Appearance, packaging Currently, structural analogs of Terzhinan with the same active substances do not exist . The effects on pathogenic organisms can be considered analogues:

  • Neotrizol,
  • Meratin Combi


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Instructions for use

Composition and properties

tablet size The instructions for the drug reported that vaginal tablets (often called "candles").

Do not swallow the pill! :)

Terzhinan is a combination drug. One suppository contains the main components:

  • 200 mg of ternidazole,
  • 100 mg of neomycin sulfate,
  • 100 thousand units Nystatin,
  • 3 mg Prednisolone (sodium metasulfobenoate).

The complex of excipients includes:

  • corn starch,
  • anhydrous silica,
  • magnesium stearate,
  • povidone,
  • lactose,
  • talc,
  • sodium lauryl sulfate,
  • perfume.

In one blister is placed on 6 or 10 pieces.

Candles should be stored at room temperature. Have a three-year shelf life.

pharmachologic effect

It looks like the tablet itself The main components of the drug attack infections each in its own way:

  1. Ternidazole has a trichomonacid effect and is active against anaerobic microorganisms, for example, Gardnerella.
  2. Neomycin sulfate quickly copes with pyogenic bacteria, acting as an aminoglycoside antibiotic with a rich spectrum of action.
  3. Nystatin finally eliminates Candida mushrooms.
  4. Prednisolone metasulfobenzoate sodium has anti-inflammatory effect, being a glucocorticoid.

The overall composition of the drug when used ensures the indestructibility of the vaginal mucosa and a constant pH.

Indications for use

The conditions in which Terzhinan candles have the maximum benefit include vaginitis :

  • fungal, caused by Candida albicans;
  • Trichomonas;
  • bacterial, caused by pyogenic flora;
  • due to mixed infections (yeast-like fungi, anaerobic and trichomonads).

back side To prevent fungal infections, the drug is used:

  • on the eve of surgical treatment of gynecological pathologies,
  • before childbirth or abortion,
  • before installing the contraceptive coil and after its introduction,
  • before intrauterine research (hysterography),
  • before diatermocoagulation of the cervix and after the procedure.


These suppositories are not recommended for patients who are sensitive to the components of the drug.

From the 2nd trimester, you can use the drug. In the first trimester and in the period of feeding only by doctor's prescription.

The effectiveness of treatment will be achieved if you simultaneously treat the sexual partner. Such a precaution will help to avoid reinfection.

During menstruation it is better to be treated with pills .

Possible negative consequences

Side effects from these vaginal tablets are rare. At the beginning of treatment, local reactions are sometimes likely:

The appearance of these signs requires replacement with a softer counterpart.

Treatment with Terzhinan does not affect the ability to drive and conduct active exercises.

Instructions and features of the application

Terzhinan - 3 packs Before using the tablet is held in water for half a minute , and then injected into the vagina. This manipulation is done before bedtime while lying down. At another time of day after the introduction of the suppository should lie down for 15 minutes.

According to the general scheme, therapy lasts 10 days. If mycosis is particularly difficult, treatment is extended to 20 days. Another menstruation is not a reason to cancel the procedure.

Attention! Adjustment of the daily dose must necessarily be coordinated with the gynecologist.


When after birth, I had erosion, I passed the tests. They showed inflammation and thrush. The doctor prescribed me candles for Terzhinan. It turned out that they have the form of vaginal tablets. For ten days I administered overnight. In the process of treatment there were no side effects. At the end of the course I passed the tests again. They showed that I am healthy. I liked the fact that candles can be used for pregnant women and during feeding, which is especially important for me. Anna, 25 years old, Vologda

I soon have to remove polyps in the uterus. But first, the doctor prescribed these "vaginal pills." Six years ago I was prescribed for thrush. Then they helped well. The course has not finished yet. There are three days left. But I already feel that my condition has improved. The pain in the abdomen is gone. I advise everyone to this drug. It has almost no side effects and gives good results. Vera, 45, Ivanovo

At the next examination, the gynecologist discovered that I had vaginitis. Although I did not complain about anything. Smears were bad. The doctor said that a very serious inflammation of the vagina. Has prescribed Terzhinan. These are vaginal suppositories, although pills are called. The treatment is not difficult. Each evening introduced one candle. Course in 10 days. The only thing was that it was impossible to have sex with my husband even with a condom (a doctor’s warning). The inflammation has passed, and tests have shown it. Good and simple medicine. Rimma, 32 years old, Kaliningrad

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  • Venus :

    In a smear found trichomoniasis, after the second candle all the itching and discomfort left! I will set the course for 10 days, and the internal treatment too! What I mean is that all the negative signs and discharge are gone after just one candle! Girl 25 years old! Ps, protect yourself (((

  • Gulmira :

    Be sure to keep the pill in water ????

  • Ganimurat :

    Review Rimma cool. About the fact that you can not have sex with her husband. And with the rest you can.

  • Alfia :

    Hello! I was appointed terzhinan, tell me it is necessary to do it in the prone position, I did it sitting, and then I went and went to bed, did I do it right?

  • Julia :

    Yes indeed, Terzhinan is a very good drug, I recommend not to skimp and look for analogues for cheaper, its price fully justifies itself)

  • Olya :

    Tell me please, you can not have sex during treatment or in general? After treatment, if it is possible, then there will again be discharge, since the husband has not been treated.

    • Doc :


      Sex is not recommended to engage in the entire period of treatment, it often provokes a relapse.

      It is better for the husband to use a cream, for example, Klorimazol, to apply it twice a day during the week.

  • Masha :

    Hello, and you can put candles during your period.

  • Alya :

    When colpitis can use this drug?

  • Alla :

    Hello, I have hypothyroidism, is it possible to use this drug?

  • Gala :

    Hello, and when cervicitis, you can put Terzhanin

    • Doc :


      It is necessary to find out the causative agent of the disease and from this to prescribe drugs, only a doctor can do this.

  • Ale :

    Hello, I was diagnosed with "congenital cervical erosion" prescribed these candles, there is nothing written about this medicine on the websites, tell me how it will help me and whether it will help me at all?

    • Doc :


      Usually there is no need to treat congenital erosion, some concomitant disease may have been found, it is better to check with a doctor.

  • Natalya :

    Pregnant with twins, ureaplasmosis was detected in smears, and Terzhinan was prescribed. The instructions about this type of infection does not say anything. Does it make sense for them to be treated. The term is 13 weeks.

    • Doc :


      Terzhinan effective against the simplest, and generally has a wide range of actions. If the doctor has prescribed, then you can.

  • Regina :

    Good evening! Can polygynax be replaced with serzhinanom for thrush? We are on GW.

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