, as well as the following patients:

  • with liver and kidney failure;
  • alcohol addicts;
  • with poor blood formation;
  • with neoplasms (malignant and benign);
  • with failure in metabolic processes of the body;
  • with vascular diseases of the hands and feet.

Pregnancy and lactation

termikon-0 There are no data on the effect of Termikon cream on the expectant mother or on the fetus.

In order to avoid negative effects on the child, it is recommended to be exposed to the use of a thermicon during pregnancy.

The active substance, applied externally, does not come with breast milk. For a newborn breastfed, this method of use is safe.


No significant excess of the recommended dose has been reported.

Side effects

Among the adverse reactions worth noting the appearance of some patients desquamation, itching and burning.

If you are worried about the sensations of pain and discomfort, you need to stop the treatment and consult a doctor.

Composition and pharmacokinetics

termikon-84 100 mg of cream contains 10 mg of terbinafine hydrochloride. This substance is the main active ingredient in the preparation.

Excipients: benzyl alcohol, pure water, isopropyl myristate, polysorbate 60, cetyl alcohol, stearyl alcohol, sorbitan stearate, sodium hydroxide, cetylmalmitate.

It acts on the fungus at the cellular level immediately after application. In small doses it has a fungicidal effect on mold fungi, dermatophytes and dimorph fungi. The main substance slows the growth of yeast fungus or completely destroys it. The action is due to the type of fungus that affects the skin.

Components of Thermicon do not affect the level of hormones in the body, does not affect the effectiveness of other drugs. Less than five percent absorbed.


The course of treatment must be continuous. Suspension of treatment threatens to relapse. Improvement and relief appear in the first few days of applying the ointment, but for a complete cure a continuous course is needed.

It is released without a prescription.

Shelf life 2 years. Keep out of reach of children, at temperatures not above 30 ° C. (do not freeze).


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In the New Year holidays I noticed a red spot on my skin. It scaly and itched terribly. The first thing I did was self-medicating, which I later regretted. The pharmacist sold me hormonal ointments, which for two weeks could not cope with the disease. And longer than this time to use hormonal drugs can not. The dermatologist, to whom I turned, wrote Thermicon. Peel skin ceased after five days, the redness went away like a bad dream on the tenth day. Varvara, Noyabrsk

I cured a nail fungus with a Thermicon. Where I caught it, I do not even remember (bath, sauna, fitness center, water park). But the treatment was postponed all the time, thinking that "it will pass by itself." As a result, the legs acquired a careless and neglected look. Bought a cream, began to smear. The main rule - do not let it dry. For this, I constantly removed my finger in the fingertip. After completing the full course, I forgot what a fungus is. But after six months there was a relapse. And here again Termikon helped. Irina, Omsk

Termikon attracts budget price and high efficiency. I used it twice a day on an injured part of the body. After a week, the symptoms went away. I fully recovered in two months. Maria, Moscow

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