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vagilak-0 Gel "Vagilak" is a pharmaceutical preparation intended for daily hygiene procedures for women and girls. If necessary, the tool can be used to eliminate problems of the vaginal sphere in adolescent girls, ranging from 10-12 years.

As a preventive measure, “Vagilak” is recommended to be applied in courses from the moment of the first menstruation - this will help to avoid excessive dryness of the vagina, which may occur due to hormonal changes occurring during the period of maturation of the eggs. The gel also helps to restore the optimal level of lactobacilli in the vaginal environment and to prevent the appearance of vaginal bacteriosis and other diseases of the sexual sphere in women.

Composition and properties

all forms of release As the main component in the production of "Vagilak" is used lactic acid, necessary to maintain the natural level of acidity in the vagina and strengthen local immunity. Lactobacilli contained in lactic acid colonize the vagina and contribute to the restoration of mucous membranes, their hydration and protection.

With regular use of the gel can be noted persistent therapeutic effect, for example:

  • hydration of the vaginal walls and external epithelium;
  • restoration and activation of local immune reactions;
  • elimination of dryness, burning and itching;
  • accelerated regeneration of damaged tissues;
  • the healing of microcracks formed during increased dryness of the mucous membranes;
  • improving sex life.

Gel "Vagilak" helps to strengthen the protective function, which naturally prevents the growth of pathogenic flora (at the optimal level of the acidic environment, the bacteria die, as unfavorable conditions for their activity are created).

Hydroxyethylcellulose, water prepared and purified in a special way, propylene glycol, and potassium sorbate, acting as a preservative, are present in the gel as auxiliary ingredients.

When is it applied?

Vaginal gel "Vagilak" can be used for the prevention of dysbiosis or increased dryness. Also, the drug is actively used in the treatment of diseases of the genital area, characterized by the onset of clinical symptoms of bacteriosis or the development of the inflammatory process.

The indications for the use of funds include:

  • dryness of the mucous membranes of the vagina;
  • menopause and associated changes in the acidity of the vagina;
  • antibiotic treatment (to restore microflora);
  • dysbacteriosis and vaginal bacteriosis;
  • colpitis;
  • use of oral contraceptives;
  • medical manipulations (for the prevention of cracks and microtraumas of the vaginal walls).

The drug can be used by women of any age for regular hygiene of the genitals.

How to use?

Soap well complements gel Outdoor use . A small amount of gel must be applied to the area of ​​the external genital organs. Before starting the procedure, hygiene measures should be carried out and the skin should be well dried, paying special attention to the folds. After applying the composition is recommended not to wear underwear for 10-15 minutes, to give the tool completely absorbed.

Internal use . Wash the applicator attached to the gel package with warm or hot water using antibacterial detergents. The required amount of gel is placed in the applicator and inserted into the vagina (open ring forward), then press the finger to squeeze the contents inside.

Note! Vagilak can be used to lubricate a rectal thermometer or an enema tip when injected into the rectum.

Use during sexual contact . To stimulate the secretion of vaginal secretions (lubrication), as well as to eliminate discomfort when a penis is inserted into the vagina (in the presence of dryness, itching or cracks), you can apply the gel on the sexual organ of the partner (over the entire length or only on the head).

Intimate hygiene . Gel "Vagilak" allowed to apply for the implementation of daily washing. A small amount of funds need to squeeze on the hand and massaging movements to hold toilet genitals. Important! Movement must be carried out from front to back - this will help avoid infection from the rectum into the vagina.


Vagilak has no contraindications for use. The exceptions are cases of intolerance or hypersensitivity to the components of the drug. If an allergy occurs, it is recommended to stop using the gel.

Pregnancy and lactation

The gel can be used for the prevention of dysbiosis or moisturizing the vagina during the entire period of gestation. Before delivery, “Vagilak” can be used to prepare the birth canal and prevent microtraumas and tears, which are often formed during the expulsion of the fetus.

Pregnant women are recommended to use the drug from 37 weeks before the onset of labor. A small amount of gel should be injected into the vagina daily (once a day).

Nursing women "Vagilak" in the form of a gel is also not contraindicated.

Side effects

The composition of the gel is selected in such a way that practically does not cause negative reactions on the background of the application. Lactic acid is an integral part of the vaginal environment, so side reactions rarely occur. To date, there are only a few cases of allergies that potassium sorbate, which is used as a preservative, can cause.

Release form

Vagilak Gel is available in 50 ml tubes. The kit includes an applicator for the introduction of the composition into the vagina and instructions. The drug is also produced in the form of capsules and soaps for intimate care.


The gel should be stored at a temperature of 15 to 25 degrees no more than 2 years from the date of production.


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I use “Vagilak” gel for daily care. Of course, it is a bit more expensive than similar drugs, but it is absolutely harmless and very effective. Completely pass all the discomfort after 3-4 days of use. Sister used during pregnancy before childbirth - a year and a half has passed, and “Vagilak” is still her favorite gel for intimate hygiene. Svetlana, 25 years old

I have both soap and Vagilak gel. The gel is sometimes used with a partner to moisturize instead of lubrication. Love the effect. I used the whole line "Vagilak", did not notice any side effects, and a terrible allergy appeared on the means of another manufacturer (by the way, twice as expensive). Therefore, I advise everyone to advise “Vagilak” as a very soft and effective remedy for female care. Margarita, 19 years old

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