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With seasonal outbreaks of viral diseases, most people’s immune system cannot cope with the load. The stress and intense rhythm of life also has a negative effect on the immune system.

Trekrezan - a unique drug that exhibits an immunostimulating effect, and also increases the body's resistance to the effects of negative factors.


Indications for taking Trekrezan are:

  • reduced immunity due to colds;
  • immunodeficiency states caused by antibiotics;
  • poisoning by salts of heavy metals (as part of complex therapy);
  • alcohol withdrawal syndrome;
  • decreased performance (mental and physical), fatigue;
  • negative impact of stress on the body.

Dosage and administration

back side Trekrezan is issued in the form of tablets for intake.

To improve immunity and prevent diseases, take 1 tablet (200 mg) daily for 1-2 weeks.

For treatment in the acute period of illness, take 3 tablets on the first day and 1 tablet per week.

As an adaptogen, they are taken in the same way as for treatment in the acute period to increase the body's defenses and stability.

When poisoning with heavy metals and with withdrawal symptoms take 2-3 tablets per day. The course of treatment is 5 days.

Treatment can be repeated in 1-2 months.


Contraindications to receive Trekrezan are:

  1. Hypersensitivity.
  2. Pregnancy and lactation.
  3. Lactose intolerance or enzyme insufficiency lactase.
  4. Pathology of glucose absorption.
  5. Age up to 12 years.

Use during pregnancy

The use of Trekrezan is contraindicated during periods of pregnancy and lactation.


Cases of overdose Trekrezanom not identified.

Side effects

Of the side effects, only rare cases of allergic reactions were noted.


one close-up tablet and its size The active ingredient is hydroxyethylammonium methylphenoxyacetate. Its uniqueness consists in the combination of immunostimulating, adaptogenic and detoxifying action. When ingested, Trekrezan stimulates the production of interferons, activates cellular and humoral immunity.

Due to this, the human immune system is strengthened and resistance to negative factors is increased. In addition to the immunostimulating effect, the adaptogenic properties of the drug and its rather strong antitoxic effect are considered clinically important.

As an additional substance, potato starch, milk sugar and calcium stearate are present in Trekrezan.

Special features

Stored in a dark place for 2 years after the date of manufacture.

In prophylactic administration, Trekrezan shows high efficacy due to increased immunity and increased body resistance.

From pharmacies prescription.

It can be used simultaneously with other drugs, since there were no negative interactions.


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This is the best drug that I used. I was prescribed it for a common cold. But it was the beginning of winter - the period of the session. There was no time to hurt, but I could not study - I felt too bad. The doctor prescribed me to drink Trekrezan's course. I can say that on the third day I felt much better. I took the course of 10 tablets prescribed to me, managed to recover and successfully pass the session. Kristina, 20 years old, St. Petersburg

Trekrezan I was appointed as an adaptogen in one of the difficult periods at work - the season of reports, summarizing. I noticed the result - it became much calmer to respond to the upcoming difficulties, more soberly assess the situation and find good solutions to problems. After the start of Trekrezan’s intake, fatigue disappeared, and his head remained clear even in the evening after work. Now I accept it prophylactically, if any long-term difficulties are coming. Oleg, 32 years old, Moscow

Of the antiviral drugs offered to me at the pharmacy, I chose Trekrezan because of the convenience of taking it. On the first day I drank a loading dose, and then I took 1 tablet per day. In sick condition I had to go to work, so this multiplicity of reception was very convenient. After a couple of days I felt better. I think that without Trekrezan my recovery would be delayed for at least a week. In addition, the price of the drug is quite affordable, and in the package - as many as 20 tablets, half of which I still have.

Maxim, Yekaterinburg

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