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Candles “Zalain” are special vaginal suppositories, the main effect of which is antifungal action. It is often prescribed to patients who have been diagnosed with an infection of the vagina, as well as these candles are effectively used to treat vulvovaginal candidiasis - a disease that is caused by Candida.

The composition of the drug

  • The basis of the drug is sertaconazole nitrate (the active substance in one suppository is 300 mg);
  • Other components - suppotsir and vitepsol, which are solid fats, as well as colloidal anhydrous silicon oxide. Suppositories are used, which are used for local treatment, the usual oval shape. They have a waxy texture, they are not distinguished by the presence of any odor.


  • Candles "Zalain" categorically do not recommend to use in the event that the patient has a hypersensitivity to any of the components that are part of this drug.
  • In the case when the patient suffers from sensitivity (in other words, an allergic reaction occurs in a person) to other drugs from the group of medicines in which the imidazole substance is derived. It is important to know!

2921 An important point in treating a fungal infection is the presence of pronounced symptoms: there is burning and itching in the vagina, specific vaginal discharge, etc. appear. Before starting treatment, it is very important to identify Candida sorts of fungi in the body, which are located on the vaginal mucosa, and only then begin to eliminate the cause of the disease.

During treatment with candles “Zalain” it is necessary to completely eliminate all the hygienic factors that contribute to the further development of the fungus.

Doctors recommend that during treatment, if possible, to refrain from intimate relationships, and in order for the treatment to turn out to be the most effective it is necessary to raise the question of the simultaneous treatment of both sexual partners.

Also remember that the substances that are part of this drug, several times increase the possibility of condom breakage during intercourse. If you, despite the warning, entered into an intimate relationship, candles "Zalain" need to be put after some time after an intimate relationship, after all the hygiene procedures.

Acid detergents used in the shower should be completely excluded until the infection is completely cured.

Pregnancy and feeding

Is it possible to use candles "Zalain" during pregnancy - there is no exact answer to this question. The use of sertaconazole during pregnancy and lactation was not carried out. But if we take into account that after administration of the drug its absorption is not observed, as well as the fact that in many cases, in order to get rid of the infection, it is necessary to use it once, it can be noted that its use is quite possible. For the final decision, the doctor should assess the potential risk and benefits of using Zalain for both the mother and her fetus or child.

Before taking this drug during pregnancy or feeding (and any other, by the way, too), consult a specialist!

Candles "Zalain" do not affect the ability of a person to control the vehicle or work for dangerous mechanisms that require precise coordination of movements.

Features of its use

Partner cream Regarding the interaction of the drug with other drugs: the simultaneous use of this drug together with various local spermicidal preparations is not recommended, because Zalain significantly reduces their main effect.

Features of application: as a rule, to achieve the desired effect candles "Zalain" put into the vagina only once.

A few minutes before you are going to use this drug, you need to ensure the purity of the external genital organs. At the same time it is worth using only alkaline or neutral soap.

To introduce a candle is necessary for the night, then, when you will not get out of bed. The suppository is inserted in a horizontal position (on the back) as deep as possible in the vagina.

In the case when all the symptoms of a fungal disease of the vagina have not passed after a single use of the drug, it is worth repeating the procedure, but this can be done not earlier than in a week.

When it comes to infections of the genital organs and surrounding areas of the skin, then to the suppositories it is worth adding also the drug "Zalain" released in the form of a cream.

Possible side effects

xl38347 Side effects are very rare. Sometimes patients have a slight burning sensation in the vagina and itching. These symptoms quickly disappear without outside intervention. In the presence of such side effects, the drug does not cancel, because they are all considered to be very typical and often even indicate the effective use of this drug.

The occurrence of allergies is unlikely.

Tips for storing the drug "Zalain": you need to provide a temperature regime of less than 30 ° C, to keep in a place far from direct sunlight.

The drug is available without a prescription.


The action of the candle "Zalain" struck! My gynecologist wrote them to me, but, in truth, I did not even expect such a result. Three days after I put in one suppository, all the symptoms of thrush disappeared and never returned. At the same time, this drug is not just convenient and very effective, but also as safe as possible. The candle is very easily inserted, in spite of its impressive volumes ... I heard that some put the Zalain again, but it helped me the first time! Masha Kurganova, Saratov

I was immediately attracted to the fact that this drug should be put only once. I am not committed to long courses and debilitating procedures! But even I initially did not believe that one candle would really save you from the problems that tormented me for years. But it all happened even better than I thought! There was a bit of burning after using the candle, but everything quickly went away with annoying symptoms. "Zalain" really turned out to be an excellent antifungal agent of strong action. Anna Bochkareva, Moscow

Very nice candles! With their help, I got rid of the fungus during pregnancy. I tried different means, but “Zalain” is just a miracle. For me, no side effects have opened, everything went very well. In a day, approximately, the candle completely drained out, and all the symptoms of the disease followed it! Larisa Manzyuk, Pskov

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  • Gulnur :

    Good day! I really liked this drug, it really helps a lot and is convenient, despite the cost. A gynecologist did not prescribe me anything, nothing helped. In another week I will try again, for prophylaxis.

  • Mary :

    Good afternoon!
    I tried orgomnoe number of different drugs. But to my great regret, nothing helped. About Zaloin herself found recommendations on the Internet, since her hands were simply about to work. Bought, tried ... and about a miracle !!!! I did not expect such an effect ... Och good and really effective drug !!

  • Anyutiny-eyes :

    When choosing a treatment, everything is always individual, but Zalain came up to me and helped me immediately! After using the candle, my condosia no longer manifests itself, and I have not noticed any side effects.

  • GPO :


  • Karina f. :

    Hello everyone, I was prescribed by a gynecologist to Zalain, there was a thrush. I liked the effect, the main thing is that it is fast and not as expensive as for the whole course of treatment. More this muck did not cling to me. Recommend.

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