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Instructions for use

Tizin Alerji Spray is designed specifically for the treatment of allergic rhinitis in adults and children. The tool has a local effect due to levocabastine. The effect appears in a few minutes.

Dosage and administration

bottle tizin alert The drug is administered intranasally. Children from 6 years old and adults are prescribed 2 doses (100 μg) in each nostril twice a day. If the symptoms are pronounced, you can spray spray more often - 3-4 times a day. The course of treatment must be continued until complete cure.

Before using the drug should wash the nose. The use of funds:

  1. Remove protective cap.
  2. Press the spray nozzle several times until a visible cloud forms.
  3. Shake the vial and inject the medicine into both nostrils, inhaling with the nose when spraying.
  4. Wear protective cap.


Tizin Alergi is strictly forbidden to use only in two cases - in children under 6 years old and with hypersensitivity to the components of the drug.

Need to be careful when using the spray in old age and with impaired renal function.

Pregnancy and lactation

Tizin Alergy Spray The drug is not recommended for pregnant women, since appropriate studies have not been conducted. The doctor may prescribe this tool, but only if the expected benefit to the mother exceeds the possible risks to the fetus.

There is evidence that even after a single application of the tool, levocabastin penetrates into the saliva and breast milk.

About 0.6% of the accepted dose of the drug can enter the body of the infant during feeding. Therefore, if necessary, use a nasal spray woman should stop lactating.


There was no evidence of an overdose of levocabastin. If accidentally swallowed, it is theoretically possible:

  • lowering pressure;
  • moderate sedation;
  • tachycardia.

If such symptoms occur, the victim should be provided with plenty of drink. This will help speed up the removal of levocabastine by the kidneys.

Side effects

instruction tizin alert During drug treatment the following side effects may occur:

  • nausea;
  • headache and dizziness;
  • tachycardia;
  • pain in the larynx and pharynx;
  • bleeding from the nose;
  • cough;
  • fatigue and malaise;
  • allergic reactions;
  • mucosal edema;
  • dyspnea.

In less than 1% of patients, during clinical studies, adverse events were identified at the injection site:

  • burning;
  • pain;
  • the discomfort;
  • irritation;
  • dryness.

Composition and release form

packaging tezin alert The drug is available in the form of a dosed nasal spray. Packed in 10 ml spray bottles, which corresponds to 100 doses.

The composition of the drug is as follows:

  • levocabastine (active substance);
  • propylene glycol;
  • sodium phosphate;
  • hypromellose;
  • polysorbate;
  • sodium hydrophosphate monohydrate;
  • benzalkonium chloride;
  • edetate disodium;
  • water.

Pharmacology and Pharmacokinetics

Tizin Alergi - antiallergic drug. The active substance in its composition is levocabastin, a selective blocker of H1-histamine receptors. It eliminates the symptoms of allergic rhinitis - nasal discharge, itching and sneezing.

The drug begins to act locally within 5 minutes after spraying into the nostrils. The effect lasts up to 12 hours.

About 80% of the absorbed levocabastin is excreted in the urine in its original form. The half-life lasts about 35-40 hours.

Interaction with other drugs

The interaction of the drug with other nasal topical agents is poorly understood. However, it was found that when combined with oxymetazoline, the absorption of levocabastine decreases.

special instructions

When used in recommended dosages, the drug does not cause a strong sedative effect and does not reduce the rate of the reaction compared with placebo. In the event of drowsiness, it is necessary to abandon driving a car and performing hazardous types of work that require concentration of attention and quick psychomotor reactions.

After the expiration date, you can not throw the medicine on the street or poured into the sewer. You must put the drug in the bag and throw it in the trash. Such actions provide environmental protection.

Shelf life

2 years.

Storage conditions

The place inaccessible to children, the optimum temperature is up to +25 degrees.

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When worsening allergies, I always have a terrible runny nose, sneezing, but I prefer not to take pills. This time I bought Tizin Alergi - I saw ads on TV, then I read reviews on the Internet. I have been using it for 2 weeks and am ready to share my opinion. I felt the result on the second day: a runny nose began to pass, and with it the nose itself seemed to have become lighter - swelling noticeably disappeared. The effect lasts about 10 hours. If I splash before bed, I sleep well until the very morning. I have already forgotten how awful it is to wake up at night because you cannot inhale with your nose.

Matvey, Arkhangelsk
Everyone is waiting for the summer, rave trips to the sea, on a barbecue, and I'm afraid of this time. I'm allergic to flowering plants, pollen, poplar fluff. Last year, on the advice of my friends, I bought Tizin Alerji. The spray worked in a few minutes. The congestion did not pass right away, but I began to sniff less, a burning sensation subsided. The next day I was breathing almost freely. Now I am treated with this spray every time an exacerbation begins. Veronica, Ufa

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