Device for ultraviolet processing of shoes Timson

Timson shines with ultraviolet Why do you need to disinfect shoes ?

Perhaps, everyone knows the unpleasant smell, which can not be got rid of with the usual drying of shoes and sprays. And it would be fine only a smell, so also there is a fungus on legs or foots - the phenomenon very unpleasant and to recover which very difficultly. In addition, from humidity, shoe products (especially from genuine leather) quickly lose shape, tear and fall into disrepair, and bacteria and fungi that actively propagate in a humid environment contribute to the rotting of the material.

For the treatment and prevention of fungal infections on the legs, and also in order to avoid unpleasant odor from shoes, to prevent the development of harmful microorganisms inside and to extend the life of it, it is necessary to regularly disinfect. To this end, a lot of money is proposed, starting with folk remedies (a solution of potassium permanganate, formalin, ammonia, vinegar, hydrogen peroxide), ending with widely advertised sprays and electrical devices for disinfecting and drying shoe products.

Principle of operation of the device

21 The device for the antifungal treatment of Timson shoes is very simple: it consists of two working elements connected by an electric cord and a plug. Working elements are placed inside the shoe, which requires drying and antifungal treatment, after which the device is included in the electric network.

Thanks to ultraviolet radiation and heat emanating from the device, the fungus spores and harmful bacteria die, the shoes are dried, the toe becomes comfortable and safe . Time of processing of footwear by the device Timson: 6-12 hours, drying temperature: + 60 ... 70 ° С.

Timson provides a reliable antibacterial and antifungal protection of shoes and does not spoil it at all, because drying is conducted in a gentle mode. The device not only preserves the quality of shoes, but significantly extends its service life. Ultraviolet has a deodorizing effect, eliminates the unpleasant odor inside.

In addition, the device is indicated for the treatment of various mycoses, as well as for the prevention of recurrence of fungal diseases and foot hygiene. It has been proved that within 4-6 hours of shoe handling by Timson device, such fungi as:

  • Candida albicans - 100%;
  • Trichophyton rubrum - by 99.67%;
  • Trichophyton mentaqrophytes - by 99.87%.

And already within the first 6-8 hours bacteria are destroyed:

  • Sallmonella enteritidis - by 64.7%;
  • Klebsiella pheumoniae - by 85.2%;
  • Eschericha coli - by 68.4%;
  • Staphylococcus aureus - by 83.3%.

In this case, the device for shoe processing is absolutely safe for humans, which is proved by the research of mycological / bacteriological laboratories of the leading scientific research institutes of the Russian Federation.

Price overview, where to buy

Selling ultraviolet antifungal drying for shoes Timson through the pharmacy chain, as well as in large shoe stores, hypermarkets. It can also be ordered online. Prices for the device range from 800 to 1,100 rubles.


For a long time I already wanted to buy a special dryer for shoes - in early spring, autumn and winter, the problem of raw shoes is very urgent for me. Not all shoes can be dried near the battery, leather is unlikely to look good after this and take a long time to wear. In addition, it is difficult to dry it from the inside. I tried to push newspapers into boots, but this method is ineffective. Therefore, when three years ago I saw Timson in the Lenta, I did not think for a long time. I still use it! The thing was very useful and convenient to use: you turn it on at night, put on dry shoes in the morning, and warm inside. On the packaging it is written that the dryer kills fungi and bacteria - how to check it, I do not know, for me the main thing is that the shoes are dry and there is no unpleasant smell. Anna, Kazan


I was advised to buy this dryer by a mycologist , from whom I treated the nail fungus. And she did not regret it! The device disinfects the shoes just fine, the procedures with smelly vinegar, which needed to be done regularly, just do not need any more, the ultraviolet has coped well with the fungus! I leave my shoes after work for the night, turn on drying, I put on warm shoes in the morning. Always dry shoes after sports. It is especially convenient to dry Timson ski boots - before that it was necessary 2 days! The dryer is suitable for men and women shoes, but for babies you need to buy a special, small size. What I particularly like is that the dryer does not damage expensive shoes. The skin does not deform, does not shrink, as it happens from the battery. Well, the corresponding unpleasant odors disappear. Only if the shoes are old and the smell strong enough, the dryer will not help, keep this in mind. Tatiana, Samara

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This dryer in St. Petersburg is an indispensable thing. In the spring and autumn - the rainy season, slush, puddles. In winter, in warm boots, feet sweat, shoes do not always dry out overnight. And so for the night in the shoes dryer for shoes Timson put it - in the morning dry warm shoes. Nice ... In general, the thing is very useful. It does not heat the shoes very much, so it does not spoil, I leave it boldly for a long time. As there about the destruction of fungi and bacteria - I do not know, the main thing is to smell and the truth is less. Eugene, St. Petersburg


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