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  • Asterisk nos, spray;
  • Rhinostop;
  • Xylometazoline;
  • Xymelin;
  • Otrivin;
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  • Xylene;
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For adults: Tizin Alerdzhi , spray.

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Instructions for use

Tizin Xylo - Spanish drug for the treatment of rhinitis in children aged 2-6 years. Another version of the medicine is also available - Tizin Xylo Bio with hyaluronic acid content, which provides active hydration of the nasal mucosa. Both drugs belong to the group of vasoconstrictors. They quickly relieve swelling of the mucous membrane, returning free nasal breathing.


Tizin Xylo Bio with instructions The drug is prescribed to children aged 2-6 years to reduce swelling of the nasopharyngeal mucosa and the amount of secretions in the following diseases:

Also, the drug is used in the preparation of children for diagnostic manipulations in the nasal passages.

Dosage and administration

Tizin Xylo and Tizin Xylo Bio inject 1 dose into each nostril 1-2 times a day. The standard course of treatment is 5-7 days, but the doctor can adjust the duration of use of the drug.

After the end of therapy, you should take a break. After a few days, if necessary, treatment can be repeated in a similar pattern.

In chronic rhinitis, the drug may only be used as directed by the doctor. There is a risk that it will cause atrophy of the nasal mucosa.

Spray spray technique is as follows:

  1. Remove protective cap.
  2. Prepare the drug for use by repeatedly pressing the spray nozzle until a visible cloud appears.
  3. Insert the spray nozzle into the nostril, holding the bottle vertically, press 1 time. During the injection, the child must inhale the agent.
  4. Repeat the same with the other nostril.
  5. Wear protective cap.


types tizin You can not use the drug for the treatment of children who have not reached the age of 2 years. Other contraindications to the use of funds:

  • intolerance to xylometazoline or other spray components;
  • atrophic rhinitis;
  • thyrotoxicosis;
  • severe diseases of the heart and blood vessels (ischemia of the heart, angina, hypertension, tachycardia, marked atherosclerosis);
  • high intraocular pressure (especially with angle-closure glaucoma);
  • condition after transsphenoidal hypophysectomy;
  • previous operations on the meninges;
  • taking MAO inhibitors or other drugs that can increase blood pressure.

With caution, the drug is used to treat children with the following diagnoses:

  • pheochromocytoma;
  • diseases of the endocrine system (diabetes mellitus, hyperthyroidism, etc.);
  • hypersensitivity to adrenergic drugs (accompanied by symptoms such as sleep disorders, dizziness, arrhythmia, tremor, increased pressure);
  • porphyria.

In such cases, only the doctor can prescribe the drug, carefully weighing all possible risks and complications.


Tizin xylo If you exceed the maximum duration of use (1 week), overdose and concomitant hyperemia of the nasal mucosa may occur.

There is a risk that this will lead to difficulty in breathing through the nose, with the result that the child will need repeated or even continuous administration of the drug.

On the background of abuse of the spray, it is possible to develop medical rhinitis (chronic edema) or ozena (atrophy of the nasal mucosa).

In milder cases, to improve the condition of the child, it is recommended to stop the administration of the drug in one nostril, but continue to spray it on the second. This will allow at least partially to maintain breathing through the nose.

Side effects

In susceptible patients, the drug causes:

  • slight burning in the nose;
  • paresthesia;
  • sneezing;
  • increase in discharge from the nose.

Sometimes during treatment there is a reactive hyperemia - the swelling of the nasal mucosa increases.

With prolonged and / or frequent use of the product, as well as exceeding the recommended dosages, the following side effects may occur:

  • burning nose;
  • dry mucous membranes;
  • reactive stagnation and subsequent medical rhinitis.

Side effects may persist even a week after stopping the use of the drug. Prolonged use of the product can provoke dry rhinitis - irreversible damage to the nasal mucosa with the formation of crusts.

Very rarely, with prolonged use of the drug in high doses, headaches, insomnia, weakness and depression occur.

There are also isolated cases of tachycardia, visual impairment, increased pressure, arrhythmias caused by the use of sympathomimetics.

Composition and release form

Tizin Xylo Bio The drug is available in the form of a nasal dosage spray at a concentration of 0.05% or 0.1%. The tool is packaged in bottles of 10 ml. This amounts to 140 doses for a concentration of 0.05% and 70 doses for a concentration of 0.1%.

The active substance in both varieties of the drug is xylometazoline.

Auxiliary components in the spray Tizin Xylo:

  • benzalkonium chloride;
  • sodium chloride;
  • sorbitol;
  • disodium hydrogen phosphate dihydrate;
  • sodium dihydrogen phosphate dihydrate;
  • edetate disodium;
  • water.

Auxiliary substances in the composition of Tizin Xylo Bio:

  • glycerol;
  • sodium chloride;
  • sodium dihydrogen phosphate dihydrate;
  • sodium phosphate dihydrate;
  • hyaluronic acid salt;
  • water.

Pharmacology and Pharmacokinetics

Tizin Xylo and Tizin Xylo Biot are sympathomimetics that stimulate alpha adrenoreceptors. The active substance in both forms of the drug is xylometazoline, an imidazole derivative.

The drug has 4 pronounced effects:

  1. It constricts the vessels of the nasopharyngeal mucosa.
  2. Relieves swelling and hyperemia of the nasopharyngeal mucosa.
  3. Improves discharge of secretions.
  4. Eases breathing through the nose with a cold.

The action of the drug begins 5-10 minutes after administration. Tizin Xylo Bio due to hyaluronic acid well moisturizes the mucous membrane, creating favorable conditions for the launch of recovery processes.

special instructions

After the expiration date of the drug can not be poured into the wastewater or thrown into the street. The bottle should be wrapped in a bag and dropped into the trash. Such measures will prevent environmental pollution.

Shelf life

2 years.

Storage conditions

To store in the place protected from children at a temperature at most +25 degrees.

Pharmacy sales terms

No recipe required.


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My son is 4 years old. Recently, he caught some kind of a virus - there was a fever, without coughing and snot, but his nose sore. We both washed it, and drops dripped - nothing helped. It is good that the pharmacist at the pharmacy advised Tizin Xylo. The price was low, and the spray worked in a couple of minutes. Snot began to move away. We blew our nose and breathed. Alla, Ulan-Ude

I originally bought Tizin Xylo Bio daughter, but now I also use it. Spray begins to act within a few minutes, quickly eliminates nasal congestion. The action lasts about 12 hours, so the child can sleep all night and breathe normally in a dream. I also like the fact that the sprayer has a rather thin and long nose. To the children's nostrils, it is great. So that my daughter is not naughty, I sit her to watch some cartoon. She is distracted, and I quickly splash 1 time in each nostril. Olga, Moscow

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